U.S.S. Yamato (NCC-1715) - Five-Year Mission (2270 - present)

To encourage cross-training among her crew USS Yamato Captain Rebecca Sloane organizes the personnel under her command in vertical and horizontal hierarchies. All crew members report up the chain of command through their respective division, but everyone is also part of a horizontal, cross-discipline team with a different commander. These teams are organized based on duty shifts, with Captain Sloane operating a four-shift cycle: Alpha, Beta, Gamma and Delta shifts. As such, Team Delta 5 is the fifth team of Delta Shift, and is under the command of Lieutenant Sevek.

The Castaways

The Castaways is a nickname initially applied to the senior core members of Team Delta 5. While en route to their assignment on the USS Yamato the shuttle carrying the six struck a gravitic mine and was forced to crash land on a nearby planet. The group faced dangers on the planet but, working together, were able to get the shuttle operational and escape. When the cross-disciplinary teams were being set up on the Yamato the senior officers felt that these six, having already shown the ability to work together in a crisis, should be assigned as the core of one of these teams.



Sevek is the child of diplomats, with both his father and mother serving in ambassadorial positions around the Federation. His parents acted as representatives for their world and as such endeavored to present the best aspects of the Vulcan people, so Sevek decided he too should be the best example of his people. To this end he dedicated himself to the Kolinahr, the Vulcan discipline of mastery and purging of all remaining emotion, leaving only a logical core of one's being, and after years of study and meditation Sevek was able to complete the final ritual and achieve Kolinahr. Having accomplished this Sevek looked out at the wider galaxy and saw what he felt was the inefficient, chaotic nature of the Federation and Starfleet. Feeling he could turn his mastery of his own inner chaos outward he elected to join Starfleet, seeing it as an opportunity to change things from within and spread order and discipline. Logic dictated that the Command branch was the optimum position from which to achieve his goals, so that is the training track Sevek selected when he enrolled at Starfleet Academy.

Upon graduation Sevek began his steady climb through the ranks. By the end of his first two-year assignment aboard an exploration vessel he had been promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade and had already begun making recommendations to Starfleet for revisions and enhancements to First Contact regulations and improvements to increase the efficiency of xenobiology procedures when encountering exotic new life forms based on his experiences. Upon assignment to the USS Yamato, Sevek was made leader of the cross-disciplinary Delta 5 team and he has been promoted to full Lieutenant. Since the loss of the Yamato's First Officer, Sevek has been one of several command officers to rotate through an Acting Second Officer position that has been covering the duties of the vacant XO position.

DRAKE, Grayson


Grayson Drake comes from a family with a long history in Starfleet. He followed the family tradition and enrolled at Starfleet Academy and served during the Federation-Klingon War of 2256-57. During the war Drake was recruited by Section 31 and acted as an agent for them for the remainder of the conflict, returning to more regular duties in Starfleet after Section 31 underwent a major reform and reorganization in 2258 due to the organization's involvement with the death of several senior officers and the destruction of the USS Discovery. He rose to the position of First Officer aboard the USS Reliant, but was also clandestinely serving as an agent for Section 31 at the time. For one of his Section 31 assignments Drake was ordered to blackmail the corrupt ambassador of a world being courted for Federation membership to ensure the negotiations were successful. Drake could not rationalize these actions with his own values and those he felt Starfleet and the Federation represented, so he revealed the ambassador's corruption, which in turn revealed some of Starfleet Intelligence's actions during the diplomatic mission and the world withdrew from the negotiations.

Drake faced a court martial for his actions but managed to remain in Starfleet, though he was reduced in rank to Lieutenant. He was reassigned to Starfleet Command, ostensibly serving as an instructor and analyst but also providing Starfleet with information on some of Section 31's actions, no feeling as he had in his youth that the organization served a useful function for the Federation. Drake started slowly rebuilding his career, while at the same time trying to keep his head down so as not to draw the attention of Section 31, who he felt could still attempt to coerce him into performing missions for them again. His switch from Command branch to Sciences and his assignment to the USS Yamato was the first step, his first time back serving on a starship since his tenure as the Reliant's First Officer.

