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I was first introduced to Robotech by a friend in high school. At the time the show was airing after school on a local station so I managed to see the entire series fairly quickly, except for the third segment. For some reason our local station would only air the first three or four of the New Generation episodes. It wasn't until a few years later when the episodes were released on video that I finally got to see them. When we discovered the Robotech RPG from Palladium Books, my friends and I immediately began playing. At first it was a friend of mine who ran the game, a Sentinels campaign (a pretty good feat since the Sentinels rulebook hadn't come out yet), and later I started running a Macross-era campaign, which only lasted a little while.

During my first year of university I joined a gaming group and decided to dust off my Robotech Macross campaign and try running it again. This game was a hit and lasted a few years, eventually transforming into a Sentinels game when the characters left Earth with the REF fleet. Later I tried to start a Southern Cross campaign, but it didn't catch on. Over the years I've tried to restart the Southern Cross game to no avail, until a few years ago when the latest attempt finally got it off the ground. My little corner of the Robotech universe was not completely dormant in the interim, though; I managed to run a couple of one-shot games at RPG and anime conventions over the years, set during the Malcontent Uprisings.

This site will have details about the Macross and Sentinels campaigns I ran in university as well as some quick notes regarding the one-shot Malcontent Uprising games I ran at conventions. It will also have ongoing tales from the Southern Cross game and beyond. I will also be posting some of the optional RPG rules I've developed over the years and any other Robotech-related information I think will be of interest.

Update: Summer 2009 - the Southern Cross game is just about finished after nearly four years - let the Invid Invasion begin! A second game has also started, set in the New Generation era but involving a deep space Expeditionary Force fleet of ships defending a space colony.

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