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My writing is almost exclusively geared towards whichever RPG campaigns I am running and/or playing in at any given time. There is still the occasional idea that is not directly, or even indirectly, related to a game and these will sometimes inspire me to do some prose writing. Here are some examples of my efforts.

Doctor Who - The Long Count

In 2012 there was media hype about the alleged Mayan Apocalypse, where some global catastrophe would occur on December 21, 2012; believed to be the end-date of the 5000+ year-long cycle of the ancient Mayan calendar (also known as the Long Count calendar). When the world unsurprisingly failed to end on that date, there were several humorous Internet posts claiming that it was the Doctor (the main character from the UK sci-fi TV series Doctor Who) who had saved the world. Inspired by these I wrote a fanfic story about how the Doctor had stopped the Mayan Apocalypse.

The story was written back in 2013 and is set during the period of 11th Doctor played by Matt Smith. Specifically it takes place during series 7 of the revived Doctor Who, and is set after the events of Asylum of the Daleks and before The Angels Take Manhattan.

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