Centuries ago, in order to protect themselves from the disaster they'd predicted for their society, a group of Central American priests banded together and created several cities that would be hidden by magic. Safe within these cities the priests and their followers preserved their culture after the arrival of explorers from Europe. From time to time the cities would send out scouts to see what was happening in the outside world and bring back knowledge and technology. One of the most recent of these scouts was a priestess. She went to one of the outside world's greatest cities, New York, and gained work as a dancer using the name Dominique Angelica Viltega while she observed.

When Superman summoned the heroes of Earth to combat the threat of Zero Hour, Dominique joined the gathering. While there she was abruptly summoned back to her home city of Temochatzlan. Also caught in the mystic summoning were the members of the hero team Justice Inc. Dominique and the other heroes were able to save Temochatzlan from an attack by chaos demons and she stayed with Justice Inc. for the duration of the Zero Hour crisis. Afterwards Dominique agreed to join the team and adopted the hero identity of Tempest.

Tempest stayed with the team until she was again recalled to Temochatzlan, this time it was because the hidden cities were at war with each other. Eventually the wars end when the cities realize they had been manipulated into fighting by the demon Neron, but not after much damage had been done. Tempest chose to stay and help rebuild the cities. The truce did not last, though. During the Final Night the cities begin to argue over the meaning of the event. The arguments threaten to break into open warfare when the Lords of Order and Chaos return to the Earth plane to do battle with each other and drag the cities with them.

It was in this atmosphere that Tempest was sent out as champion of Temochatzlan to do battle with their rival city Ahacuitl's champion. As she made her way to America to join in the Order-Chaos battles, Tempest received a vision. The message of the vision was not entirely clear, but Tempest came to understand that something more important than the ever-present struggle between Order and Chaos was happening. Unable to rely on the squabbling priests of her city Tempest turned to her former teammates in Justice Inc.

Tempest rejoined Justice Inc. just prior to the onset of the Revelations crisis. She served admirably throughout the entire crisis, eventually sacrificing her life to save ArcAngel from the valkyrie Gudra during the Battle of Armageddon.

Powers and Abilities:

Tempest was a priestess of Quetzacoatl, one of the supreme Central American deities and a powerful sky god. She possessed many mystic powers including the ability to fly, generate fog, fire blasts of lightning, manipulate air currents, and even manipulate weather.

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