These are the super-heroes that have appeared in the various DC Heroes campaigns.





Government-sponsored hero team.


An all-women hero team based in Southern California


A lost alien stranded in ancient Egypt, now a hero in the present





Arthur Jackson was a prosecutor in Atlanta when he was attacked by a White Supremacist group after having sent several of their members to jail for the murder of a Black family. The group firebombed Arthur's house in revenge, killing Arthur's wife and young son and leaving him severely burned. Exploding glass from the heat of the fire also damaged Arthur's eyes, leaving him blind.

While recovering from his injuries in the hospital Arthur heard an ethereal voice call out to him, a voice he sensed did not belong to a doctor or nurse. The voice asked if he wanted justice for his family, and Arthur replied that he did. The voice promised him the power to get justice for his family, and for other victims of injustice, if he agreed to serve the cause of greater justice. Arthur agreed and suddenly found himself infused with strange powers.

After his release from hospital, Arthur initially thought he had hallucinated the voice and the powers, but soon he realized he possessed strange new senses that pulled him towards events of injustice. The voice had been real, as was the power it promised. Arthur created a costume to disguise his identity and, calling himself Balance, took to the streets of Atlanta seeking justice for those that had been wronged. Criminals soon came to fear this new force that preyed on them. And those who escaped justice in the court of law soon found they would have to answer to the higher court that was Balance.

Arthur continued to work as a prosecutor, despite his blindness. In turn he was offered a position as Assistant District Attorney in Empire City. Arthur relocated to the New England metropolis, and so did his alter ego. Balance mostly operated alone, but he met the heroic Guardians a few times and assisted them during the early days of the Revelations crisis. Trying to identify the individuals who might be the cause of the crisis, Balance set out to investigate Philip Adler. Unfortunately for Balance, Adler does turn out to be one of the forces behind the crisis, and is far more powerful than Balance had anticipated. Unable to stand against the combined power of Adler and his ally, the Antithesis, Balance is captured and killed by the pair.


Balance was an avatar of Justice, though as with most avatars the manifestation of the power was unique to him. Though still blind, Balance compensated with an array of superhuman senses that gave him spatial awareness of his surroundings, and a form of "true sight" that let him see through deceptions and sense the true nature of an individual. This power also included the ability to sense when and where an injustice had occurred near Balance, and a form of postcognition that would show him flashes of the injustice.

In addition to his extra-sensory powers, Balance had telekinetic-like abilities that let him attract or repel objects, allowed him to emulate superhuman strength, to project a protective force field around himself and others, and to fly over short distances.





Captain Danger and his sidekick Danger Boy are official government-sponsored heroes of Australia. Their true identities are classified as a state secret, as are the origins of Captain Danger's powers. They first appeared in public during the surge in government-sponsored super heroes appearing worldwide as a result of the manipulations of the AI OMEGA. Though based mainly out of the capital of Canberra, Captain Danger and Danger Boy have seen action all across all the Australian Territories and occassionally even traveled internationally.

The official government story on the pair is that Captain Danger was a member of the Australian military who was exposed to radiation from a strange object during army maneuvers in the Outback. The exposure granted the soldier superhuman strength and the government decided to use him initially as a covert operative for special missions against extranormal threats to Australia. On one of his missions the soldier was assisted by young teenage boy with a gift for technology who helped disarm a terrorist super-weapon. Seeing a need for an official Australian super-hero the government decided to give the soldier a heroic masked identity. The boy was given special training in combat and physical conditioning and assigned as the new hero's sidekick. The pair were then unveiled to the public as Australia's official super heroes - Captain Danger and Danger Boy!

Notwithstanding the accuracy of the official government story, Captain Danger and Danger Boy have been a continuous presence in Australia fighting crime and dealing with extranormal threats to the nation. They recently teamed up with the New Enforcers of Justice to defend Australia from attacking alien probes during the Imperiex conflict.

