Scott Wolfe is the only child of an American diplomat, his mother died when he was only a few years old. His father was assigned to the American embassy in Tokyo when Scott was very young so the boy spent most of his youth in Japan. A gifted, natural athlete and talented painter, Scott was also very shy. His father was always busy and Scott was left at their house alone with only the servants and his tutors to keep him company.

One day when he was six Scott decided to run away from home but he hadn't made it very far before being caught by a gang of teenagers who thought it would be fun to beat up the small American boy. Scott was rescued from his attackers when an elderly Japanese man came across the scene. The teenagers tried to attack the old man but before Scott could blink the old man had beaten them all and sent them running.

The old man brought Scott back home where he told the boy's worried father that young children need order and discipline in their lives. He told Scott's father that he operated a very exclusive martial arts dojo and that he would be willing to take young Scott on as a student. Scott's father was at first reluctant, but some people at the American embassy vouched for the old man and so young Scott was sent off to the dojo.

At first reluctant, Scott soon came to love learning from the old sensei. His natural athleticism made him an excellent student and by the time he turned 11 Scott had earned several black belts. It was then that his sensei revealed an astonishing secret to Scott. The sensei's name was Kana and he was a ninja who had worked for American intelligence during World War II as the Shadow Warrior. Kana felt that Scott was ready to learn the powerful skills of ninjitsu. Promising Sensei he would not tell anyone of his new training Scott spent the next five years learning the skills of a ninja. When Scott turned 16 his father was transferred back to America and Scott went with him.

Back in the U.S. Scott enrolled in an art school to hone his painting skills. While there he met Roy G. Bivolo, a talented painter who was tragically color blind. Scott encountered Bivolo again a few years later on a trip to Central City, after the former had become the second Flash's enemy The Rainbow Raider. Bivolo was implementing a bizarre scheme to give himself normal color vision, he had constructed a device that was stealing the color from the entire city, turning Central City black and white. Scott decided to use his ninja skills to help the Flash defeat Bivolo but when he tried to attack the Raider he was accidentally pulled into the dimensional interface that was draining the color from the city.

The Flash eventually defeated the Rainbow Raider, with some reluctant help from the Golden Age Flash's enemy the Shade (some of the color being drained from Central City was leaking into Keystone City and these "rainbow bursts" were affecting the Shade's powers). Flash destroyed Bivolo's color draining device, not realizing that someone was trapped in the dimensional interface. Scott was thrust into the Shadow Lands, a dimension of darkness. He stumbled around in the darkness, clinging to his sanity for days before he was found by the Shade, who took pity on the young man and led him out of the darkness. Scott's time in the dimensional interface and the Shadow Lands had not left him unaffected. The ordeal had left Scott's hair white and his skin so pale as to be almost white. His time in the Shadow Lands had made him sensitive to bright lights to the point where they caused him great pain. His eyes, though, were sensitive enough to allow him to see clearly in near total darkness and, most shockingly, Scott found that he could teleport by simply by stepping into a shadow and emerging from another shadow anywhere from a few feet to several hundred miles away.

With his life turned upside down by these events, Scott made his way back to Japan to seek his old sensei's assistance. With Kana's help, Scott spent the next several years in intense training until he could control his new abilities and had honed many of his ninja skills to the level of a master. When Scott decided to return to America, Kana presented him with a gift - the jacket Scott wears in battle - and christened him the Shadow Walker. Shortly after returning to America, Shadow Walker was invited by Galahad to join the Enforcers of Justice.

Shadow Walker joined the Enforcers only a few months before the team disbanded. During his brief tenure he participated in the time travel adventure which left Patriot trapped in the 1940s and later battled the Femmes Fatales. A few months after the Zero Hour crisis Shadow Walker was captured by the Golden Age villain Ian Karkull and imprisoned in the Shadow Lands. He remained trapped there for over a year until freed by members of Justice Inc during Final Night. He later teamed up with Justice Inc to again battle the Femmes Fatales. Afterward Scott put Shadow Walker into semi-retirement and was focusing on his painting until he was approached by Omega to join the new Enforcers of Justice.

Powers and Abilities:

Shadow Walker is one of the most talented martial artists in the world. In addition to his raw ability, Scott has also learned many of the skills of the ninja, granting him superhuman reflexes, an innate danger sense that warns him of attack, the ability to deliver powerful blows by focusing his inner energy, knowledge of pressure points on the human body, and the ability to seemingly turn invisible. Shadow Walker's time trapped in the dimensional interface and Shadow Lands gave him the power to teleport through shadows and see in total darkness. Because of his sensitivity to bright light Shadow Walker wears a pair of specially constructed sunglasses to protect his eyes.

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