On a field trip in Africa, Hudson University archaeology student Robert Specter witnessed what appeared to be a meteorite crashing nearby. When he went to investigate, Robert instead found the remains of a crashed spaceship. Suddenly Robert was enveloped by a strange blue energy field and when the field dispersed, Robert found himself floating 100 feet off the ground. He discovered he could fly and could create constructs and energy beams by generating energy fields similar to the one that had enveloped him. Bobby used his newfound powers to bury the wreckage and headed back to camp. On the way back he caught sight of his reflection and was shocked to discover that the energy had done more than give him powers, Robert's appearance had completely changed. He was taller, his ears had become pointed and his skin and hair had turned blue. Robert started to panic, then managed to calm himself. Slowly, carefully, Robert concentrated on the power he felt inside him. He managed to submerge it and his body returned to normal. Robert went back to the camp and told no one of what had happened to him.

Shortly after returning to classes in New York, Robert was present when Elemental arrived in the city being pursued by forces from Apokalips. Bobby activated his powers and joined Quiksilver and Elemental in defeating the Apokaliptian forces. The three heroes decided to band together as a super-hero team. Robert adopted the hero name Azure Star and the heroes called their new team Justice Inc.

Azure Star worked with Justice Inc for only a few short while. During a mission to the Megaverse, the parallel Earth that Elemental had fled, Azure Star was captured by Darkseid's chief scientist, Desaad. While performing a rather painful analysis of the captured hero, Desaad discovered the true source of Azure Star's powers. The ship that had crashed had been piloted by an alien named Faraad, a Green Lantern from Talokk VIII. Faraad was one of the few Green Lanterns to escape when Green Lantern Hal Jordan attacked Oa. To avoid detection by Jordan, Faraad used a spaceship rather than his power ring to head for Earth to recruit some of Jordan's former allies in the Justice League. En route to Earth the ship's stardrive malfunctioned and Faraad was forced to crash land. In a last ditch effort to survive to Earth before his ship disintegrated completely Faraad deliberately merged with his power ring. By the time what was left of the ship reached Earth even the ring had disintegrated and all that remained was the Oan energy contained in the ring driven by Faraad's will. However, even the energy had been altered: due to the lightspeed travel of the ship as it neared Earth the Oan power had been blue-shifted from green to blue color. Desperate to survive Faraad and the energy bonded with the first living soul it came in contact with: Robert Specter. In a vicious experiment, Desaad deliberately separated Faraad's life force (and thus the Oan energy) from Robert. Justice Inc managed to rescue the now powerless Robert and defeat Desaad but Faraad was left behind as a prisoner in the Megaverse.

Azure Star (original costume)Back on Earth, Robert returned to his studies, and had very little to do with his former teammates for almost a year, until he mysteriously fell ill. Justice Inc came to their former teammate's aid and discovered that Bobby was dying. It became apparent that when Desaad had separated Faraad from Bobby he had taken some of Bobby;s own life force to accomplish the task. In order for Bobby to survive he would need to reclaim the life force Desaad had stolen. Justice Inc and Bobby returned to the Megaverse and confronted with their former teammate Elemental, who had been corrupted by Darkseid and now ruled the Megaverse Earth as absolute dictator. Justice Inc struck a bargain with Elemental: they would leave if he would hand over the also-dying Faraad and help them merge Farad's energy back with Robert. Elemental agreed and Bobby again became Azure Star. This time the bonding went deeper and Faraad and Bobby became a single entity. After leaving the Megaverse Azure Star, now more powerful than ever, chose to leave Earth to explore space.

When Nemesis, then the Avatar of Justice, left Earth to reclaim leadership of his people, he sought out Azure Star and invited him to be part of a new interstellar force to patrol the galaxy. Azure Star accepted and spent the next few months battling evil alongside Nemesis and others of his race. When Nemesis learned that Justice Inc was trapped on the far side of the galaxy, he and Azure Star went to help. They joined Justice Inc and another group of heroes from Earth in battling the sorcerer Mordru.

A short while later Azure Star returned to Earth and rejoined Justice Inc. He remained with the team until, on a mission to the anti-matter universe, he was killed defending his teammates from Qwardian Thunderers. The Azure Star power, containing echoes of both Faraad and Bobby's spirit sought a new host and bonded with the alien Zura who serves with the Star Core as Azure.

Powers and Abilities:

Originally when Bobby transformed into Azure Star his body would take on the appearance of the Green Lantern Faraad. Even the uniform Azure Star wore resembled Faraad's Green Lantern uniform. In his original form, Azure Star had many powers that closely resembled those of a Green Lantern power ring. His azure energy could form constructs, protected him from harm, and accelerated the healing of injuries. It also allowed him to fly at speeds sufficient to allow him to enter Earth orbit. He could survive unaided in space for up to an hour and was able to absorb various forms of energy and even sustain himself with only exposure to cosmic radiation outside of the atmosphere. In this form, Azure Star required periodic exposure to cosmic radiation to maintain his powers. It is theorized that he was recharging from residual energy left from the destruction of Oa after Zero Hour.

After the re-bonding Azure Star's power levels increased significantly and his appearance changed. When he transformed into Azure Star, Bobby now looked like himself with blue-tinted skin and eyes. His increased azure energy could create more powerful constructs, allowed him to survive indefinitely in deep space, fly ten times faster than before and could even enter hyperspace, allowing him to cross interstellar distances. However he still required periodic exposure to cosmic radiation in order to maintain his peak power levels. If Azure Star expended too much power without recharging he would turn back into his human form.

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