The Timelost Travelers have encountered a number of hostile and threatening aliens and beings during their adventures.

Shadow Hunter

The Shadow Hunter is a semi-sentient weapon created by the Daleks for the Time War. The Shadow Hunter was used to hunt down Time Lords who were away from Gallifrey. The Shadow Hunter was targeted on a specific Time Lord and released into the Vortex. The Shadow Hunter is shapeless, able to take many forms, and can track its target through Time and Space before unleashing its attacks, both physical and mental. A Shadow Hunter prefers to stalk and terrorize its prey before striking, and will attack anything nearby to help sow fear and chaos. One Shadow Hunter was sent after the renegade Time Lord called the Professor, who resorted to using a Chameleon Arch to conceal himself from it. This Shadow Hunter eventually tracked the Professor down and even succeeded in killing him (and several others in the school where the Professor's human identity worked) though due to the Chameleon Arch it did not realize it had found its prey. The Shadow Hunter was frozen in time using a Time Lord weapon and remained trapped in the now-abandoned school. The Shadow Hunter finally broke free in 2017, which coincided with the arrival at the school of the individuals who would become the Timelost Travelers and it pursued the neophyte time travelers when they fled in the Professor's TARDIS. The Shadow Hunter continued to track the TARDIS, once getting close enough to attack several of the time travelers mentally before they broke free of its influence. The Shadow Hunter finally caught up with the time travelers on the planet Obsidian in the year 3254, stalking one of them before its presence was detected by the Daleks who were also on the planet. Eager to retrieve such a powerful weapon left over from the Time War the Daleks sent a recall signal and took possession of the Shadow Hunter. They erased its orders and put in storage for future use, ending its pursuit of the time travelers.


The Wendigo was a large predatory creature that had arrived on Earth by unknown means sometime prior to the year 1050 CE. The creature had taken up residence in a mountainous area near the northern portion of the Saguenay River in what is now modern-day Quebec. The creature was nocturnal and hunted game animals as well as preying on the local Native Americans who gave it the name of a creature from their legends. When a group of Vikings founded a settlement in the Saguenay area and began mining gold and other precious minerals from the nearby hills they attracted the attention of the Wendigo which attacked and killed several members of the settlement. With the help of the recently arrived time travelers the Vikings were able to track the Wendigo to its lair, where quick thinking by Ursa buried the creature in a cave-in.

Silurians and Sea Devils

Silurian is a collective term for a group of related species of intelligent bipedal reptiles, sometimes referred to as Homo Retilia, that were among the dominant species on Earth more than 65 Million years ago. The Silurians had developed several advanced technologies, including space travel, when they discovered that an extinction level event threatened the Earth. Some of the Silurians evacuated the planet in spaceships to colonize other planets while many others retreated to bunkers deep beneath the surface of the Earth and went into hibernation, intending to emerge once the planet was habitable again. For whatever reason, speculated to be a failure of their hibernation systems, these Silurians remained frozen deep underground for millions of years. The time travelers met a group of Silurians just prior to the K-T extinction event when they were transported to 65 Million BCE through a time fissure. These Silurians were a species that looked roughly human but were covered in green and brown scales, had three flared crests sweeping back on their head instead of hair, and had forked tongues that could lash out and deliver a poisonous sting.

Over the centuries and probably millennia the occasional scouting group would be awakened from hibernation where they would be tasked with assessing the condition of the planet to determine if the rest of the Silurian race should be awakened. Since the rise of Homo sapiens as the dominant species on Earth these Silurian scouts have frequently come into conflict with humans. One such encounter occurred in 1603 when the French explorer Samuel de Champlain encountered a group of Silurians near Muskrat Lake on the Ottawa River. The arrival of the time travelers prevented open conflict and these Silurians and the scouts opted to return to hibernation. These Silurians were a less human looking species, through still humanoid. They generally avoided clothing and were covered in brown-green scales with a fish-like face, fin-like ears, and prominent ridges fanning out from the forehead across the top of the head. In the center of the forehead, high up, was a third eye.

The time travelers encountered an aquatic species of Silurian, referred to as Sea Devils, on Vancouver Island in 1977. These Sea Devils were amphibious and had large eyes and a turtle-like beak, and wore body armor and carried weapons. The Sea Devils had been attacking oil tankers in the Pacific Ocean which they believed threatened their underwater habitat. With the help of the time travelers members of FAITH were able to negotiate a truce with the Sea Devils.


Daleks are considered the most evil creatures in the universe. They are slimy, tentacled mutations; all that remains of the once human-looking Kaled race from the planet Skaro. The Daleks move around in cylindrical travel pods that are heavily armed, and armored. A single Dalek in its pod is often a match for an entire army. The Daleks believe they are the superior life form and have dedicated themselves to the annihilation of all other forms of life in the universe. There have been several wars between different races in the universe and the Daleks, and several interstellar and even intergalactic alliances have formed over the years specifically to confront the Dalek threat. The greatest was involving the Daleks actually happened out of sight of most of the universe, the Last Great Time War that was fought between the Daleks and the Time Lords. The Daleks had been thought destroyed in the last battle of the Time War, but a few survived and over several centuries have slowly rebuilt the Dalek Empire to the point where it is once again a threat to all life in the universe.

