The Justice Squadron

Justice Squadron

The Justice Squadron was a team of Mystery-Men that appeared out of nowhere in the Fall of 1943. The group helped Allied forces beat back an Axis counteroffensive in Italy, and were never seen again afterwards. The truth is that the Justice Squadron was in reality the present-day hero team, the Enforcers of Justice. The team had gone back in time to thwart an attempt by the Nazis to change history using a crashed alien time machine to bring futuristic weaponry back to the 1940s to help them win the war. The Enforcers disguised themselves as the Justice Squadron to minimize the effect their own presence would have on history, using holograms to change their appearance (they would later replace the holograms with alien camouflage systems recovered from the same alien time machine the Nazis had found).

Fighting alongside the Adventurers, the team defeated the Axis villains Vendetta and destroyed the stolen futuristic weapons. The team stayed in the past long enough to make sure that the Axis counteroffensive failed as history indicated then left for their own time, having also destroyed all of the Nazis reconstructed time machines except for the one they were using.

The members of the Justice Squadron, and their real identities, were:

Golden Age