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Robotech - Southern Cross

When Bungle Wally's bunker was destroyed by the Robotech Masters, the 21st A.T.A.C. were hopeful the madman had somehow survived. They did not find Wally, but they were able to salvage some of his writings. This is what they found...

I leave these notes compiled from my journals as a testament to future generations that they might know the Truth of what happened.

As the so-called alien invaders inch toward absolute victory I see no way for those of us left behind to prevail.

So to the humans - yes, HUMANS - who will have inherited the Earth when this is over I tell you that whatever history you know is a LIE. A lie written in the blood of millions, perhaps billions, of innocents that a handful of power-hungry men might create a world in their own image.

- The Testament of Walter Kovacs

 Document A 
July 21, 1999 was NOT mankind's first encounter with extraterrestrials.
Even discounting the well-documented recovery of the Roswell craft in 1947, there is clear evidence of prior contact. ODESSA documents uncovered by the Network indicate alien contact and perhaps cooperation by Nazi Germany.
The revelation that these aliens are giant humanoids, indistinguishable from humans aside from size, clinches matters regarding Ancient Astronauts! The Sphinx, the Cerne Abbas giant, the Buddha statues of the Middle and Far East - not exaggerations but representations of these giant visitors. The Zentraedi have been here before! The Nazca lines really are for space visitors.
What in recent history is another alien coverup? Wartime Foo Fighters? The Welles broadcast? Which are real alien encounters and which encounters with experimental human-alien technology?
JFK and Marilyn were silenced because they were going to go public with the truth.
 Document B 
The ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT propaganda machine is at it again. They are claiming that Macross Island was destroyed by Anti-UN terrorists. Bullshit. Something went wrong with that spaceship they were building there. They turned something on and POOF - there goes the island.
I've analyzed seventeen different news broadcasts on the Macross Island incident and I just about have the proof I need for the Cassandra Hypothesis. A few more recordings, and with the right equipment I'll be able to verify it.
Its taken years, ever since I first noticed. Had to learn a few new languages too. But its there, I'm sure now. All global news broadcasts originate from the same source. The in-studio presenters for all major global network newscasts are all fake. Artificial Intelligences is my guess, with some kind of advanced computer graphics rendering, or maybe holograms.
It's the voices that are the key. No matter the speaker or the language, the "presenters" are optimized for trustworthiness. They are designed so the government can spew its propaganda and the people will fall for it everytime. Cadence, inflection, vocal stress patterns... no matter which presenter in what country in what language, if the story is the same so is the sound, mathematically speaking. I'm sure there's subliminals in there too.
I think they are working on it with the entertainment, too. Shows and music are being tailored to indoctrinate the populace. I have to be careful how much I watch at a time for my analysis.
The technology even has a name: EVE - Enhanced Video Emulation.
 Document C 
The Network came through again - The SDF-1 is a LIE!
A partial document was recovered from the San Francisco ruins. This one's the Holy Grail - it blows the lid off the conspiracy to rule the world.
The document is dated 1998 and outlines the preliminary stages of a plan by the Western Alliance to end the war. Hard to tell who was involved, but some names come up - Hayes and Russo are the most prominent.
It's a plan to stage an elaborate deception - something that would be perceived as a GLOBAL threat! The warring factions would have no choice but to end the war and band together to face this mutual threat!
It all makes sense now, I never understood how we were able to completely reverse engineer and rebuild an alien craft in only ten years. Now I understand that we didn't. The SDF-1 is made from reverse engineered alien technology alright, but not from something that crashed in 1999.
The July 1999 crash was a hoax! A massive piece of subterfuge to end the war before the turn of the millennium. THEY had a timetable to meet after all.
The year 2000 hits and what do we have - a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT! That's just what they wanted to happen. And no one noticed - all that attention on rebuilding an alien ship. Try building from scratch - Earth's premiere space vessel built using five decades of research based on the crashed Roswell ship and recovered Nazi-Alien hybrid technology.
What else have they built over the years? Stealth technology? The Internet? The Philadelphia Experiment? The Space Program? Was Freedom Station really a point of dissention, or an earlier attempt at alien-human technology hybridization that failed and needed to be covered up?
 Document D 
If the SDF-1 is a lie, what is PROTOCULTURE?
A fluidic energy source, one that can form a symbiotic link with sentient life, and one capable of immense destructive power. I've seen this description before, but not of Protoculture - it was called VRIL!
It was the source of power of an ancient race called Vril-Ya that lived in the Hollow Earth, descendants of Atlantis. The Vril-Ya were also Hitler's "alien" connection - he and his brain trust were all part of the Vril Society, a right-wing German group that still existed at the time of the SDF-1 "crash".
And who is the leading expert on Protoculture but a GERMAN scientist - Emil Lang! Try and dig up any background information on him or his initial "Robotechnology" research team.
ROBOTECHNOLOGY is human-alien hybrid technology based on early Nazi cooperation with the descendents of Atlantis still living in the Hollow Earth!
 Document E 