There have been occasional rumors that the original Danger Boy has been killed on a mission and the current is a replacement (and a few more that this has happened more than once). However those who have encountered Danger Boy on multiple occassions swear that he is the same teenager as always, and the Australian authorities simply refuse to comment on the subject when it is raised. With the government secrecy around the duo the truth may never be known, though the odds favor it being tabloid fodder with no basis in reality.


Captain Danger possesses superhuman strength and resilience, including the ability to use his super strength to leap over a dozen miles in a single jump. Lending credence to his alleged military background, Captain Danger appears to be well versed in the use of a wide variety of modern and advanced forms of vehicles and weaponry. On several occasions he has also shown an apititude for science and technology.

Danger Boy has a natural affinity with technology, with a nearly instictive ability to understand the operation and function of even advanced and alien technology. In some cases he has exhibited a near pathalogical need to learn how a newly encountered piece of technology operates, usually by taking it apart on the spot. Beyond this Danger Boy has had training in acrobatics, hand-to-hand combat, vehicle operation, and the use of modern and advanced weaponry. Danger Boy has also apparently had training in espionage, including stealth and infilitration as well as observation and detection.

Though Captain Danger can travel great distances with his superhuman leaps, Danger Boy cannot. So the government has provided them an advanced vehicle they call the Danger Mobile. The Danger Mobile appears to be based on a classic Australian Ute, but has been modified with armor plating, advanced sensors, and jet propulsion that can provide a burst of speed or, with the vehicle's deployable wings, enable it to fly as an STOL (Short Take-Off and Landing) aircraft. The Danger Mobile is housed in the duo's secret headquarters, code named the Danger Zone, that is located in or near Canberra.


The first Modern Age super-hero team of Superior City.


Super powered operatives of the Chinese government.


Century-old defender of the oppressed and avatar of freedom.




The Damned are a group of homeless metahuman teens. It is unknown how they originally met, but they had apparently been together for some time when the hero Edgerunner of Justice Inc. in New York City. The kids generally kept to themselves, but would get involved if there were threats to their neighborhood that their powers could deal with. It is believed that at some point in their history the Damned came into conflict with Lucifer's Six.

Some time after their encounter with Edgerunner, the Damned left New York City and headed west, eventually joining the Dark City underground metahuman community.


The members of the damned are:



West coast-based hero team that battles global threats.


Superior City's premiere hero team.





Generation 2000, or Gen 2K for short, was a short-lived hero team based in New York City. The team formed and primarily operated during the period when Justice Inc. had been exiled into deep space by an enemy and were believed dead. The team was formed by Torch, one of the teenage members of the team of young heroes the Justice Subs. The team consisted of Torch, his fellow Subs the siblings Video and Amplifier, and another teenager and former member of Justice Inc., Metalmorph. The team fought crime in the New York City area for a short time, but eventually broke up shortly after Justice Inc. returned from their exile in space. Torch and Metalmorph both joined Justice Inc. for a period of time, and Video and Amplifier retired from their hero identities (temporarily it turns out, both have since returned to action to continue their heroic careers with other super hero teams).


The heroes of Empire City.



The teenage super-heroes of the Superior City Academy.


Professional super-heroes for hire.




New York's newest hero team.


Defending the world from the heart of New York City.



International law enforcement agency specializing in global terrorist and metahuman threats.




The D.E.O.'s special metahuman response squad in Superior City.





Akira Yoshitsune's is a third generation Japanese-American whose paternal grandparents had come to America in the 1930s. After World War II his grandfather started an Asian import business in Superior City, a business his father eventually changed from general imports from Asia to specializing in Japanese merchandise. This move proved fortuitous as the business was able to take advantage of the surge in popularity in America of anime, manga, video games and other aspects of Japanese pop culture. Akira grew up surrounded by these elements and became obsessed with the samurai films. He studied martial arts and kendo, and studied the Bushido code. He also became fascinated by Japanese electronics and spent a lot of time repairing and modding the various game consoles and other gadgets his father's store brought in for sale.

