Timelost Travelers

The Timelost were initially a group of four people from the year 2017 who stumbled across a time machine caleld a TARDIS and used it to escape from a strange creature that was chasing them. The four discovered they had no idea how to operate the TARDIS and began a haphazard journey through time and space trying to get back home. Along the way they picked up a couple of additional adventurers who opted to join them on their travels.

The Timelost Travelers were:

Logan MacLean

Logan was a paramedic in Ottawa and a former army medic who had served in the Canadian military in Afghanistan. Logan was one of the initial Timelost, having come across a broken down car outside the abandoned Centennial High School and gone inside looking to see if anyone needed help. Logan was both a fighter and a healer, helping tend his new friends' wounds when they were injured but just as often getting into scrapes and being injured himself. Though an adult, Logan's frequent leap-before-you-look attitude made him one of the less responsible members of the group; but he was also always ready to put the safety of others before his own. Logan eventually sacrificed his life to save his friends, and the world, from the CyberQueen.

Zehra Darzi

Zehra was a Muslim teenager and honour student who was also one of the initial Timelost. She had been getting a ride home with her friend Ahmed when his car broke down outside of the derelict Centennial High School. Ahmed was killed by the Shadow Hunter creature in the school and Zehra escaped in the TARDIS with the others. As the group's resident nerd Zehra took it upon herself to try and learn how to operate the TARDIS and get them home. Her efforts were frequently for nought, especially when the TARDIS would occasionally completely change the layout of the main controls. Zehra's intelligence did come in handy when the group had to deal with alien or futuristic technology, something she became quite good at.

What the others did not know for most of their travels was that Zehra had a secret, she was not actually human. Zehra was in reality a Janus, aliens who generally appeared human except for a second face on the back of their head. Zehra's grandparents had been part of a group of Janus refugees who had settled on Earth, given identities by the Canadian government (probably by FAITH). The refugees had initially been disguised as Muslim refugees from Africa, but they soon adopted the Islamic faith in earnest. Being Muslim gave them a cultural reason for wearing head and face coverings that would cover the Janus' rear face (as a good Muslim girl Zehra always wore a hijab). The Janus were psychic and also temporally sensitive; with their front face they could often read the future of the person they were looking at, and when they looked at a person with their rear face they could read that person's past (this ability did not work very well on time travelers, whose past and future were not linear in the timestream).

Zehra hid her true nature from the other Timelost for a long time, though she would occasionally use her powers secretly to help on their adventures. Maryanne was the first to discover Zehra's secret but kept the knowledge to herself. Zehra eventually revealed her abilities to the others when she used them to help track down the Weaver. She has since learned that her temporal sensitivity makes her the only member of the group who even has a chance of properly operating the TARDIS.

Eileen Luna

Eileen was a delinquent teenager who would often skip school and get in trouble with the law for petty crimes like graffiti and trespassing. She would sometimes sneak into the abandoned Centennial High School to practice her bass guitar and her tagging. She was in the school on the night in 2017 when the Shadow Hunter emerged and was nearly killed by it. Eileen joined the others in escaping in the TARDIS. No matter when or where the group wound up Eileen could always been counted on to have her bass guitar and spray paint cans with her (not to mention her trusty lighter and her pocket knife).

Also one of the more impulsive members of the group, Eileen would often get in trouble and need help; but just as often she would be the one to provide assistance to the others. For Eileen, who had a troubled childhood and a fascination with the supernatural and conspiracy theories, the adventures in the TARDIS were like a dream come true despite the occasional life threatening situations the group sometimes found themselves in. When her bass guitar was damaged the TARDIS repaired it with advanced Time Lord technology, giving Eileen another tool with which to help out on adventures (though she never quite figured out how to use its full capabilities).

Eileen had been born Lena Moon, but she was abandoned by her mother and left in the custody of a grandmother when she was a small child. When she was seven her grandmother was mysteriously killed and Lena went into foster care where she bounced from home to home and started calling herself Eileen Luna. During her time travel adventures Eileen met her mother as a teenager and was there when her mother was attacked by the Shadow Hunter. The made Eileen realize that the Hunter had marked her mother, and that mark was passed down to her explaining why the Shadow Hunter would always go after her first when they encountered it. Eileen also discovered that her supposed grandmother had actually been an alien that had been using the Shadow Hunter's mark to feed off of the young Lena's lifeforce. She then saw how it was the intervention of the Weaver, seeking to manipulate events to guarantee Eileen getting on board the TARDIS in 2017, that had resulted in her alleged grandmother's death and this had actually saved the life of her younger self.

Initially Eileen was content to simply continue adventuring in the TARDIS and was not particularly eager for the travelers to find a way to return to 2017 Ottawa. Since the recent revelations about her childhood and her mother, Eileen now has goals she is determined to work towards. One goal is to find out what happened to her mother after she left young Lena behind and hopefully reunite with her. The other is to eventually return to the late 1800s to find the Victorian adventurer Frederic Lake, with whom she had fallen in love.

