Here are many of the key or important people encountered by the errant Timelost Travelers during their haphazard quest to return home.

Friends & Allies

Jon Prester

According to Jon Prester he is a "Librarian, Archivist, and Keeper of Faith". Jon is part of a future incarnation of Library and Archives Canada who first met the time travelers in the year 5867, when he was still a relatively junior archivist; though for the time travelers this was actually their second encounter with him. The travelers had first encountered Jon aboard Starship Canada at an undetermined point sometime in the 71st Century. By this point Jon apparently had a more senior position at Archives and he gave the travelers vital information that helped them free the colony vessel from the dictatorial Minister Prime. It is not known how Jon Prester had survived the 1200 years between these two encounters, as to all appearances he was a normal human.


Eloise Harker

Eloise lived on a farm in the American Northwest Territory who met the time travelers when she was twelve years old in 1791. She helped them find out what had happened to her parents and the other adults from nearby farmsteads and defeat the crystalline alien entity that had been responsible for the disappearance of the adults.



Leland Richter was the name used by a rogue Time Agent from the 51st Century. Richter was a treasure hunter who used his knowledge of history to identify lost or supposedly mythical treasures, after which he would then use his Vortex Manipulator to travel to a point in time and space where he could get his hands on said treasure, reasoning that since history recorded it as lost or just a legend no one would miss it. Richter encountered the time travelers in 1634 where he was trying to locate the supposed riches of the legendary Kingdom of Saguenay. Convinced to abandon his goal by the time travelers, Richter instead offered to help them return to the year 2017. He used his Vortex Manipulator to take himself and Logan there, but an encounter with a Time Storm sent them to the planet Obsidian in the year 3254 where they were attacked by Daleks and Richter was mortally wounded.


Sir Frederic Lake

As a young child Frederic was kidnapped and his mother killed during an attack by Cybermen in London. Frederic was rescued by his father Jackson Lake and the Time Lord known as the Doctor, who defeated the Cybermen. As a teenager Frederic accompanied his father to America where they met the time travelers in San Francisco in 1864 where they again met the Cybermen. The Lakes and the time travelers were able to thwart this latest Cyberman plot, during which young Frederic developed an attraction to Eileen, who reluctantly found herself reciprocating the feelings. An adult Frederic, who by this point was married and had a young daughter (named Maria Teresa Lake), met the time travelers again in Montreal in 1883 when he traveled their following rumors of the appearance of robotic beings that he feared meant the Cybermen had returned. It was not the Cybermen, but Frederic was able to assist Lady Julia Fraser and the time travelers in thwarting an alien invasion. Frederic again parted ways with the time travelers, but promised to pass on a message from them to the clandestine organization known as Torchwood.

The identity of Frederic's wife is unknown, but there is speculation that he married an adult Eileen who had chosen to return to the 19th Century to be with him.


Lady Julia Fraser

Julia Fraser was the niece of Col. Malcolm Fraser, a veteran of the First Anglo-Afghan War. Julia was raised by her uncle in Ottawa after the death of her parents. She met the time travelers as a teenager in 1867 when her uncle was killed during an encounter with alien technology. The event caused Julia to dedicate her life to investigating aliens and other strange phenomena. She encountered the time travelers again in Montreal in 1883 when she helped them and Sir Frederic Lake thwart an alien invasion.



The lovely young woman known only as Tessa was an operative of the clandestine alien-hunting organization known as Torchwood. She encountered the time travelers while on a mission in the Yukon in 1899. Teresa was apparently at least moderately aware of who the time travelers were, and had actively recruited their assistance when she recognized their TARDIS in the wilderness. Together with Teresa's native guide the group were able to prevent the Cybermen from gaining a toehold on Earth.

Unknown to the time travelers, Tessa was actually Maria Teresa Lake, daughter of Frederic Lake.


