ROBOTECH DEFENDERS was the name of a line of model kits distributed by Revell, Inc. in the early 1980s. Many of these were based on mecha from Japanese shows, including Super Dimension Fortress Macross. The model kits were supposed to have been tied to a comic book series, but the initial 3-issue limited series done by DC Comics was so poorly received that the third issue was never released.

Since Revell was already distributing models using designs from Macross that put a crimp in Harmony Gold's merchandizing plans for their Macross videos. In the end they entered into a co-licensing agreement with Revell and eventually adopted the Robotech name for the syndicated television show the home video line had transformed into.

Revell One-Sheet Advertisement for Robotech Defenders Models
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Robotech Defenders Ad (Side 1) Robotech Defenders Ad (Side 2)
Robotech Defenders Comic Book
(Issue #1, DC Comics)
Robotech Defenders #1
Keen-eyed Battletech players will notice that a lot of the Robotech Defenders models look like battlemechs from the original Battletech game from FASA. The reason for this is that all of the original edition's 'Mech visuals were based on designs from a variety of anime series, including Macross. Eventually FASA got embroiled in a lawsuit with Harmony Gold and Playmates over the use of the Macross images. As a result FASA dropped all of the derived images (not just the Macross ones) and later editions of Battletech had new visuals for all of the original edition 'Mechs. (On a side note, the Battletech game was originally titled Battledroids, but a lawsuit with Lucasfilm over the use of the term "droid" caused them to change the game's title.)

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