Though he was expected to take over the family business one day, which had now grown to become a chain of popular anime and manga specialty stores across the Pacific Northwest, Akira chose to study electronics after graduating high school. While working on some game consoles Akira was suddenly struck by a power surge caused by a freak bolt of lightning. Recovering, Akira discovered that the surge had somehow turned him into a living electricity generator.

Inspired by the samurai films of his youth, Akira constructed a suit of replica samurai armor and modified a katana sword to be able to channel the electricity he could generate and fire it as a blast of electrical energy. He soon took to the streets of the Oriental District in Superior City to battle crime as the Electric Samurai, using the basement under the family store in Little Tokyo as his base of operations.

The Electric Samurai soon developed a reputation as a crimefighter in the area, typically battling street crime and occasionally crossing paths with the local Yakuza but also facing off against the occasional super villain. After a few years of operating as a hero Akira wound up battling against some members of the high-tech villain team called the Cybernetiks. During the battle the robotic Mainframe badly damaged the Samurai's armor and destroyed his sword. Akira was forced to flee from the battle and the Cybernetiks escaped.

Akira spent the next few weeks building a new suit of armor and sword. This time the armor was also designed to channel his electrical power, and as a side effect Akira found that the armor gave off an electric glow. When Akira resumed his crimefighting with the new equipment he started calling himself the Neon Samurai when he discovered that the glow actually helped camouflage him among the bright lights and displays in Little Tokyo.

The Neon Samurai still mainly operates in the Oriental District, with an emphasis on Little Tokyo, but he did join with the other heroes of Superior City in helping defeat Carnage when the villain took over the city.


The power surge gave Akira the ability to produce large amounts of electricity naturally within his body. Using this power Akira can electrify his touch, dealing a powerful shock to those he makes contact with. He can also channel the electricity into his muscles, allowing him to run faster and jump farther than a normal human.

The Neon Samurai armor is padded and reinforced with bulletproof materials, and is also heavily insulated against electricity. Akira can also channel his own electricity through the armor, letting him use his lightning touch even while wearing the armor. When connected to a supply of electricity (like Akira himself when he wears it) the armor gives off a neon glow. Neon Samurai's katana is made of specially reinforced steel and is also designed to channel Akira's electrical power. When given a source of electricity (again like Akira produces naturally) the sword can deliver a blinding neon flash of light or project a powerful electrical bolt.


Superior City's legacy hero team.


Corporate-sponsored metahuman team.


Canada's official hero team.




Third-generation hero with the powers of the gods.


Lovely and mysterious singer and psychic.



Teenage hackers with a secret.



Drifter, singer, super-hero, and champion of the oppressed.




Coming from a family of long-time Superior City residents, Henry Kirkland was a local history buff. Looking for a job, the young Henry was hired on at Erratic Thought Patterns, a bookstore owned by Joshua Chambers, who was secretly the hero Renegade. What Henry did not know was that Chambers had hired him on the advice of the mystic hero Doctor Fate, whose current incarnation was Joshua's high school friend Hector Hall. Henry continued to work at the bookstore oblivious to the unusual nature of his hiring. His knowledge of local history came in handy when Renegade was trying to unearth some of the secret history of the city (and was surprised to learn that his own employee was an expert).

Unfortunately for Henry, his connection to Chambers caused him to be pulled into a complex plot by the second Death Spider to destroy Renegade. Initially suspecting that Henry was directly involved in the plot, Renegade instead learned he was just a pawn and, more importantly, Renegade also learned that Henry was that he was actually a direct descendant of the original Renegade from the late 19th Century (a fact Henry himself was unaware of). Henry's troubles did not end there, as Death Spider had also deduced Henry's family history and had told Peter Wilde, the patriarch of the Wilde Family who had also been the Black Baron, archnemesis to the original Renegade. For his protection Renegade takes Henry to his ally Cooper MacBride, who had once been the Golden Age Renegade. Peter Wilde is able to locate the pair and attacks, but is fought off and flees.

