It was a time of recovery and renewal. Three years had passed since the Zentraedi armada had been defeated, at the cost of over 90% of Earth's population and the devastation of three quarters of the planet's surface. While the world government struggled to rebuild the Earth hovered on the brink of chaos. Across the planet forces threatened the tenuous peace that had emerged. From rogue nations refusing to cooperate with the Unified World Government to anti-Unification terrorists, from mercenary armies to the scattered remnants of the Zentraedi fleet, there remained numerous threats to the safety of humanity. On the front lines against all these threats was the Robotech Defense Force. These are the stories of an intrepid band of RDF soldiers and their strange adventures in the years following the First Robotech War.

The World of the Reconstruction
History of the Reconstruction
Who's Who
The Robotech Defense Force
Zentraedi Malcontents
Mecha and Equipment
The Wayfarer
Déja Vu - The Wayfarer's Tale
Strange New World
New Beginnings
The Malcontent Uprisings
Outward Bound
Campaign Timeline