Stardate 46095.7

En route to rendezvous with Nebula Class USS Okinawa for transfers, Excalibur is diverted to investigate the loss of communication with several vessels and colonies in the Gamma Hydra sector. The investigation reveals that the vessels and colonies have been destroyed, apparently by the Romulans.

Meanwhile the Okinawa, on a similar assignment in a nearby sector, discovers the remains of a Romulan Warbird in orbit around one of the destroyed colonies. While an away team investigates the ruins of the colony, the Okinawa is attacked by an unknown vessel, able to appear and disappear at will. The Okinawa is destroyed; the only survivor is Commander Seth who escapes in a lifeboat. On the surface, the away team is ambushed by a team from the unknown vessel. The entire team is killed except for Lt. Commander DeVries and Lieutenant Thairgone, who are captured and brought up to the unknown vessel.

The ship turns out to be Kzinti; their vessel is able to access a strange subspace realm via transwarp conduits, within which they have constructed a huge base station. Using the subspace realm the Kzinti have been attacking border outposts and patrol vessels of the Federation, Romulans, Klingons, and Gorn, and making the attacks appear to be the responsibility of other races in an attempt to provoke a war between the powers.

The Excalibur arrives to investigate the destruction of the Okinawa. They are attacked by two Kzinti strike cruisers. Excalibur destroys the vessels and discovers the subspace realm they have been using and begin working on a way to access it. Meanwhile, on the Kzinti base station, Lt. Cmdr. DeVries and Lt. Thairgone escape, with the help of two Romulan prisoners, Fleet Commander Paratus and Centurion Juris, the only survivors from the destroyed Warbird. They also rescue Commander Seth, whose lifeboat had been caught in one of the transwarp conduits. Returning to the Excalibur, an away team is readied to try and sabotage the Kzinti base station.

The away team, led by Commander Seth and accompanied by Centurion Juris, succeeds in rescuing the remaining prisoners and in destroying the base's reactor. The resulting explosion disrupts the subspace realm and scatters the Kzinti fleet across the Galaxy. Commander Seth joins the Excalibur as First Officer and Lt. Commander DeVries and Lieutenant Thairgone rejoin as Operations and Tactical respectively.


Stardate 46284.5

While exploring sector 50215, the Excalibur comes upon the core of the Tche-Koan and Unoan Empires, two space-faring powers who destroyed each other millennia ago. Excalibur is also investigating the disappearance of the USS Charlemagne in this area. Nearing what was apparently the Unoan homeworld, Excalibur encounters a gravitic anomaly that turns out to be an incredibly dense asteroid. Analyzing a segment of the asteroid, Chief Engineer Wilkerson discovers that the meteor is the remains of the Charlemagne, condensed to a mere fraction of its original volume by an immense gravitic force.

While nearing the Unoan homeworld, the Excalibur encounters several still-active planetary defenses, including attack satellites that fire powerful pressor beams to crush the ship. Escaping the defenses, Excalibur beams an away team down to the surface of the planet. Making their way through the ruins of the Unoan capital, they discover evidence of a pitched battle except that there are only bodies of Unoans, no remains of Tche-Koan soldiers.

In fact, archaeologists have never found any Tche-Koan remains on any of the excavated worlds. In the central building of the capital, the away team finds a sealed room at which the Unoans apparently made a last stand. Breaching the seal, the away team discovers an Unoan doomsday weapon. The weapon was designed to destabilize any Tche-Koan DNA. Apparently the Tche-Koans had overrun the Unoans and slaughtered them almost to the last man. The last Unoans sealed themselves in this room and activated the weapon, which annihilated the entire Tche-Koan race. The remaining Unoans then committed ritual suicide. The ruins of the capital are underwater during high tide and as the tide comes in, water pours into the now unsealed control room. The seawater leaks into the main reactor and begins a chain reaction. The away team escapes seconds before the reactor explodes and destroys the city.