A short time later Joshua Chambers retired his Renegade identity and handed the role off to Kirkland. Henry began training under Cooper and some of his allies in the New Adventurers and has now taken to the streets of Superior City as the fourth Renegade.


As the new Renegade, Henry has a set of equipment including some from his predecessor as well as some updated versions of the Golden Age Renegade's gear. This includes a pair of pistols equipped with special "trick" ammunition that includes non-lethal rubber bullets, electrified stunning "tazer" rounds, grappling line rounds, rounds that can produce a smoke screen, incendiary rounds, rounds that produce blinding flashes of light, rounds that release a stun gas, explosive rounds, and a variety of others. He wears an armored costume for protection, and a pair of goggles with enhanced thermal and light amplification capabilities. His primary means of transport is a highly customized motorcycle.

Henry has received extensive physical training in acrobatics and martial arts, as well as training in how to use his trick pistols. Henry was already an avid historical researcher and amateur detective, but has received more intensive training in detection, stealth, and other forensic skills to help him in his new crimefighting career.



Team of young heroes chosen by the Source to face cosmos-shaking threats.


A team of teenage girls with powers of the planetary avatars.


Interstellar group of heroes.





Andu Apa Nuraal is from the planet Maltus, the world where the Guardians of the Universe of Oa, founders of the Green Lantern Corps, evolved. Over the ages after the Guardians had departed the planet the Maltusians began to regress, losing their immortality though still being long lived and difficult to kill. As a result while the society began to collapse the population continued to increase. Today Maltus is incredibly overpopulated. Though the Maltusians now appeared more like humans, with a Caucasian-like skin tone, occasionally one will be born that is a throwback to the earlier times, one like Andu Apa Nuraal. Like the Guardians, the blue-skinned Andu was immortal but he did not have the Emerald Energy powers of the Guardians.

Andu became a scientist on Maltus and sought a means to escape the planet, for he had a fear of crowds which on an overpopulated world like Maltus was close to a death sentence. Andu built his travel suit, a marvel of technology that harnessed a quantum black hole to create wormholes. Desperate to get off the planet, Andu donned the suit and activated it before it had been successfully tested. Shifting through random dimensions Andu became fused to the suit. If not for his immortality and resilience the accident would have killed him; instead he has now become dependent on the suit and it cannot be removed without killing him.

Despite what happened, the suit had also succeeded in one matter – Andu was no longer on Maltus. Unfortunately it also turned out that the suit's navigation system was not functional, and the fact that the suit could not be removed also meant that Andu had no means to repair it. All things considered, however, Andu preferred his new circumstances to being trapped on the overcrowded Maltus. He became the ultimate tourist, triggering the suit to send him to a random location across the universe and even across dimensions.

Andu has been traveling in this manner for centuries now and has become known in many parts of the universe as The Traveller. On one recent excursion the Traveller encountered the team of heroes from Earth called Justice Inc., who had been exiled to deep space by one of their enemies. The Traveller was able to assist in the team's escape from a space prison where they were being kept and he helped them set out on the first leg of their long journey back to Earth. After helping Justice Inc. the Traveller activated his suit once again and vanished off to his next destination. As far as is known the Traveller is still continuing his wandering ways today.


As a Maltussian, the Traveler is an immortal, unaging since reaching adulthood. This also includes a resilience that makes him difficult to kill (though sufficient damage to his body will be lethal). His natural mental abilities include limited telekinesis and a form of "cosmic" awareness that allows the Traveler to sense phenomena and events that are of unusual significance. Due to the accident that occurred when he first used the suit, the Traveler has been bonded with his Power Suit and cannot remove it without killing himself.

The Traveler's Power Suit is equipped with flight capability, a force field, and a paralysis ray he can use for defense. The Power Suit's greatest ability is the power of near instantaneous transportation over interstellar distances or to other dimensions. The downside is that the Traveler is unable to use the suit's navigation system to select the destination and is at the mercy of fate to determine where he winds up when activates the transportation powers of the suit.