The time travelers first encountered the Daleks when they met a small occupation force on the planet Obsidian in the year 3254, home to a human colony that the Daleks were just finishing wiping out. The travelers only survived because the Daleks opted to leave and obliterate the planet from orbit, an action which bought the travelers enough time to evacuate themselves and the surviving human colonists in the TARDIS. In 1969 a damaged Dalek saucer landed in the Ottawa Valley. It was destroyed by military forces from FAITH with the help of the time travelers.


The CyberQueen was once a woman named Mercy Hartigan. Mercy had allied herself with a small group of Cybermen in London in 1851, but they betrayed her and tried to use her to power their CyberKing construct. The Cybermen were defeated and they and the CyberKing were exiled to the Void between universes by the Time Lord known as the Doctor. Mercy's mind, however, survived the encounter in the head of a Cyberman that was left behind. Through unknown means the head eventually wound up in San Francisco in the early 1860s where Mercy's mind was able to regain enough strength to begin exerting control over weak-minded people. She used her power to begin converting some of the people she controlled into primitive Cybermen and began building an army. She was thwarted in 1864 by the time travelers with Victorian adventurer Jackson Lake, who had helped the Doctor fight the Cybermen back in London, along with his now teenage son Frederic. An explosion leveled the warehouse complex Mercy had been using as a base of operations and the head was thought destroyed.

The Cyberhead survived and eventually wound up in the Yukon wilderness where Mercy took mental control of a gold prospector in 1899 and used him and the nearby gold and more exotic mineral resources to try and build herself a new body and declared herself the CyberQueen. She also converted some other prospectors into Cybermen to serve her. The time travelers again stopped her, this time assisting a Torchwood agent named Tessa who was seeking the gold prospector and whatever strange power he was serving. A primitive electromagnetic pulse device seemingly destroyed the CyberQueen's head and makeshift body. This time the head was destroyed, but the CyberQueen's mind survived thanks to her Cybermen implanting Cybertechnology into two of the time travelers during an earlier fight.

When she had regained enough strength the CyberQueen took mental control of the two and through them she was able to get them to turn the Cybertechnology into a Cyber Crown to contain her mind. The Cyber Crown allowed her possess Zehra and with Zehra's knowledge the CyberQueen brought the TARDIS to Ottawa in 1943. There she again took mental control of some people as servants, who took the Cyber Crown. With her servants help she seized the British gold reserves that had been secretly shipped from England to Canada to keep them safe during the Second World War. The CyberQueen had a new body constructed for herself out of gold and had begun kidnapping senior government officials, including Prime Minister William Lyon MacKenzie King, planning to turn them into her slaves and then use them to take control of other world leaders and then dominate the planet. The CyberQueen was again thwarted by the time travelers, this time for good when Logan sacrificed himself to knock her into a vat of molten gold where she was melted away into oblivion.


The warrior Sontarans are an alien race of clones dedicated to the art of warfare. For centuries the Sontarans had been at war with another race called the Rutans, and many other races across the galaxy have found themselves caught in the crossfire of their war. One such incident occurred in the 22nd Century at an Interstellar Space Corps (ISC) beacon station where a Rutan tried to draw the Earth into a war with the Sontarans. The plot was thwarted by the time travelers, who were able to expose the Rutan.


The Rutans are an electricity-based race of shapeshifters resembling green glowing jellyfish in their natural form. For centuries the Rutans have been engaged in a war with a race called the Sontarans. In the 22nd Century a Rutan agent attempted to draw the Earth into a war with the Sontarans by making it look like an Interstellar Space Corps (ISC) beacon satellite had attacked a Sontaran vessel. The plot was thwarted by the time travelers, who were able to expose the Rutan.


The Judoon are a militaristic race of rhinoceros-like humanoids. The Judoon operate as freelance interstellar police-for-hire, usually taking their orders quite literally when carrying out an assignment. While pursuing an energy being a Judoon ship was crippled and nearly destroyed, but was saved with the help of the time travelers.

Autons and the Nestene Consciousness

The Nestene Consciousness is a disembodied alien intelligence that feeds on hydrocarbons and can shape and animate plastics. A Nestene Consciousness arrived on Earth in 1959 and took control of a plastics factory in the town of Arrowdown in Ontario. It began manufacturing Autons, plastic servants in the shape of humans, in preparation to take over the world. The Nestene were defeated by the time travelers, who destroyed the plastics factory and seemingly the Nestene Consciousness as well. A fragment of the Consciousness survived in the wreckage, which had been taken by the Canadian government for examination. It took several years but the Consciousness fragment eventually gained enough strength to escape from its containment in the basement of a government building in Ottawa. The Consciousness took up residence in a toy store on nearby Sparks Street and began a new plot to take over the Earth, this time by secretly controlling a scientist from the University of Ottawa to help build the device it needed. As its plan neared completion in Christmas 1975 the Consciousness detected the arrival of the time travelers that had tried to destroy it in 1959. It captured them to prevent them from interfering, but they escaped and were able to stop the plan and destroy the Consciousness Fragment for good.