Stardate 46310.2

Continuing its exploration along the galactic rim, Excalibur detects a small object paralleling its course. It does not respond to hails and, on the advice of Chief Engineer Wilkerson, Excalibur checks Starfleet records for information. They discover that six other vessels reported similar encounters and that the encounters resulted in the disappearance of the vessels' entire crew and in two cases the disappearance of the ship itself (the encounters were recorded on the ships' emergency buoys which were found).

Keeping a safe distance, Excalibur makes several attempts to establish contact but are unsuccessful until sensors indicate that the object is merely a three-dimensional projection of a four-dimensional object. Using the warp engines to project the Excalibur into a higher subspace realm, the crew discovers a huge crystalline vessel, inside of which is an oxygen environment as well as the two missing ships. An away team makes its way into the interior of the crystalline vessel and in a large chamber, they discover the missing crews, held in stasis for the decades they had been missing.

Communication is established with the crew of the alien vessel when the aliens build themselves crystalline bodies based on Lt.Cmdr. Wilkerson's DNA. It turns out that the kidnapping of the vessel crews and the disappearance of the vessels had been accidental when the aliens were attempting to communicate. The ships' crews are released from stasis and formal relations are begun with the aliens.


Stardate 46459.8

Summoned to Starbase 89 by a code 27 transmission (diplomatic emergency), Excalibur is then dispatched to Beta Volantis to mediate a dispute between the Osirans (cf. USS Excalibur Log 7) and other colonists on the planet. The Federation had given the planet to the Osirans but the other colonists, who were there without the knowledge of the Federation, had staked a claim to the world. The Osirans were willing to share the planet but the colonists refused and some began terrorist attacks against the Osirans. One of these attacks occurs while a diplomatic away team consisting of Captain Briggan, Lt Cmdr Wilkerson, Lt Thairgone, and Lt Athera are on the surface.

The away team accompanies a squad of Starfleet Marines on an assault on the terrorist's headquarters. A stray phaser shot detonates the base reactor just as the away team is beaming out and they are apparently killed in the explosion.

In reality, the away team had been transported to a parallel dimension, the "Mirror Universe" first encountered by Constitution Class USS Enterprise (NCC-1701) in 2271. The away team meets Spock of Vulcan of this universe, a former Imperial Admiral who now leads a rebel fleet against the Empire.

With the help of Admiral Spock and Commander Data (also a member of the rebellion) the away team discovers a way back to their dimension. However, the only equipment capable of sending them back is on an Imperial Science Station. They also discover that, by examining data on the away team's arrival, the Empire is planning to invade our dimension. Deciding that the threat of invasion supersedes any Prime Directive considerations, Captain Briggan orders Chief Engineer Wilkerson and Lt Thairgone to upgrade some of Spock's rebel ships (it turns out that the Empire's level of technology is several decades behind our own).

In a pitched battle with a fleet of Imperial ships, Spock's forces capture the Science Station. The away team is returned to their dimension and Spock's forces destroy the satellite and all information the Empire has on how to cross dimensions.

An interesting note from the mirror universe was the presence of the android Lore as Operations Manager on the mirror ISS Enterprise NCC-1701-D, a position held by Dr. Soong's other android, Data, in this universe.


Stardate 46510.2

The Excalibur arrives at Deep Space 9 to pick up crew replacements before beginning a survey mission in the Gamma Quadrant. Among the new crewmembers are the new Operations Manager, Lt. Commander Dar Jak Grel, a Trill, and the new Tactical Officer, Lt. Erica Murphy. Captain Briggan permits shore leave on the station and on nearby Bajor. Chief Engineer Wilkerson and Grel are nearly killed when one of the docking pylons ruptures, apparently due to structural failure. Ambassador Class USS Alaska arrives at DS9 a week ahead of schedule, creating tensions with the Cardassians, who are worried at having two Federation capital ships so close to Cardassian space.

On DS9, lt. Smythe of the Alaska is killed when a railing breaks and he falls from an upper level of the Promenade. Chief Engineer Wilkerson recognizes Smythe as a POW from the same camp that he was in during the war. Captain Briggan follows a suspicious looking Cardassian merchant into a side corridor. He loses sight of him for a few minutes, then comes across his body. The Cardassian has been murdered.

