History: Joshua was born to a very special family. The Blackwoods trace their American roots back to the first explorers and pioneers from England. Sir Robert Black, the first to head to this New World found a cause; to use his modern experience to help defend the Indians. He became the first Raven: Trickster, Champion and Deceiver of the Indian Totems. The Raven totem took him as its champion along with all the others in that line.

He worked to protect them both in costume and as an influential personality in the White Man's world. Joshua is the current Raven. He has a prominent position with the Federal Government as well with the Sioux Assembly of America Natives. During his stint with Washington, he saw corruption that was above the Law and decided to champion a further cause: To form an official covert team to bring Justice at no matter what level. Together with Val Cooper, he formed Project: Dark Force. Blackwood sought out new heroes who hadn't made too much news and formed this covert group. It included Midnight Express, a young busking mutant with super speed and The American; a self injected Power Broker serum recipient. The other recruits were Phantasm, Night Breed and Chaos. Each member had value to bring to the team. Phantasm's wealth, Night Breed's strength and Chaos' massive plasma based powers helped round out the rest of the team.

The Dark Force has since gone evil and Blackwood is now a solo operator seeking to right wrongs no matter where or who.