While in the hospital after suffering a heart attack in his civilian identity of Joe Jones, the first General Glory met Donavan Wallace. Wallace was a police officer who had been paralyzed while shielding a a small child from a drive-by shooting. Speaking with Wallace, Jones found in him a kindred spirit, someone like he had been back in World War II when he first gained the powers of General Glory. Knowing he was dying Jones was able to transfer the General Glory power to Wallace. Wallace's first act as the new General Glory was to apprehend the gang responsible for the drive-by which crippled him. Joe Jones died in hospital shortly afterward.

The new General Glory focused his crimefighting on New York City's notorious Lower East Side, especially the area called Alphabet City. He often teamed up with Arclight, who also operated in the Lower East Side and on several occasions the new General Glory crossed paths with New York's premiere hero team Justice Inc. (which Arclight later joined) and was one of team's allies in the battle to reclaim New York from the world conquering Overlord.

Wallace learned the true origin of the General Glory power when he was captured by Vandal Savage during the immortal villain's attempt to gain control of all of Earth's Avatars. General Glory was revealed to be a manifestation of the avatar of liberty and freedom. With this understanding of his powers, General Glory is discovering new aspects of his avatar abilities. General Glory was joined Justice Inc. shortly after assisting the team during the Vampire War.

Powers and Abilities:

The original General Glory was in excellent physical shape and appeared capable of nearly super-human physical feats. Donavan Wallace, however, appears to be able to do much more. He possesses slightly superhuman physical powers, but also can manifest semi-solid energy constructs. The new General Glory has been seen projecting wings from the eagle icon on his costume that allow him to fly and is able to fire star-shaped shuriken from the star symbols on his gloves. Now that he understands his nature as one of Earth's Avatars it remains to be seen what other powers Wallace may develop.

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