Three Cardassian Galor Class cruisers cross the border and head for DS9. Admiral Taylor of Starfleet orders DS9, the Excalibur, and the Alaska to cooperate with the Cardassians, who wish to 'participate' in the murder investigation. The Cardassians claim to be protecting their interests, give the presence of the Federation ships docked at DS9.

An autopsy of the Cardassian reveals that he was killed by a point-blank phaser shot on stun. The phaser emission pattern is traced to a phaser from the Excalibur, and the id code says it was last used by Commander Seth.


Stardate 46513.6

Commander Seth is removed from active duty pending the outcome of the investigation. Adopting civilian garb, he 'misplaces' his communicator and, assisted by Commander Sarah Peterson, the First Officer of the Alaska, he begins his own investigation. While in Quark's, a section of ceiling comes loose and nearly kills Seth.

Meanwhile, on the Excalibur, a power coupling nearly ruptures. It turns out to be sabotage, the result of a low-level resonance beam that weakened the structure of the coupling. This also turns out to be the cause of the "accidents" on DS9. An examination of the Excalibur's computer logs show that they have been tampered with. Matters become more complicated when the Cardassian vessels arrive commanded by Gul Deran, a former POW commander who was in charge of the camp where Commander Seth and Lt. Cmdr. Wilkerson were imprisoned during the Cardassian War.

On DS9, the number of incidents increases. Lieutenant Commander Wilkerson is nearly killed by a booby-trapped phaser and Rom is almost crushed by a bulkhead door that closes on him. It is suspected that this happened because Commander Seth hid his communicator in Rom's Dabo bag. Wilkerson suspects that Gul Deran's presence on the station is no mere coincidence and begins checking on the status of other former- POW's who had escaped Deran's camp with Seth and himself. It turns out that several of them have been killed in 'accidents'. Wilkerson locates two other former POW's from the camp on DS9. He finds one in time to save him from another accident. Wilkerson then goes to find the other, a lt. Hawkes.

Meanwhile, Seth is attacked in a holosuite but is saved, by a Cardassian trooper. Seth follows the Cardassian and meets up with Wilkerson. They reach Hawkes' quarters and overhear a conversation between him and the Cardassian. It turns out that of all the POWs who escaped from the camp, Hawkes was the only one recaptured. He was turned by Gul Deran and began acting as Deran's spy in among the other prisoners. When the war ended, Hawkes continued to spy for Deran. However, he still harbored a grudge against the escapees, who he felt had abandoned him, and began using his technical expertise to set up the accidents. When Deran learned of this is he came to DS9 to tell Hawkes to stop before he is found out. Security Chief Odo is called in and Hawkes is arrested. Deran is sent back to Cardassia in shame and Seth is cleared of the charges.


Stardate 46521.8

The Excalibur is conducting a survey in the Gamma Quadrant when they come across the wreckage of Oberth Class Vulcan Science Vessel Sekar. All aboard have been killed, some by bladed weapons, and have had their hearts removed. Evidence points to an attack by the Rebahnians (cf. USS Excalibur Log 7). Based on salvaged information from the Sekar's computer core, the Rebahnians are apparently searching for the M'Kroen crystal, a legendary object which supposedly granted the owner unlimited power.

Q'te appears, with her powers restored. She informs the crew that they must stop the Rebahnians from finding the crystal. She then sets out to make a nuisance of herself.

Following the Rebahnian's trail leads to a nebula-like structure that sensors cannot penetrate. Captain Briggan and Lt. Commander Winters take a shuttle into the nebula and encounter severe spatial disturbances and ion storms, resembling a hurricane in space. Finding a safe route through, they find an artificial solar system at the center of the nebula. In the middle of the system are four G-type stars held in stable position by powerful tractor beams emanating from an artificial world between them. The shuttle returns to the Excalibur and Captain Briggan orders the ship in.

