Silver Vixen is a native of a parallel Earth in a dimension called the Megaverse. She was an agent for that world's Chinese government, but eventually defected to America and joined the super-hero team called the Vindicators. When the Megaverse Earth was destroyed by Darkseid, Silver Vixen was one of the lucky few to escape when the Guardians were able to evacuate a few thousand people to their Earth.

Seeking a purpose on her new world, Silver Vixen went back to her old profession and offered her services to the Central Bureau of Investigation as a secret agent. One of her early assignments was training Arachnia as an undercover agent. When Arachnia went missing on her first mission and the CBI refused to look for her, Silver Vixen left the Bureau and went looking on her own. With the help of two other heroes she was able to rescue Arachnia from her captors. Afterward the four heroes decided to band together permanently as a hero team based in southern California. Li Ann has made a home for herself in Victory City (near San Diego) and is currently looking for work in her civilian identity while combating crime as Silver Vixen.

Powers and Abilities:

Silver Vixen was given powers by government scientists to be the first of a group of super agents. Already an Olympic-level gymnast, her natural agility was augmented to the peak of human potential. Her stamina was increased as well, with the side-effect being a rapid healing factor. The scientist also augmented her senses, raising her sight, hearing, smell and taste to super-human levels. Finally the scientists implanted retractable, razor-sharp, cybernetic claws into her finger-tips, which she can use as weapons, or to help her climb a variety of different surfaces. On top of this Silver Vixen has received world-class espionage training. She is an expert with a wide range of weaponry, can drive or pilot most vehicles, and is an expert in military tactics and stealth and infiltration techniques.