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Even in a world where folks can tune in to the evening news to see colorfully-dressed muscular men and women beating each other up, entrepeneur Grant McGill knew their was a market for the good, old-fashioned (and mostly scripted) fights and storylines that were the long-held traditions of professional wrestling. When super heroes made their return to the public eye in the wake of the first appearance of Superman, many pro wrestling organizations folded, unable to compete with the costumed figures that were now fighting for good and evil in the public eye. Grant McGill took advantage of the situation to acquire some of the best wrestling talent out there and launched his Ultimate Wrestling Federation multimedia empire. With top-notch athletic talent, backed by the best behind-the-scenes people in the business, the UWF was a smash hit.

With the rise in the number of metahumans in recent years, the UWF has started a metahuman division where wrestlers with superhuman abilities can compete.


Here is a partial list of the roster of good guys (faces) and bad guys (heels) in the Unlimited Wrestling Federation.