Investigating one of the four other planets in the system, they discover cities and "wilderness", both well maintained by robotic drones, but no native inhabitants. Investigating the artificial world at the center of the suns, the Excalibur finds the Rebahnian ship already in orbit. The Rebahnians, whose weaponry is more than a match for Excalibur, prepare to attack. Realizing that the Rebahnians already have an way team on the world below who are nearing discovery of the crystal, Captain Briggan orders an extremely risky maneuver: a micro-warp jump in an attempt to catch the Rebahnian ship in their subspace wake. The warp file, however, destabilizes the systems causing the four stars to begin to collapse into each other, creating a huge neutron star centered on the artificial world. The Excalibur escapes by executing a light-speed breakaway maneuver to get away from the expanding gravity well. The Rebahnian ship is destroyed by the gravitational tidal forces. The Excalibur is hurled several hundred parsecs in a matter of minutes, and Lt. Cmdr. Grel manages to decelerate the ship before the SIF collapses. The crew also discovers that they have traveled back in time almost two months. This gives them time to complete repairs and return to the wormhole at a reasonable pace.

Captain's Notes: Commendations for Lt. Commanders Grel, Wilkerson, and Winters.


Stardate 46571.1

The Excalibur is called to Gamma Eridan to prevent a planetary fragment from colliding with the planet. Sensor scans of the fragment indicate a marginal Class M atmosphere and evidence of ruins on the surface. Unable to transport down to the surface due to unusual energy emissions from the fragment, an Away Team is sent down via shuttlepod. They begin examining the ruins but the fragment is tectonically unstable and the Away Team barely makes it off the surface before the fragment explodes. However, an energy pulse disables the shuttlepod just as debris from the fragment approaches it. Before the Away Team can be beamed off of the shuttlepod, the pod vanishes, only to reappear a fraction of a second later in the path of a piece of debris. The pod is destroyed, but the away team is safely beamed aboard at the last minute.

The Away Team reports that the pod had somehow been sent almost four hours into the future where they had witnessed the destruction of the Excalibur and the planet as a result of an explosion originating at a geothermal research complex on Gamma Eridan's surface. Then the shuttlepod returned to its proper time and was destroyed by debris. Captain Briggan and Lt. Murphy beam down to the research station, which taps directly into the core of the planet to generate geothermal power. They can find nothing wrong on the station to indicate the impending disaster.

Meanwhile, as the Excalibur prepares to evacuate as many people as they can from the planet, the ship begins suffering several system failures, most notably sensors and communications. An investigation reveals that the Away team from the planetary fragment was carrying a virus they had contracted, which had been mutated by the biofilters on the transporter and was now infecting any ship system the infected people came into contact with. The science station begins suffering similar malfunctions, since lt. Murphy had carried the virus with her to the station.

The Excalibur fixes the problem by quarantining the infected personal, performing a shipwide system shutdown, and purging the virus from all infected systems. The science station is unable to do this without shutting down the geothermal tap first; otherwise the tap would rupture and tear the planet apart. However, they must purge the virus from their system before the tap malfunctions and the same disaster occurs. The Excalibur manages to safely shut down the geothermal tap by using ship's phasers to generate a small earth tremor, which causes the tap's redundant failsafes to shut it down. The science station then shuts down their systems and purges the virus. The virus is removed from the infected crewmembers by reprogramming the transporter biofilter to filter it out.


Stardate 46590.3

The Excalibur is transporting a rare drug, tri-metazine, to Sparta IV to help combat a plague on that world. The drug has a very complex molecular structure and cannot be effectively replicated. En route the Sparta, the ship is rocked by an explosion in the cargo bay where the drug is stored. An analysis shows that the explosion was the result of an atomic fission reaction. Examining the tri-metazine, the crew discovers that it was actually replicated matter, but at an unheard of precision level. The replicated matter, however, is unstable and the strong nuclear force breaks down, causing some of the atoms to spontaneously fission. This caused the chain reaction in the cargo bay that was responsible for the explosion.