The Sycorax are aggressive humanoid aliens with a bony exoskeleton. The Sycorax were raiders and scavengers, attacking and stealing across the galaxy. A group of Sycorax were transporting enslaved Janus through the Nexus trading station when they were thwarted by the time travelers, who freed the Janus and got them to the safety of the alien ambassador Alpha Centauri.


Ogrons were a race of aggressive, primitive ogre-like humanoids who act as mercenaries. They are frequently used by the Daleks for a variety of missions. A Dalek that had crashed on Earth in 1959 sent Ogrons out to steal the materials it needed to repair its spacecraft. These Ogrons were killed along with the Dalek when the spacecraft was destroyed by FAITH with the help of the time travelers.

Ice Warriors

The Ice Warriors were an intelligence bipedal reptilian race native to Mars. When Mars became uninhabitable the Ice Warriors founded a new homeworld in a different star system. Ice Warriors were an honorable but warlike race who usually wore cybernetic exoskeletons. A group of Ice Warriors came to Newfoundland in 1977 to track down a rare dragon-like Martian animal they considered sacred. The Warriors encountered the time travelers and agents of FAITH, but eventually left peacefully once they recovered the animal.

Great Intelligence

The Great Intelligence is a disembodied intelligence from another dimension. Its main motivation is gaining power and for this it frequently seeks ways to manifest or create a physical form for itself in our universe. The Intelligence seems to feed on the mental energy of others and has powerful psychic abilities which it can use to dominate the minds of others to put them under its control. The Intelligence has even been capable of reanimating and controlling the bodies of the recently deceased. In addition to mentally enslaved individuals the Intelligence has also shown the ability to create robotic servants when it needs physical labor or activities done. The time travelers thwarted a plot by the Great Intelligence in British Columbia in 1982 where the Intelligence was using robots disguised as Sasquatch to kidnap victims whose minds it could drain. The group destroyed the pyramid structure the Intelligence was using to anchor itself to Earth, freeing the drained minds held within it and exiling the Great Intelligence back into space.


The Wirrn are an insectoid race said to originate from the Andromeda Galaxy. They spread and reproduce when a Wirrn Queen lays its eggs inside living hosts which are then slowly transformed into new Wirrn. A Wirrn Queen infected a Mondasian Scout Ship in 1986. When the now derelict scout ship neared Earth a team from FAITH was sent to investigate. With the help of the time travelers, who had also arrived on the vessel, the scout ship was diverted to prevent the Wirrn from reaching Earth.

Memento Mori

The Time Lords created the Memento Mori in the closing days of the Time War. They were fuelled by death, and used death as a weapon, making them the perfect counter to the mass murder of the Daleks. When a Memento Mori attacked, it latched onto the timeline of its victim and followed it back, searching for other timelines that were truncated by contact with that victim - in other words, people who died because of that victim. It then momentarily resurrected those people as temporal echoes, and used them as a sort of psychic lens to unleash a devastating assault on its targets, so the more people its target had killed in the past, the stronger the Memento Mori was when attacking that target (they had no power over the truly innocent). Memento Mori were virtually indestructible; they looked like humans, but that was just an outer shell over a dimensionally transcendent interior. The Memento Mori encountered by the time travelers was destroyed by a temporal explosion caused when JD made physical contact with his younger self.

Weeping Angels

The Weeping Angels are a predatory quantum-based alien species that feed off of time energy and other forms of radiation. Also known as the Lonely Assassins, Weeping Angels can only move when they are not being observed, at which point they move blindingly fast. When observed, however, a Weeping Angel becomes quantum locked, frozen and unmoving; a process which also makes them essentially invulnerable. Weeping Angels are killers whose typical method of dealing death is relatively painless; they transport their victims backwards in time and then feed off the potential time energy left behind by the removal of the victim from their proper time. The victims themselves are then left in the past where they will carry out the rest of their natural lives. Due to their quantum nature the Weeping Angels can manifest themselves from an image made of one of them. A Weeping Angel came aboard the TARDIS in this manner when Eileen unintentionally photographed the remains of an Angel on a battlefield left over from the final days of the Time War. The Weeping Angel drained the core energy of the TARDIS, stranding it in the Time Vortex. The Angel was only stopped when the Weaver sacrificed his life to lure it into the Eye of Harmony, the captured black hole that powered the TARDIS. Once the Angel was gone the time travelers were able to revive the TARDIS and escape the Time Vortex.