Maryanne O'Nell

Maryanne apparently comes from a parallel universe. Where she is from Maryanne is part of an underground team of vigilantes and guerrilla fighters operating out of New York City. This team often battled strange mutant creatures as well as corrupt corporations that were often behind the mutants. One night Maryanne was out on a mission when there was a bright light and she found herself in our universe outside of the abandoned Centennial High School. Going inside the school to investigate she met the others and escaped with them in the TARDIS when the Shadow Hunter attacked.

Gruff, secretive, and anti-social, Maryanne did not initially get along with her fellow Timelost; but over time she came to see them as a second family, caring about them (but not openly displaying the slightest affection if she could help it). Maryanne became closest to Eileen, with whom she developed a sisterly love-hate relationship. A guerrilla fighter by nature, Maryanne was always suspicious and ready for a fight. One of her goals on any adventure was almost guaranteed to be to find a weapon to use. Though she cared for her fellow travelers, Maryanne was always determined to find a way back to her universe and her friends.

According to the Weaver, Maryanne is not from a parallel universe but from another dimension called the Land of Fiction. Her world is allegedly based on a series of fanfiction stories based on a popular media property and Maryanne herself is, or at least was, a fictional creation. The Weaver claims that it was the detonation of a reality-altering weapon left over from the Last Great Time War that caused Maryanne to leave her fictional world and appear in the real world. Maryanne herself does not believe this to be the real truth, despite having found her home when the travelers entered the Land of Fiction dimension. Maryanne still seeks a way to properly return to her home and reunite with her first family.


Ursa is from a planet inhabited by several races of humanoids that resemble intelligent anthropomorphic versions of various Earth animals. Ursa herself is shorter than the average human and stockier, covered with a fine grey fur and seems to from a race evolved from wombat-like marsupials. Ursa's home planet has a pre-Industrial civilization where the various races co-exist. There she was a miner who stumbled through a time-space rift while digging a tunnel. The rift deposited Ursa on a heavily vegetated planet where she befriended the even more primitive natives. This planet was the where the TARDIS appeared on its first trip off Earth with the Timelost, the craft apparently guiding itself there in order to use the energy from the time-space rift to help repair itself. After helping out the travelers when a couple of them were injured Ursa asked to join them, seeing the TARDIS as her best bet to get back to her home despite the travelers' inability to operate it.

Though shorter than the humans she traveled with, Ursa was physically stronger and tougher than them. She had trouble with technology, but was an expert in anything to do with rocks, tunnels, mines, digging and pretty much anything else underground-related. Her more technologically naïve perspective has come in handy on more than one occasion when her friends have been stumped or puzzled because of their own preconceptions.

As the Timelost went on their adventures Ursa was always looking for clues to where her home planet was and how to get there. Her first piece of information came when she and the others were captured by the Daleks, whose scans identified Ursa as part of something called the Enkidian Diaspora. When she finally found people from her planet she confirmed that they were indeed referred to as the Enkidian Diaspora, and Ursa was horrified to find out that this was because their home planet had been destroyed. According to the people she met, who were descendants of survivors who had escaped the planet, the evacuation had been led by legendary figure named Ursa, leading Ursa herself to wonder if this was her destiny. Ursa did eventually find her way back to her home, only to learn that her planet's destruction was imminent. Accepting that is was her destiny, Ursa rallied as many of the population as she could and with the help of the other Timelost and the Time Lords the Professor and the Weaver she was able to evacuate as many as possible to the planet Enkidia. With her home gone Ursa has chosen to stay with the Timelost as they continue their travels.

J.D. Wright

JD was a graduate student at Luna University in the year 5212, studying archaeology. Among his teachers had been the time traveling Professor Bernice Summerfield and the infamous Professor River Song, which gave JD a passing knowledge of time travel, Time Lords, and TARDISes. While finishing his PhD, JD forged credentials so that he could join an expedition from the Quorum to investigate the spaceborne mystery called Anomaly IV. While on the expedition he met the Timelost and together they discovered that the Anomaly was a dying TARDIS. Fleeing the Anomaly before its destruction was complete, JD was forced to board the Timelost's TARDIS, not realizing that they did not know how to operate the time machine and so he became one of them.

JD had been inspired to study archaeology by his father, also an archaeologist and who had disappeared when JD was ten years old. Another of JD's heroes was the famous "historical" archaeologist Indiana Jones. One of JD's treasured possessions was an antique book from the 20th Century that was a handbook to archaeology supposedly written by the famous Dr. Jones. Despite having traveled with individuals aware of the truth about the famous archaeologist, JD continues to believe that Indiana Jones was a real historical figure. In his efforts to emulate his hero JD even developed a fear of snakes.

JD was also missing a week of memory from five years earlier. While pursuing the Weaver the Timelost decided to investigate the missing memory in case it was a result of the Weaver interfering with JD's timeline. The Weaver was not responsible, but JD did learn the cause of the memory loss when he deliberately made physical contact with his past self to generate a temporal explosion in order to destroy a reactivated weapon left over from the Last Great Time War that was murdering people. JD also encountered Professor Bernice Summerfield during this adventure and was able to tell her how he would come to be a time traveler in about five years.

The Timelost were eventually able to steer the TARDIS back to JD's proper time and return him to Luna University. After turning in his thesis paper several months late (he learned that Prof. Summerfield had arranged for an extension to his deadline) JD decided to return to the TARDIS to continue traveling with the Timelost.