Despite his efforts to not draw attention to himself, Drake has found himself taking a prominent role during many of the encounters he has been involved in during the Yamato's five-year mission. Most recently he has found himself once again in a senior position, serving as the Acting Science Officer for the Yamato as it tries to find its way back home.

ARMITAGE, Sutter Nathaniel (Nate)


Nate Armitage has built a reputation for being a little odd in the little time since he began his career in Starfleet. Some of this comes down to where Nate comes from, an unusual colony world with its own reputation for strangeness. Noted for being difficult to survey due to subspace disturbances, when Federation scouts finally reached the system in the early 23rd Century they found there was already a human colony on the fourth planet, presumed to be one of Earth's lost colonies, though evidence has been inconclusive as to exactly how humans first reached the planet. The subspace disturbances manifest on the planet as well as in space, causing a pervading sense of eeriness, especially around some of the mysterious ruins that dot the surface of the world.

Naturally curious, Nate wanted to explore and so applied to Starfleet Academy. He initially went into Sciences focusing on archaeology but exposure to the varied species and personalities he encountered he switched to psychology with a secondary specialty in cultural studies to help him learn more about the diverse peoples of the galaxy. Due to his upbringing in the strangeness of his home planet, Armitage showed a knack for thinking outside the box and an affinity for dealing with some of the more unusual situations Starfleet personnel sometimes find themselves in. On the Yamato, Armitage finds himself something of a pioneer as it is the first Starfleet vessel to include ship's counselors, a new medical position dedicated to helping maintain the mental health of the crew on long-duration deep space exploration missions where they could be exposed to a wide variety of known and unknown stresses.



S'Chal is a member of clan Færlagò of the Aenar, a subspecies of Andorians once thought to be mythical until a little over a century ago. Blind and albino, Aenar make up for the lack of visual sense with a telepathic ability that lets them see their surroundings through the eyes of sighted individuals around them. Aenar are generally also pacifist, but S'Chal is one of the exceptions and his attitudes are closer to his more martial distant cousins, the Andorians. His nature made him a bit of an outcast among his fellow Aenar, so S'Chal took the opportunity to leave Andoria and he became one of the few Aenar to join Starfleet. Though his innate telepathic abilities compensated for his lack of sight, S'Chal was selected to test a newly-developed sensory prosthetic that could provide him with a simulated visual sense. S'Chal's experience with the sensory input from the prosthetic has given him some insights into ways to improve a ship's tactical sensors. Since joining the USS Yamato, S'Chal has spent time improving his skill with his natural telepathic abilities.



Deelo Dawnslight is from a frontier colony, on the very edge of Federation space where the colonists had to be extremely self-sufficient since any help could take weeks or months to arrive. Deelo's family worked with the colony's machinery and Deelo was wielding tools alongside them as soon as he could walk. By the time he was in his teens he had probably dismantled and reassembled every piece of equipment in the colony several times over, specializing in the kind of jury rig repairs necessary to keep the machinery running. Eventually the technology at the colony held no more challenges for him and Deelo felt it was time to expand his horizons, deciding to join Starfleet. Naturally Deelo entered the Engineering track at Starfleet Academy. After a short tour on a scout vessel Deelo was assigned to the USS Yamato, possibly because his superior officer was tired of trying to figure out the young Ensign had just done to one system or another in an effort to improve it.



Romero Vasquez was born and raised on a distant colony as part of a first wave of settlers. The colony was primarily agricultural but Romero liked exploration more than planting roots, unlike his brother and sisters. Despite his family's desire for him to work on the farms like his siblings Romero instead applied to Starfleet Academy and was accepted. Unsure of where to focus, Romero's studies covered a broad swathe, but he narrowed it down to a fascination with space and so split most of his time between studying the stars and learning to fly among them. Part of Romero's starship piloting training was learning the history of spaceflight, which led to a fascination with the period of Earth's history covering the early efforts into interplanetary flight post-World War III through Cochrane's breaking of the warp barrier up to the Warp 5 project just prior to the formation of the United Federation of planets. Being from a distant frontier colony, Romero has had to deal with some insecurities, feeling pressure to measure up to classmates and colleagues from the core Federation worlds and more established colonies. Since joining the crew of the Yamato he has begun to come to terms with this and shows promise of developing into an exceptional officer in the future.