The Angels are an all-female hero team based in southern California. The group first formed when Silver Vixen sought out help in locating her missing comrade, Arachnia. Silver Vixen had trained Arachnia as a secret agent for the Central Bureau of Investigation, but the novice agent vanished on her first mission to investigate organized crime in southern California. When the CBI refused to sanction a search, Silver Vixen decided to launch her own. She originally sought out the help of Arachnia's lover, Renegade, but he became trapped in another dimension before he could join her. With Renegade gone and the rest of his team in disarray she began the search on her own.

When the search for Arachnia led to the criminal organization of the enigmatic Mr. Silver, the Vixen knew she would need some help. She tracked down two allies of Renegade who operated in southern California, Prism and Stiletto, and asked them to help. Together the three were able to rescue Arachnia and break Silver's criminal enterprise. Afterward the three along with Arachnia, now calling herself Tarantula, decided to stay together as a team.

Since the Angels, as the group decided to call themselves, began operating in southern California they have fought a several super criminals. For information on the Angels themselves, see their individual entries.