Misfit team of heroes that operated in Superior City during the early part of the Modern Heroic Age.





Vice is Vanessa Garrett, who works as a records officer for the police in Pacific City. Vanessa had been in the military, but despite proving herself in training she was never given the opportunity to take part in any frontline duty due to being a woman. After leaving the military, Vanessa joined the Pacific City Police Department where once again she was sidelined from more active duties because of her gender. Assigned to a desk job in the records office Vanessa saw case after case where the criminals got away from the police, escaped prosecution on technicalities, or were simply too wealthy or connected to face any real justice.

When the vigilante Manhunter began operating in Pacific City, Vanessa became inspired. Despite the questionable legality of his actions, to Vanessa the Manhunter was getting results. No one was above the Manhunter's attention, from street criminals to the heads of organized crime families and crooked CEOs. Vanessa decided that if she could not see justice done with a badge, she could choose another way. She donned a black wig, a set of colored contact lenses, and a tight dark leather outfit; a far cry from her typical day-to-day appearance of short blond hair, glasses and a pantsuit. As a records officer Vanessa was also able to make some weapons "disappear" from the evidence storage for old cases, and thus equipped she began to go out at night searching for criminals.

Dubbing herself Vice, Vanessa started out patrolling from rooftops in the shadier parts of town. She concentrated on street crime; muggings, drug deals, car theft, and the like. Early on Vice relied on surprise and her military combat skills to deal with the perpetrators. Sometimes she would ambush her targets mid-crime, other times she would follow them in secret and attack them later, depending on the direness of the situation. A mugger or rapist would be sure to get a beat down from Vice immediately, and she would make sure the criminal was in no state to present a further threat to the intended victim. If the victim needed aid she would do what she could quickly and anonymously contact authorities, waiting nearby in secret to make the victim was safe before leaving the scene. Vice was not concerned about evidence, or even if the criminals she stopped were even arrested. From her point of view her actions in stopping the crime would make any prosecution difficult, so she made sure to deal out what punishment she felt the criminal had earned and leave him with a dire warning of more to come if the person continued in their lawless activities.

Vice would make sure to take weapons, drugs, and other tools of crime from her targets; as well as any proceeds from crimes. Stolen money and goods she would find ways to get to the authorities, or if possible and safe she would return to the victims herself. If for whatever reason it would prove impossible to return the criminal gains back to the victims, Vice would launder the goods and give some of the money to charities while keeping the remainder to finance her secret activities. Vice would destroy any drugs and other illicit materials that she confiscated, and would often do the same with weapons unless she thought she could make use of it in the future, and then only if she believed she could use them without risking it threatening her secret identity or if it would be useful enough to be worth the risk.

As time passed Vice was acquiring enough additional funding to improve her equipment, and she was soon patrolling the city on a custom high-speed electric motorcycle wearing an outfit reinforced for additional protection, in addition to some advanced military-grade surveillance equipment and better weapons. With her increased capability Vice began expanding her patrol area and targeting more than street crime. Now she began to work her way through gangs and other criminal organizations, as well as occasional encounters with corporate and government corruption.

Vice's activities inevitably drew the attention of her inspiration, Manhunter. Their first encounter was a cool one with Manhunter chastising Vice for using what he felt was excessive violence when she went after criminals. Vice for her part was taken aback by the criticism but countered that not everyone possesses alien technology and expensive equipment and that Manhunter was being a hypocrite. The two parted ways but would continue to cross paths from time to time. Vice continues her one-woman crusade and, despite what she indicated to Manhunter, has checked some of her violence. She is especially careful to refrain from killing the criminals she tries to stop unless she feels it is absolutely necessary.

The Pacific City Police Department has an official stance of opposition to vigilantes, and there are outstanding warrants against both Vice and Manhunter though no resources actively assigned to try and arrest either. For the moment many of the police have a quiet grudging appreciation for Vice because she seems to be making the streets a little safer. As a records officer in the department Vanessa is also able to see the information from any investigations into Vice's activities and act accordingly to protect her secret identity.


