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Up front, the New World Order is a political and military (some would say terrorist) organization dedicated to the abolition of the UEG and EBSIS and the creation of a more open (and in their words, true) One World Government. The NWO directs its message primarily to factions that are independent of the UEG and EBSIS, as well as to the disenfranchised elements within the two super-powers. They also target the large refugee populations within the UEG. The gist of the message is that the two super-powers are restrictive and oppressive. The EBSIS are described in NWO literature as a dictatorship (true) which suppresses the unique cultures within its domain (also true) and forces its refugee population into slave labor (not true). The UEG are described as elitist and technocratic, more concerned with their own power and the repression of advanced technology (i.e. Robotechnology) that the NWO claims could alleviate the suffering of millions globally.

According to some conspiracy theories the NWO is backed by a secret cabal that traces its roots back for decades, possibly pre-dating the Global Civil War. The cabal already has controlling influence in the UEG and ASC, and has high-ranking operatives within the EBSIS hierarchy as well. The goal of the NWO is to shake things up to restore the true One World Government that was being created in the wake of the Global Civil War.


The true history of the NWO is a mystery, but it appears to be a successor to the Anti-UN/Anti-Unification League terrorist organization that operated in the years just prior to the arrival of the Zentraedi and the start of the First Robotech War. It is generally believed that the NWO in its current form came into being shortly after the departure of the REF Pioneer Fleet and the shakeup in the world government that led to Wyatt Moran taking power. The NWO's main public face is Malachi Kessler, a former member of the UEG cabinet who very publicly resigned in protest over government policies in 2023.

The NWO itself did not reveal itself publicly until after the nuclear destruction of the city of Shanghalla at the end of 2028, though both UEG and EBSIS intelligence agencies were aware of the existence of a third party agitator shortly before that event. The NWO's allied factions must also have been aware of the organization for several months as they had all received military and technological aid from the NWO in the months prior to the outbreak of hostilities in December.

Update: The core leadership of the NWO was killed or arrested at the end of World War IV, effectively ending the group's existence; however several military advisors as well as mecha forces still remain amongst the various former allied factions, meaning the New World Order's legacy lives on.


The NWO is made up of two parts, a governing (political and propaganda) wing and a military arm. The military is very well equipped, having been building in secret for years. The military arm is divided mainly into mecha and insurgent operations. The insurgent operations groups were responsible for fomenting dissent and chaos amongst refugee populations in UEG and EBSIS territory.

The political arm of the NWO was responsible for gather allied factions to the NWO cause, usually in exchange for military support in the form of advanced NWO mecha forces. At the outbreak of hostilities the NWO's allies consisted primarily of:

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