Jack Harkness

Captain Jack Harkness was the name used by a former Time Agent and (initially) reluctant operative for Torchwood. Before he had been forcibly recruited by Torchwood, Harkness had briefly traveled with the renegade Time Lord called the Doctor. Harkness encountered the time travelers in Toronto in 1936, responding to a message the travelers themselves would send to Torchwood on one of their future journeys into the past (creating a causal loop temporal paradox). Jack helped the time travelers against the renegade Time Lord called the Weaver and gave them helpful information on how to operate their TARDIS. He declined to join them on their travels, indicating that he had to stay on Earth because he was waiting for someone.



Ems was a student at Centennial High School in Ottawa in 1986. She was present when the time travelers restored the Time Lord called the Professor and accompanied them and the Professor when they went off in pursuit of the Weaver. She returned to 1986 with the Professor and became custodian of his Chameleon Arch when the Time Lord went into hiding again. She was present when the Shadow Hunter first attacked the school and was saved by the time travelers. When the Professor was killed by the Shadow Hunter she gave the Chameleon Arch containing his essence to the time travelers. It was at this point that the travelers learned that Ems' actual name was Melanie Moon, who would become Eileen's mother some fourteen years later. Since learning this Eileen has become determined to find out what happened to her mother after she had left the young Eileen.


Professor Bernice Summerfield

Bernice Summerfield was a time traveling archaeologist originally from the 26th Century. During her travels she sometimes served as a Visiting Professor of Archaeology at Luna University. One of her students at Luna University in the 53rd Century was JD. She met the time travelers when they were investigating a mysterious event from JD's past and again a few years later when the time travelers were able to get the TARDIS to travel back to JD's proper time. She gave the time travelers some advice and pointers on how to use the TARDIS.



See the main page for FAITH.

Historical Figures

Samuel de Champlain

Samuel de Champlain was a French explorer and a founder of Quebec. He met the time travelers during one of his expeditions in 1613. The travelers helped save Champlain from the Silurians, though much of Champlain's memory of this event was erased by the Silurians. The time travelers saw Champlain again in 1633 but did not speak to him.


Joshua Norton, Emperor of America

Joshua Norton was a man living in poverty in San Francisco in the mid-1800s when he decided to proclaim himself the Emperor of the United States of America. The local papers humored him and Emperor Norton I became a local character around San Francisco where he would continue to make proclamations and even started to issue his own currency that was often honored at local establishments. The time travelers met Norton in 1864 and he helped them battle the Cybermen.


Joseph Burr Tyrell

Joseph Tyrell was a Canadian geologist noted for making one of the earliest discoveries of dinosaur fossils in the Alberta Badlands. Tyrell encountered the time travelers, and saw real live dinosaurs, when he and they were transported from 1884 to 65 Million years in the past due to the machinations of the Weaver. The time travelers then helped get Tyrell back to 1884.



Alpha Centauri

Alpha Centauri is the name used by the Alpha Centauran ambassador. Alpha Centaurans are green, hermaphroditic hexapod race known for their diplomatic skills as well as for being hypochondriacs. When Alpha Centuri was assigned to the consulate on The Nexus they often assisted refugees by providing transit to safe star systems. The time travelers met Alpha Centauri when they helped a group of Janus refugees make contact with the ambassador.


The Professor

The Professor was the name used by a renegade Time Lord from the planet Gallifrey. The Professor defied the Time Lord policy of non-interference and used his TARDIS to travel to various planets to help improve primitive species. The Professor would become a teacher, educating members of the world's population in reasoning, philosophy and other intellectual subjects to help bring those populations progress. Apparently the Professor visited Earth at several points in the early history of humanity, and at one point he was a teacher of Socrates. When the Last Great Time War erupted between the Time Lords and the Daleks, the Professor actively avoided the conflict. When it became clear that the Time Lords were conscripting every one of their race and the Daleks were hunting down every Time Lord they could find the Professor realized he could not avoid the war and decided to hide. The Professor traveled to Earth in 1974 and used a Chameleon Arch to transform himself into a human.