Realizing not only the devastating impact of a device able to duplicate "unreplicatable" items, but also the lethal side effects of these replicated objects, Starfleet orders the Excalibur to locate this super-replicator. Tracing the Tri-Metazine back to a world in the Triangle, and after a minor altercation with some Nausicaans, the Excalibur gets in contact with a Cygnian merchant named Veyna. Veyna, understanding the danger this replicator represents, tells the crew that it is owned by a DaiMon Katraan, a Ferengi. Lt. Cmdr. Grel is able to learn that Katraan recently sold some dilithium to the Imperial Klingon States, at a price well below its market value.

The Excalibur heads for the IKS border and catches up with DaiMon Katraan and his ship. Captain Briggan orders the DaiMon to turn over the replicator but Katraan calls his bluff, knowing that Starfleet has no jurisdiction in the Triangle. Just then two IKS K'Vort Class battle cruisers decloak and open fire on the Ferengi ship. It appears that the dilithium Katraan sold the IKS was unstable and two IKS vessels were destroyed, with all hands. His shields collapsing, DaiMon Katraan calls the Excalibur for help, to which Captain Briggan responds that he regrettably has no jurisdiction in the Triangle. The Klingons destroy the Ferengi ship, including DaiMon Katraan and his "super-replicator".


Stardate 46614.2

A group from the Excalibur is ordered to take part in the test voyage of the prototype time ship USS Chronos. Also present is Dr. Paul Manheim and 22nd century time traveler Berlignhoff Rasmussen. The voyage is a success and the ship, equipped with a rudimentary cloaking device, observes some of the final skirmishes between the Andorian Empire and the last vestiges of the Vegan Tyranny.

After they return to the present, Rasmussen evades his security escort and tries to steal the Chronos. Commander Seth and Lt. Murphy beam over to join Lt. Cmdrs Grel, Winters, and Wilkerson, who were still aboard the Chronos. Rasmussen manages to gain control of the bridge and engages the time drive, without the safety interlocks in place. The drive malfunctions and places the Chronos out of synch with time, with different sections of the ship intersecting with different parts of space-time (including Pre-historic Earth, Nazi Germany, ancient Vulcan, Camp Khitomer c. 2296, and Constitution Class USS Yamato c. 2271). Using tricorders as direction finders, the group makes their way through these timescapes to the Main Bridge, which intersects with 2079 Earth. There they find Rasmussen being pursued by soldiers of that era. They stun the soldiers and Winters and Wilkerson use tricorders to adjust the group's phase level so that they leave 21st Century Earth and enter in phase with the Chronos' bridge. The shut down the time drive and the Chronos returns to normal space-time. However, the incident has destabilized the warp core and it collapses in on itself. The away team and Rasmussen escape by separating the main section (an Oberth Class starship) from the spaceframe containing the time drive.


Stardate 46684.3

The Excalibur is chosen as the site of a diplomatic conference to find a solution to rising aggression in the Triangle by the Imperial Klingon States. En route to rendezvous with the other participants, the crew rescues a damaged shuttlecraft and its sole occupant, Captain Montgomery Scott. At the rendezvous point, the Excalibur brings aboard the Klingon, Ferengi, Nausicaan, and Romulan representatives. The conference opens shakily with little accomplished the first day. Later that evening, a brawl erupts in Ten-Forward between the Nausicaans and the Klingons. The fight is stopped, but not before two of the Federation representatives are injured, forcing Captain Briggan to assume the position of chief negotiator for the UFP.

Paratus, head of the Romulan delegation, warns Captain Briggan that one of his aides may actually be one of the Tal Shiar and may have his own agenda. Juris informs Lt. Murphy that she believes that the fight in Ten-Forward was staged to purposely injure the Federation representatives.

