Robotech - Southern Cross

 Robotechnology is the general term applied to the various advanced technologies reverse engineered from the alien spacecraft that crash-landed on Macross Island in 1999. For details on the early development of Robotechnology see the Macross Era Robotechnology page.

The Army of the Southern Cross makes use of the second generation of Robotechnology. Despite the loss of the SDF-1, the primary source of Robotechnology, Robotech scientists had gained three new sources of the alien technology. First, there were dozens of surviving Zentraedi spacecraft plus hundreds of wrecks from which to learn. Secondly there were the thousands of Zentraedi mecha that remained after the First Robotech War. Lastly, and most importantly, Earth forces had captured a Robotech Factory Satellite. These huge spacecraft were manufacturing and repair centers for the Zentraedi fleet and were capable of constructing the giant Zentraedi space vessels.

Robotechnology remains one of the most closely guarded secrets of the Army of the Southern Cross and the United Earth Government. It is this advanced technology that allows the ASC to maintain military superiority over rival armed forces in the feudal society of Earth today. This makes any information regarding Robotechnology a valuable commodity for spies and black market sources. The Eastern Bloc Soviet Independent State is constantly looking for any data or research on Robotechnology that may give it an advantage in its Cold War with the ASC/UEG.

Though a great deal of knowledge and resources, including the Robotech Factory and Robotech pioneer Dr. Emil Lang, were lost when the Robotech Expeditionary Force left Earth in 2022 research is ongoing. The primary research facilities are at Army of the Southern Cross headquarters in Monument City and at the Robotech Research Facility in Tokyo.

Elements of Robotechnology

Second generation Robotechnology consists mainly of refinements and advancements of earlier technologies with few, if any, new discoveries. Some of the areas of Robotechnology that have seen at least some advancement are:


The original Protoculture Matrix was lost with the destruction of the SDF-1, causing something of an energy crisis. Fortunately, large stockpiles of Protoculture were created in the years prior to the ship's demise. The stockpiles were added to by salvaging power systems from the wrecks of Zentraedi ships and mecha from the First Robotech War. Robotech engineers have also made advances in the miniaturization of Protoculture power systems, meaning that less Protoculture is needed to generate the same amount of power for Robotech systems. In general, there is little worry of the Protoculture supply running out within the next few decades and it is hoped that by then scientists will have discovered a means to manufacture more, or that the REF will have returned with that knowledge from the alien Robotech Masters themselves.


The biggest change in mecha design has been in miniaturization. The size of the first generation of Robotech mecha was dictated by the threat of the giant Zentraedi. With that no longer a priority, newer mecha designs were built smaller. Advances in mechanical engineering and the miniaturization of Protoculture power systems has allowed for the creation of mecha systems half the size of their predecessors but just as powerful in combat.

Spacecraft Technology

Spacecraft technology represents perhaps the greatest advances from first generation Robotechnology. The mission to the Robotech Masters' homeworld required a large space fleet so a priority was placed on space vessel development after the First Robotech War. This was greatly aided by the presence of the Robotech Factory Satellite in Earth orbit. By the time the REF left Earth in 2022 the planet had a fleet of dozens of combat spacecraft, all armed with advanced Reflex Weaponry and many capable of Faster Than Light travel via space fold technology. Though many vessels of the fleet left with the REF mission, the Army of the Southern Cross still has dozens of vessels, including carriers, battleships and destroyers, operating around Earth and the inner Solar System.

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