Though she never saw frontline combat, Vanessa still received extensive training from the military in a variety of combat techniques as well as Special Forces, counterterrorism and military intelligence training. She is a black belt in several martial arts and an expert shot with small arms and larger firearms. She is also trained in explosives and is a competent mechanic. She has adapted many of the surveillance, tracking, and tactical skills she has learned to her crime fighting as Vice. From her police training Vanessa also has detective and crime scene investigation skills that she puts to use in her Vice identity. Since starting her vigilante career Vice has been working on upgrading her computer skills.

Vice usually wears a leather body suit that has been reinforced in key areas to provide additional protection against small arms fire and hand-to-hand weapons. She drives a heavily customized electric racing motorcycle. Vice typically carries an automatic pistol and combat knife at all times. She also has a small array of custom-built grenades, mostly non-lethal including stun grenades, flash grenades, and tear gas, knockout gas, and smoke grenades. Vice also carries a variety of surveillance gear, depending on the situation. At minimum she usually has night-vision goggles at hand but also has microphones, bugs, and a variety of electronic communication taps at her disposal.




Victory is the codename used for the primary public metahuman agent of the French government's General Directorate for Superhuman Activities (French: Direction générale des activités super-humaines, DGAS), which is colloquially known as the Treizième Bureau. The Victory codename was selected by the French government as a tribute to the World War II resistance hero of the same name. The DGAS was one of the state-level metahuman agencies set up due to the influence of OMEGA, but it has remained in place despite this having been discovered (though not without some reorganization in the senior ranks).

The true identity of the current Victory is a government secret, ostensibly to protect his family and loved ones from any potential reprisals. The official French government statement on the origin of Victory's powers is that he was a soldier who fought against the Dominator-led Invasion of Earth whose metahuman powers were activated by the Gene Bomb, but there are persistent rumors that he was actually the result of military experiments or that his powers come from his costume and that the hero is actually several different agents who take turns wearing the outfit.

Whoever he may really be, Victory is a public super-hero in France. He operates primarily in Paris and is often seen patrolling the skies over the City of Lights, but has dealt with threats all over the country and internationally. His status as an agent of the DGAS gives Victory law enforcement powers that extend from the local up through the federal level.


Victory appears to possess a variation on a common metahuman power set – namely he seems to have superhuman strength, be highly resistance to physical injury, move with bursts of superhuman speed, and can fly at subsonic speeds.




Timothy "Timmy" Pryce is a powerful teenage psychic with the apparent ability to bring fictional characters to life, or at least to manifest physical creations that appear to be fictional characters brought to life. Timmy's first public use of his powers was when he was apparently manipulated or convinced by the bizarre being known as the Cockroach to manifest several characters from Saturday morning cartoons that the Cockroach then used to cause havoc around New York City. The Cockroach was confronted by members of Justice Inc. and was thwarted when the hero Mindblade located Timmy and convinced him to send his creations away.

Timmy is on the autism spectrum and spent much of his childhood without any friends, instead finding comfort in television programs. His powers apparently developed naturally, however give more recent revelations of the possible nature and capacity of the powers of the Cockroach it is also possible that he was somehow responsible for Timmy developing his powers.

Justice Inc. looked at ways to help Timothy after their encounter with the young boy. Eventually they arranged for Timmy to be sent to the Parapsychological Studies Institute (P.S.I.) in Chicago. The scientists there studied Timmy and his abilities, and started to train him on how to control his powerful abilities. It was during Timmy's time at P.S.I. that he found himself summoned by Gaea to be one of the Seven Thunders. He and the other Thunders helped stop a threat to Earth and he stayed with them through the end of the Revelations crisis.