Believing himself to be a man named Robert Browning the Professor became an English teacher at Centennial High School in Ottawa. He remained there until 1986 when the time travelers found him and used the Chameleon Arch to turn him back into a Time Lord and restore his memories. The Professor helped the time travelers against another renegade Time Lord, the Weaver, before returning to Earth and using the Chameleon Arch to once again become Robert Browning. Unfortunately the encounter with the time travelers and the Weaver had alerted the Daleks to the presence of a Time Lord on Earth and they dispatched a living weapon called a Shadow Hunter. The Shadow Hunter attacked the school and the Professor was killed while still a human, the creature not even realizing this had been its target. The Professor's TARDIS remained in the abandoned school for over thirty years until it was found by the soon-to-be-time travelers in 2017, while his second Chameleon Arch was taken by the time travelers after his death in 1986.

The essence of the Professor that was contained in the second Chameleon Arch was later used by the time travelers to reanimate their TARDIS after its core had been drained by a Weeping Angel, allowing a part of him to live on.


The Weaver

Another renegade Time Lord encountered by the time travelers was the one known as the Weaver. The Weaver considered himself an artist with his canvas being time itself. The Weaver prided himself on his ability to drastically alter the history of entire worlds without causing any paradoxes, time loops, or other temporal disruptions. When the Time War broke out the Weaver returned to Gallifrey where his skills were soon put to use combatting the Daleks. Though still not trusted, the Weaver was sent with a team of Time Lord Special Operatives on missions to covertly manipulate the timeline of the Daleks to help defeat them. Despite the Weaver's efforts the Daleks eventually learned of this special operations team and sent a strike force to deal with it. The other Time Lords in the team were killed and their TARDIS destroyed; the Weaver only surviving because his skills in temporal manipulation let him hide in a time pocket until the Daleks had left.

The Weaver found himself trapped on Earth at an unknown point in its history. He then spent several centuries attempting to find a means to access the Time Vortex and gain enough power to travel through time again. The Weaver first encountered the time travelers in 1884 when he used a naturally occurring time fissure to travel back in time to the Cretaceous Period. The time travelers were drawn back through the fissure with him and attempted to stop the Weaver from preventing the K-T Extinction event that wiped out the dinosaurs (and drove the native Silurians into hibernation). The Weaver hoped to harness the power that such a disruption to history would cause, but in the end it was the force of the timestream itself that stopped him, causing a spacecraft from the future to impact the Earth in place of the comet that the Weaver had helped the Silurians stop from hitting the planet.

The Weaver used the fissure to travel back to a future point in Earth's history but was still trapped. At some point he found a damaged Osmic Generator, a primitive form of time travel technology that the Weaver was able to use to transport himself forward in time in small bursts of a decade to a century, but this was only a limited measure. Finding himself in the early 20th Century the Weaver, fearful that the Osmic Projector would not last much longer, set out to change Earth's history to accelerate the development of advanced space travel technology so he could use it to escape the planet. The creation of this alternate future attracted the attention of the time travelers, who discovered the Weaver's presence in the past and traveled back to 1936 to stop his changes. In a confrontation with the time travelers and Torchwood agent Jack Harkness the Weaver was shot while trying to escape using the Osmic Projector.

The damaged Osmic Projector sent the mortally wounded Weaver to the early 1970s where he regenerated. Adopting the identity of a man named Sawyer. As Sawyer the Weaver began secretly manipulating a scientist named Kellerman so that Kellerman, with his "assistant" Sawyer, would be recruited by the top secret Canadian government agency called FAITH. Through FAITH the Weaver hoped to gain access to any recovered alien technology and so develop a means to travel into the Time Vortex again. The Weaver got more than he could have hoped for when the time travelers came to FAITH in 1986 looking for help with their TARDIS. With his regenerated body the time travelers did not realize Sawyer was the Weaver and he was able to gain access to their TARDIS. The Weaver was easily able to discover what was wrong with the TARDIS and he stole it from the time travelers.

The Weaver's first efforts with the TARDIS were to reinforce the events that would lead up to his gaining access to and control of the TARDIS in the first place. The time travelers recruited the Professor and used an earlier incarnation of the TARDIS to pursue the Weaver in an effort to get their incarnation of the TARDIS back. Eventually the Weaver learned that Gallifrey had been destroyed in the Time War. Despondent the Weaver allowed the time travelers to take back the TARDIS. He accompanied them for a brief time before giving his life to stop a Weeping Angel from destroying the TARDIS.