I have a new source, a group of Southern Cross soldiers. I don't know how much I can trust them, but they sound more and more like a bunch of pawns that have just realized they are on a chess board. They have more evidence that this whole rising conflict with the Russians is a ploy by an unknown faction.
Unknown faction - what a joke. It's THEM; the Illuminati, the Templars, the Thule Society; whatever name you want it's the secret rulers of the world. They are making the next play in their long game.
The Network has gotten me some details on my soldiers. Very interesting; I wonder if they even realize where they sit in the grand scheme. V. has a checkered past, but he's connected; not that its done him much good. W. is intriguing; her parents are scientists who may or may not be part of the LIE. She's definitely not the scientist type, or she's a much better actress than I give her credit for. R. is fascinating. He was handpicked by the military for a Veritech pilot. His recruitment records are sealed! What do they not want others to know?
They call themselves the NEW WORLD ORDER! That's classic hide in plain sight. I'd respect them if they weren't out to destroy most of humanity and rule what remains behind. It's all a giant shadow play but its hard to tell who's a player and who's a pawn. Definitely ranking civilian and military personnel on both "sides" are involved.
And they are supposedly related to the old anti-Unification factions of the early 2000s. Of course they are! Those factions were all a part of the ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT shadow play anyway.
Who is in on it - Moran? Leonard? Or are they just the front men, pawns themselves? What about the NWO leadership? There are some interesting names there, too.
 Document F 
I couldn't believe it at first, but the evidence is all there.
I have another source in the military nearby. Someone connected to the Network. He's told me what they are keeping from the public. All this nonsense about the "alien" pilot's being androids, or mutant Zentraedi, or mutant Zentraedi androids, or whatever garbage the Southern Cross publicity department has been spewing. Wrong - the pilots are humans.
Worse, the "aliens" have been kidnapping civilians and soldiers. Of course, why waste their own people when we will do just fine? Brainwashing pilots? The NWO was doing it. It makes sense now, the whole NWO/World War scenario was a test run, to prove the technology worked large scale.
I guess there weren't any worthwhile planets out there, so they've decided to go back to Plan A and take over Earth, minus a large part of the population of course. The Zentraedi failed, maybe they were supposed to, maybe that was just step one. Or maybe they just weren't thorough enough. Maybe the SDF-1 didn't fold to deep space by accident, maybe they were supposed to be the only survivors, along with those like Hayes in the deep bunkers of the Grand Cannon sites.
These invaders are the Expeditionary Fleet come home. Of course they are in disguise, but the REF had to be part of the conspiracy. Look at the leadership - Hayes, daughter of one of the architects of the SDF-1 hoax and her "hero" husband, Rick Hunter. And Lang, head of the civilian council. And Chief military officer - T.R. Edwards, black ops background and connections to Russo, Leonard and Moran.
All that work out in space with terraforming technology was just so they could come back and rebuild Earth. Initially they probably figured on waiting for those left behind to die, but maybe we were taking too long. Now they have the advanced weaponry and technology, more than we can cope with. And they are using our own people as soldiers against us.
Its only a matter of weeks now, I think, before the last of our cities falls. Then a few months to wipe out the straggling survivors. After that they will cleanse the planet and use the terraforming tech to repair the damage. Then the colonists will return. How can they all be complicit in near-genocide of their own species? Simple, those who disagree will simply be reprogrammed and the Secret Masters will at last have achieved their goal - they will control the world, and will have a willing populace following them.
 Document G 
These new "aliens" will finally succeed where the Zentraedi failed and the Earth will be wiped clean for re-colonization. The Secret Masters will achieve their goal at last.
Only now at the end do I see the truth. I only wish I could have seen it sooner. I might have been able to warn others.
A new humanity will repopulate Earth and will only learn a history of lies written in the blood of billions of innocents.
Everyone is panicking now. Everyone is asking why the Expeditionary Fleet hasn't come to save us. They just don't understand - these so-called Robotech Masters are the Expeditionary Fleet!
We've been fed a steady diet of lies since the "arrival" of the SDF-1!
Its not like they haven't tried it before. Alternative 3 showed the way.
They say Mars Base Sara was destroyed by anti-Unification terrorists. But if the Anti-UN terrorists were a puppet tool of the Secret Masters, why was Sara really eliminated? They were eliminated because they were about to discover something on Mars they weren't supposed to.
An entire colony was assassinated because they were about to discover the truth, that they were not Earth's first Mar colony. And the first rule of assassination - kill the assassins. The anti-UN terrorists and their hijacked ship were destroyed by none-other than future SDF-1 commander Henry J. Gloval. Was his later appointment a reward for a job well done?
The Secret Masters have been moving key personnel to off-world colonies since the 1970s. The Apollo landing was a joke, because the Masters were already building a lunar colony. When the "first" lunar colonization efforts were started in 2000 the secret colony was relocated to Mars.
Where is the Secret Masters' colony now, since we have Mars bases again? They left the Solar System right under everyone's nose - as part of the Expeditionary Fleet and its colonization efforts.
Who got to leave the planet and who had to stay behind? How do you think those people were chosen? It's the final play. Everyone left behind was chosen to die.

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