History: Evan Lassiter was the brainchild behind his father's business. By the time Evan graduated from college, his father's business was on its last leg. Evan was able to use his knowledge of chemistry and electronics to take the company forward as a technology leader. This new found success landed Evan into a weapons contract. Evan was researching several chemical weapon options when an accident happened in the lab. An explosion occurred, killing Evan's father Carl but Evan miraculously survived. The next night, Evan had a dream of encroaching black ooze threatening to swallow him up. When he woke up, he discovered he was controlling all the dark spots in the room. He learned to control this power over the next few weeks including sheathing himself in a dark costume.

Eventually, Raven was lead to him and recruited him for the Dark Force. He worked with the team until he was killed by a deranged Chaos returning from a mission in Japan.

However, death was not to be the final resting-place for Phantasm. Something has sent him back to this plane and he is determined to send all Humanity down into the everlasting Darkness.