Solitaire is the latest incarnation of an immortal sorceress whose true age is unknown even to Solitaire herself. All that is known is that some time in the distant past this sorceress found a way to make her sprit immortal. Whenever she is killed, her spirit is reborn in a new body, with all her memories and powers. At some point in the past the sorceress battled and defeated the demon goddess Aranaea, who vowed revenge. When the time came for the sorceress' most recent reincarnation, Aranaea took her revenge. Using an time-meddling efforts of her then lover, the psychopathic Death Spider, Aranaea hijacked the sorceress' spirit and forced it to incarnate itself in the body of an infant cloned from Katherine Robbins, the hero Arachnia. Aranaea hoped to be able to slay the newborn and take the sorceress' power for her own, but was prevented from doing so when Death Spider's plan was thwarted by members of the Enforcers of Justice. The child lived, unlike in previous incarnations, this time she did not remember her past. Kaitlin, unaware of her own potential, had a normal childhood until agents of the Black Moon Society tracked her down and murdered her family. The Society had sensed the presence of a powerful magician and had traced the power to Kaitlin. Luckily she a coven of benevolent witches had also sensed her power and saved her from the Black Moon's agents.

Kaitlin was raised by the coven and was taught to harness her power. Years later, as an adult, Kaitlin was tracked down by the hero Zodiak, who had been searching for the clone of Arachnia he believed had survived Death Spider's plot. Kaitlin felt drawn to the magically-powered hero and joined his team of mystic heroes called the Arcane. At Zodiak's urging she took the code-name Solitaire. She helped Zodiak understand his new role as a wielder of Atlantean magic, and the two became lovers. As she spent more time with Zodiak and the rest of the Arcane her memories slowly began to return. She has hinted at a possible relationship between herself and the hero ArcAngel, who has recently learned that she is the current incarnation of a magical force connected to an ancient bloodline. This would indicate that Solitaire is either also a member of that bloodline (which would mean Arachnia is as well), or she remembers a previous life where she knew one of the previous incarnations of ArcAngel's magical power.

After the death of Zodiak, Solitaire joined the immortal Atlantean sorceror Arion, who claims he knew her in the past, and several other heroes on a quest to find the Zodiak powers (which had vanished when their host died). They located the power which had bonded to another host and together with this new Zodiak, Solitaire has reformed the Arcane.

Powers and Abilities:

Solitaire appears to be well-trained in the magical arts. She has been seen to project powerful bolts of mystic force and generate shields to counter other magic. She also appears to have the ability to see through illusions. Solitaire possesses a powerful magical crystal which she always has with her. The crystal allows Solitaire to perceive an area hundreds of miles away as if she were actually there and she can even communicate with a person there using some form of telepathy. The crystal can also be used as a divination tool to foresee the future and is capable of detecting mystic energy over vast distances.