I've been playing TSR's Marvel Super Heroes RPG for quite a few years (since it was first published, come to think of it). I've run a few games, and played in a few, but my all-time favorites are the two listed below. Thanks to all the Cavaliers who helped get these pages together by contributing the write-ups for their characters. And extra-special thanks to the Mighty Mistah J who let us mere mortals play in his worlds from time to time.

It began in the early 1990s when a group of college friends started a Marvel Super Heroes campaign that became known as Dark Force. Though the game lasted less than a year, it would spawn a sequel campaign some time later. This campaign concerned a team of young heroes banded together to combat evil and to party (the order varies). This team was called The Cavaliers.

As time went by, the players went their separate ways, but the the campaign remains a favorite of all involved. The GM continued to run campaigns set in his corner of the Marvel Universe, and eventually spun the characters he and the players had created into their own universe, separate and distinct from the mainstream Marvel-verse. These were combined with the characters from a DC Heroes game he had run called The Sentinels and these combined worlds formed the basis for what he called Paradigm.

No RPG-specific stuff here, just the art and writeups for the characters from the two games, arranged all semi-OHTMU style.