Armies of the Southern Cross

Robotech - Southern Cross

The Army of the Southern Cross consists of fifteen separate tactical divisions. Each of these Armies is summarized below.

Armies of the Southern Cross

Military Police
Department of Surface Operations
Department of Aerospace Operations

Military Police

Global Military Police (GMP)
A highly secretive organization which reports directly to the supreme commander of the Army of the Southern Cross. This secret police group monitors internal affairs and functions as the headquarters for intelligence gathering. The most elite division of the Government's military profile, the GMP often acts on its own without the approval or knowledge of their superiors.

Department of Surface Operations

Alpha Tactical Armored Corps (ATAC)
The elite unit of the tactical corps assigned the task of piloting the remarkable VHT-1 Veritech Hovertank - a transformable heavy armored personnel combat vehicle. The Alpha Corps is able to work with most of the various divisions of the Army of the Southern Cross' other tactical groups. Only the best soldiers are inducted into the Alpha Corps.

Civil Defense Unit (CDU)
This division is used as a basic civilian policing force. They are assigned to protect the local cities and encampments and provide a high profile for the Army of the Southern Cross and the United Earth Government.

Tactical Corps (TC)
The basic infantry unit of the Army of the Southern Cross. This division is the equivalent of the 20th century US Marine Corps. They are able to go into a variety of terrains and environments with a simple change of uniform.

Tactical Corps Specialty Armies
The following divisions are considered sub-armies of the larger Tactical Corps. The chiefs of staff of each sub-army report to the Chief of Staff of the Tactical Corps.

Recon Escort Patrol (REP)
These are the members of the tactical corps responsible for all communications-related missions. They function as intelligence gatherers and provide tactical support for the Global Military Police in the field.

Cold Weather Offensive Squad (CWOS)
Another variation of the basic tactical corps. Assigned to the polar regions, these troops are assigned to protect the Robotech Research Scientists and other UEG personnel who are active in the arctic regions. They are also trained in first strike capability.

Desert Squad (DS)
The Army of the Souther Cross version of the "French Foreign Legion". Stationed at remote desert outposts, these troops man heavy artillery. They are also savage fighters who relish the opportunity to engage in hand-to-hand combat.

Mountain Offensive Squad (MOS)
A specialized branch of the tactical corps. This Squad is assigned the task of patrolling the many mountain ranges on the planet.

Jungle Squad (JS)
A variation on the standard tactical corps. The difference is mainly ordnance of weaponry and combat armor, which is tailored to tropical environments.

Humid Climate Offensive Squad (HCOS)
Basically the "Green Berets" of the tactical corps. These troops are assigned to marshy environments. They are masters at camouflage and infiltration.

Sea Squad (SS)
Basically, the Navy Division of the Army of the Southern Cross. These troops work as either recon or offensive units. They are stationed on both shored-based and ocean going platforms.

Department of Aerospace Operations

Tactical Air Force (TAF)
The basic Air Force division of the Army of the Southern Cross. This is the division which trains combat pilots and all technical support teams for conventional (non-space-related) missions.

Civil Defense Flying Corps (CDFC)
A self-explanatory concept. This squad works in conjunction with the Civil Defense Unit to police the non-military outposts and cities which have sprung up after the First Robotech War.

Cosmic Unit (CU)
These are the troops of the Army of the Southern Cross who guard the various off-world military outposts and orbiting space stations which provide security and research for the United Earth Government. They can function as pilots in case of emergency.

Tactical Armored Space Corps (TASC)
The equivalent of the Alpha Corps in regard to their elite status in the Army of the Southern Cross Air Force. The pilots of the Armored Space Corps are assigned to the Veritech VFH-10 AGAC - a transformable attack 'copter capable of prolonged flight in outer space. They also pilot a version of the Veritech Fighter, the VF-8 Logan.

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