Robotech: Macross

The World of The Reconstruction

United World GovernmentIn 1999 the world was engulfed in a Global Civil War. That changed when an alien spacecraft crashed in the south Pacific. Nations banded together under the banner of the United Nations to form a Unified World Government to exploit the advanced technologies found in the craft, and to prepare for the day when the spacecraft's owners would come looking for it. That day came in 2009, when the giant alien Zentraedi arrived to reclaim the spaceship (now called the SDF-1) for their masters. When reclaiming the ship turned out to be more difficult than originally thought, the Zentraedi dispatched their entire armada, consisting of millions of vessels, to Earth. Through skill, luck, and the timely defection of several Zentraedi ships, Earth prevailed, but not before the Zentraedi fleet had laid waste to the planet's surface in an orbital bombardment later referred to as the Rain of Death.

The Zentraedi assault of 2011 changed the world. In a matter of minutes whole nations were obliterated, major cities laid waste, and 90% of humanity was annihilated. Western Europe, northern Africa, the entire Middle East, the east and west coasts of North America, and large parts of Asia were razed to the ground, left radioactive wastelands devoid of life. The old world was gone and the survivors were left to rebuild.

With the old boundaries washed away, the entire planet became a frontier to be resettled. Some regions of the planet had weathered the onslaught better than others. Major cities in North America, Scandinavia and Australia became the new centers of civilization on the planet and the seat of power for the struggling Unified World Government. Reconstruction efforts were spearheaded by the UWG and the Robotech Defence Force.

Elsewhere in the world, humanity struggled to survive. Refugees by the millions fled the devastated areas looking for new homes. Like their pioneer ancestors, the survivors established new communities. From these communities grew new boundaries as new territories were established. By this time the RDF was distracted by the renewed threat of the surviving Zentraedi forces that had become scattered across the Earth. With no global military power to keep them in check, these territories grew, becoming like feudal kingdoms of old. Wherever there was land and resources, there were those who sought to control it. Those with the power created the territories, kingdoms and nations that represent the new status quo. Like in feudal times, the weak swore allegiance to the strong for protection or were simply conquered.

ReconstructionNorth America was the focal point of much of the initial Reconstruction, centered around New Macross City. The city had grown up around the where the SDF-1 Battle Fortress had landed after the final battle with the Zentraedi Fleet in 2011. After the final suicide strike of Zentraedi warlord Khyron destroyed the SDF-1, the center of UWG and RDF power moved to Monument City, a new city built near the ruins of the SDF-1 and New Macross City. From here the RDF would pursue its two main goals: maintaining peace and order on Earth, and preparations for an expeditionary mission into deep space to prevent another invasion of Earth from alien forces.

The following map shows the Earth circa 2014. Areas in black represent radioactive wastelands resulting from the Zentraedi Rain of Death.

Earth - circa 2014

Robotech Macross