Timmy returned to the institute in Chicago and continued to work with the scientists there for a short time, but he soon began to feel that they were more interested in learning how his powers worked than helping him learn to use them. Timmy contacted Mindblade, who arranged for him to come back to New York City. This turned out to be a lucky break, as less than a year after Timmy left the institute the New Enforcers of Justice uncovered that P.S.I. had been engaged in several criminal enterprises, not the least of which was finding ways to exploit, and in some cases experiment on, individuals with psychic abilities. Based on the records recovered by authorities, the only thing that had kept Timothy safe from becoming a victim was his connection to Mindblade and Justice Inc. and the leadership at P.S.I. not wanting to attract the attention of a super hero team.

Timmy was initially called the Vidiot by Quiksilver of Justice Inc. after their encounter with the young psychic, but he adopted the codename Vid Kid when he became one of the Seven Thunders. Timmy is presently living with his parents in New York City, but Mindblade is actively seeking a place where the young psychic can continue to learn to master his abilities and put them to use.


Though generally considered to be a psychic power, Timmy's abilities more closely resemble the idea of a Tulpa from Buddhist mysticism or the parapsychological concept of a Thoughtform. By concentrating Vid Kid can bring a fictional character into reality. The character manifests physically and appears just as they do in the source material. All evidence indicates that these "constructs" possess all the knowledge, skills and any powers they are known to have according to the "canon" of the media they came from. The manifested characters also appear to be sentient, but their behavior will be consistent to how they act in the source material. However Vid Kid can also exert a degree of control over them, and psychic powers (like telepathy, mind reading, or other mind effecting abilities) do not appear to affect them; though if the character canonically possesses psychic powers those appear to function with no problems. Vid Kid can also "banish" a manifested character, causing the construct to disappear; and if he manifests a character he has invoked on a previous occasion that construct seems to retain memories of what happened to it the last time it was summoned.

No upper limit has been observed to the number of characters Vid Kid can have manifested at one time. There also has been no upper limit found to how long a character remains manifested. As noted, Vid Kid does not need to maintain concentration to keep the constructs around. In every situation where Timothy has summoned a construct he has also voluntarily banished it. Initially, the primary limitation on the constructs seemed to be that Vid Kid must have detailed knowledge of the character in order to bring it into being. Due to Timothy's autism he had intimate knowledge of the characters in the cartoons he watched religiously and these were what he would usually manifest. Some examples include the cartoon animal super heroes of Captain Carrot and the Amazing Zoo Crew, and a giant robot called Decimaxx. After the training he received at P.S.I., Vid Kid now seems to have the ability to summon fictional characters from popular culture even if he is not as familiar with them. He seemingly does this by psychically tapping into the collective unconscious of people nearby. As long as there is a critical mass of people in the vicinity of Vid Kid that are very familiar with the character in question he can summon a construct of that character.


Late hero team from Philadelphia, whose members were murdered by Death Spider.





Metahuman martial artist and defender of Superior City's Chinatown.




Yin & Yang are a pair of masked metahuman heroes that operate in the Chinatown section of Superior City. The two appear to be twins, a sister and brother of Chinese descent, and are presumably Chinatown residents though their actual identies are not known. The pair have named themselves after the Yin-Yang concept of duality from Ancient Chinese philosophy and have super powers that seem to match those two aspects.

Yin and Yang have been operating in Chinatown for a few years now and have generally kept to that area. They did, however, take part in the gathering of heroes that opposed the villain Carnage and his attack on Superior City. With the departure of Yellow Flame from the city, Yin & Yang have become the most prominent heroes of Superior's Chinatown.


The sister, Yin, can fly and can cast an aura of chilling darkness over an area; while the brother, Yang, can also fly and can project intense light and heat. It is possible that the pair simply took the names Yin and Yang because their powers seemed to align to the concept (Yin being feminine and representing darkness and the Moon, and Yang being the masculine and representing light and the Sun), but it is also possible that their powers are mystical in nature and derive from the actual concept. As their origins are still a mystery the source of their powers remains unknown.

Yin & Yang are both high trained martial artists.


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