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History - 1999-2028

The Visitor

The Visitor By the late 1990s the entire world was embroiled in a worldwide conflict known as the Global Civil War. That all changed on July 21, 1999 when a massive object from space crashed on the uninhabited Macross Island in Micronesia. In the face of a potential alien invasion the world powers agreed to an immediate ceasefire. The crashed object, dubbed "The Visitor" was discovered to be a deserted alien spacecraft and work began to reverse engineer the advanced technology discovered within.

Over the next few years the major world powers united under a single world government. Despite fierce anti-unification opposition, the threat of invasion overrode most objections. The United Nations became the Unified World Government, dedicated to unifying the planet. First and foremost on the UWG's agenda was preparing for potential attack from space and to that end the United Nations Space Command was formed and construction began on orbital facilities as well as permanent manned bases on the Moon and Mars.

Reconstruction of the SDF-1 The new technology from the alien craft was dubbed "Robotechnology" and the United Nations Space Command (known as UN Space-C, or UN Spacy) became the Robotech Defense Force (RDF). Under the supervision of eminent scientist Dr. Emil Lang, a series of initiatives were undertaken. First, the RDF began reconstruction efforts on the alien spacecraft to turn it into the Earth's primary space defense vessel, designated Super Dimension Fortress One (SDF-1). Work also began on the development of giant robotic mechanized combat vehicles code-named Destroids. The most secret research went into the development of "variable technology" military vehicles, known as Veritechs.

The First Robotech War

A decade after the arrival of "The Visitor", the reconstruction of the alien vessel was nearly complete and launch ceremonies for the SDF-1 began. On February 27th, 2009, two days before the vessel's formal launch, the long-feared alien invasion finally occurred. After years of searching, the Zentraedi (giant alien soldiers serving the original owners of the SDF-1) had finally tracked down the lost spacecraft. Attempting to evade the attacking aliens, the SDF-1 executed an experimental space fold, accidentally taking it and the entire Macross Island to the outer edge of the Solar System. The civilian population of the island, who had survived the space fold in environmentally sealed bunkers, were transferred into the SDF-1. Over the next two years the SDF-1 slowly made its way back to Earth, dodging constant assaults by the pursuing Zentraedi, who were determined to recapture the Space Fortress. 

Zentraedi Rain of Death After returning to Earth, the SDF-1 and its captive civilian populace were treated as pariahs. The UWG, feeling that since the Space Fortress was the aliens' target, ordered the SDF-1 to leave the planet. Meanwhile, the Zentraedi, giant warriors genetically engineered only for war, had become exposed to Earth culture. Many of the Zentraedi were tempted by this culture and soon some defected to the SDF-1. The Zentraedi supreme commander, Dolza, learned of the contamination of the Zentraedi fleet sent to Earth and was determined to prevent it from spreading. Dolza took the entire Zentraedi armada, consisting of millions of ships, to Earth to wipe out humanity as well as any Zentraedi who had been contaminated by human culture. Faced with his own destruction Breetai, the commander of the Zentraedi fleet originally sent to Earth, joined with the SDF-1 to combat the overwhelming threat of Dolza and the Zentreadi Grand Fleet. From orbit, the Zentraedi armada unleashed a deadly bombardment on the planet Earth. Over 75% of the planet's surface, and 90% of the population, were wiped out in moments. Against all odds the combined forces of the SDF-1 and Breetai's Zentraedi fleet were able to destroy Dolza's flagship and wipe out the Grand Fleet. Badly damaged in the effort, the SDF-1 slowly descended to the planet's surface.

The Reconstruction

The restoration of the devastated Earth began as survivors struggled to rebuild. Much of the effort was centered around New Macross City, which had built up around the final landing site of the SDF-1. Massive replanting and reforestation began as well as efforts to decontaminate many areas of the planet that were left radioactive wastelands. Efforts also began on the construction of a new Space Fortress to send to the homeworld of the Zentraedi's creators, the Robotech Masters. The purpose of this mission was to prevent another Robotech War.

