Untold Tales

As the 23rd Century looms, historians are looking back at how the last two centuries have transformed humanity from a species trapped on their homeworld of Earth on a path to self-destruction to being at the center of conceivably the greatest achievement in interstellar politics the galaxy has ever seen. There is perhaps no greater single event representative of humanity's emergence onto the galactic stage than the Earth-Romulan War.

Even now, many years after the treaty that ended the war, the motives behind the Romulan decision to go to war with Earth remain as mysterious and evasive as the Romulans themselves. What we do know is that, despite being a relative latecomer to the interstellar community, Earth not only resisted one of the most feared powers in the region but were able to rally and defeat that enemy. It would be a feat that would unify the other interstellar powers in a way that once seemed impossible and paved the way for the United Federation of Planets to be born.

The broad strokes of the conflict are well-known, especially the actions of the NX class of starships, the pride of the United Earth Starfleet, but these only tell part of the story. With the recent declassification of many records from the War more details are emerging. Here we will focus on one of many stories of heroic deeds and noble sacrifice that played a part in this historic War, the missions of the Earth starship Pathfinder.

Presented in the format of the computer records of the time this account includes, for the context of the reader, a summary of the relevant history of the United Earth and its space forces as well as the mission logs, crew information, and technical specifications of the Freedom class starship NX-316 Pathfinder from its service during the Romulan War. Use the navigation buttons to view each relevant section.

  • History: A review of the history of Earth for the 21st and 22nd Century as well as the evolution of humanity's space travel capabilities during this period leading up to the Earth-Romulan War.
  • Technology: The engineering specifications of the Pathfinder.
  • Crew Roster: Details on the senior officers and other members of the Pathfinder's crew.
  • Mission Logs: The recently declassified logs of the Pathfinder's actions during the War.