Star Trek - The Roleplaying Game

This page covers two campaigns I ran from 1991 to around 1995 using FASA'a Star Trek Role-Playing Game. The first game was set in the Next Generation time period, beginning in what would have been the 5th season of ST:TNG, and concerned the Starship Excalibur. Of course, rabid Trekkies know that Peter David's New Frontier novels also use the Excalibur. Well, my campaign ended well before the novels came out, but I have amended the entries in the Excalibur's logs that are posted here to include continuity from the New Frontier books. The second campaign was set during the Classic Trek period, specifically in the period near the end of the original series and prior to Star Trek: The Motion Picture.

As the campaigns went on I made some changes to the rules, mostly adapting some elements from the Space Master game system as well as revising the character creation system. I'll be posting those rules if I can get them into a readable format. In the meantime enjoy the stories of the intrepid crews of the USS Excalibur and the USS Yamato.


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