The restored Unified World Government faced many challenges during the reconstruction. Firstly, there was the problem of refugees. Millions of people survived the Zentraedi "Rain of Death" only to face starvation. Also, of the nations that survived the destruction, several refused to join the unification movement. Greater than these anti-unification forces, however, was the threat of the remaining Zentraedi. Many of the giant warriors were unable to acclimate to life on Earth and took to attacking human settlements. The most dangerous of these "Malcontents" were Zentraedi commander Khyron and female Zentraedi commander Azonia. This pair led the largest group of rogue Zentraedi and begin a calculated terror campaign against humanity which culminated on an attack against New Macross City on New Year's Day, 2014.

Destruction of the SDF-1 Khyron and Azonia were killed when they rammed their spacecraft into the SDF-1, destroying it and the partially completed SDF-2; and the massive radiation leaking from the combined wreckage forced the evacuation of New Macross City. With the death of their leaders, the remaining hostile Zentraedi forces splintered into dozens of factions scattered across the globe. Major Zentraedi hostility remained concentrated in the jungles of South America, Central Africa, and Indochina.

The Unified World Government again tried to rebuild, but continued to face opposition. Most prominent among the UWG's opponents was the Eastern Bloc Soviet Independent State. The EBSIS was made up of the former nations of Russia, Germany and Poland. Though lacking in natural resources, the EBSIS possessed a large military force and, next to the Zentraedi, presented the greatest threat to the UWG.

With the destruction of the SDF-1 and -2, construction was begun on the SDF-3 in the Robotech Factory Satellite, a massive orbital construction facility captured from the Zentraedi by the RDF with the help of Breetai.

The Malcontent Uprisings

Zentraedi Malcontents In 2018 the remaining Zentraedi Malcontents on Earth again came under a unified leadership. What followed was nearly two years of bloody, brutal fighting known as the Malcontent Uprisings. In the end the Earth's defense forces were victorious, leaving only a handful of rogue Zentraedi on the planet. More importantly, the Malconent Uprisings saw the transformation of the fledgling Army of the Southern Cross into a global military force.

In August of 2022 the SDF-3 Pioneer launched. Along with much of the Robotech Defense Force, renamed the Robotech Expeditionary Force, the SDF-3 and its escort fleet left Earth for Tirol, the homeworld of the Robotech Masters. Defense of the Earth was left in the hands of the Army of the Southern Cross.

The Army of the Southern Cross

Army of the Southern Cross With the Zentraedi threat minimal, the Army of the Southern Cross was left to function mainly as a peacekeeping force, combating anti-unification terrorists, mercenary forces, and occasional EBSIS aggression. Today, the survivors of the Zentraedi assault have built a new world, one of feudal nation-states. The Unified World Government has collapsed completely and in its place is the United Earth Government, an organization more akin to the old United Nations, dedicated to maintaining peace between the new nation-states by acting as a neutral arbiter in conflicts.

At the end of the year 2028, however, a new enemy was about to emerge...

World War IV (2028-2029)

The New World Order terrorist organization attempts to start a war between the UEG and the EBSIS hoping the two will weaken or eliminate each other, allowing the NWO to take power themselves. Operating covertly, the NWO provokes each of the two super powers while framing the other for the incident. When the NWO's existence is revealed, open war breaks out as the UEG and the EBSIS instead put aside their differences and attack the NWO and the many independent nation-states that have sided with it. What follows is a year-long conflict that redraws the political map of Earth.

Second Robotech War (2030-2031)

The Earth has barely recovered from the second global civil conflict when a new threat emerges in the form of alien invaders. The Robotech Masters, the people who sent the Zentraedi to retrieve their lost ship, arrive in a fleet of gigantic motherships intent on succeeding where their giant soldiers failed. The war pushes the human race to the brink of extinction, ending in a pyrhic victory for the forces of the Southern Cross. The enemy has been vanquished but the United Earth Government and its military are in shambles, leaving the Soviets to pick up the pieces of the shattered world as the sole remaining global power.

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