During the second round of negotiations, the Nausicaans and three of the Klingons take control of Main Engineering and attempt to hijack the Excalibur to the Triangle for the IKS. Security takes back Main Engineering, but not before the terrorists have damaged the Warp Drive. The terrorists were unaware of the problems with the Excalibur's warp drive and activate it too quickly. The warp fields go out of synch and ship begins to undergo linear disassociation. Lt Cmdr Wilkerson and Scotty bring the engines back in synch and perform an emergency warp core shutdown. The ship is saved, but now requires a complete warp core overhaul. The Excalibur heads for starbase for repairs and to drop off the different representatives.

LOG 26 - DEUX EX MACHINA (Soft War Prologue)

Stardate 46703.5

While the Excalibur undergoes repairs, which take almost four weeks, at Starbase 256 the command crew (Captain Briggan, Commander Seth, Lt. Commander Grel, Lt. Commander Wilkerson, and Lt. Murphy) are invited to participate in a simulation exercise. The simulation is an 80-year old training program called Operation Armageddon and is being run on a huge holodeck controlled by the Daystrom Positronics System Version Seven (DP-7) computer. The computer is the most advanced in the Federation and a quantum leap over most systems. It has access to the total knowledge of the Federation and limited AI capabilities.

The simulation involves a three-way conflict between the UFP, Klingons, and Romulans and takes place in the year 2286. The crew assumes the roles of the command personnel of the Excelsior Class USS Excalibur. During the simulation, strange things begin to occur. Ira Graves (who had died in 2365 but transferred his mind into the USS Enterprise's computer), whose mind now resided in the DP-7 had taken control of the holodeck. He has been driven insane by the loss of his body and begins toying with the people in the holodeck by forcing them to re-enact portions of various late 20th century films. During one of these, Dr. Laurence Styles, who was on the holodeck as an observer, is killed. This causes a system error in the DP-7, which traces the cause of the error to Graves and erases him. The simulation ends and the crew exits the holodeck, or so they think.

In reality, the computer could not accept that it was responsible for taking a life so it assumed that the death was part of the scenario and tries to continue the simulation from the point where Graves interrupted it. This is not possible so the DP-7 compensates by using current information, continuing the simulation, but during the current time period. The crew cannot tell the difference and believe they have left the holodeck but are in reality caught in a Soft War.

LOG 27 - ROAD TO GLORY (Soft War I)

Stardate 46710.8

Agents of the Imperial Klingon States free Toral, the son of Duras, from a Klingon prison. Using Toral as a figurehead, the IKS recruits many Klingon squadrons still loyal to the Duras family. The Excalibur battles one of these, a squadron of three K'Vort class battle cruisers, that is attacking a Federation colony.

LOG 28 - CHAOS (Soft War II)

Stardate 46735.6

The Gorn Alliance collapses into civil war. The Excalibur rescues Federation hostages from militant Gorn forces on Clanhaven and engages three Gorn Tyrant class cruisers in battle. Meanwhile, Romulan forces begin capturing Gorn worlds on the frontier.


Stardate 46761.2

Romulan activity increases along the border. While patrolling near Galorndon Core, the Excalibur detects an uncharted comet crossing the Neutral Zone, which suddenly accelerates to warp speed. The comet turns out to be a Starfleet shuttlecraft, piloted by Romulan Centurion Juris. Juris informs Captain Briggan that Paratus has stolen the Phoenix, a prototype Warbird capable of firing while cloaked, and intends to turn it over to the Federation.

The Excalibur moves to intercept Paratus and the Phoenix in the Triangle and offer him asylum before the Romulans find and destroy the Phoenix. They reach the Phoenix and Captain Briggan and Lt. Wolfe beam aboard. Paratus warns Capt. Briggan that the Tal Shiar has staged a coup and taken control of the Empire and is preparing to go to war. Before Capt. Briggan and Lt. Wolfe can return to the Excalibur, the Phoenix is attacked by three Warbirds. The Phoenix is destroyed, apparently with Briggan and Wolfe still aboard. The Excalibur is destroyed and Commander Seth is promoted to Captain.

In reality the DP-7, sensing Briggan's "death" in the simulation, beams him off of the holodeck and terminates his involvement in the program. Captain Briggan discovers that while still in control of the computer, Graves had anesthetized all the personnel on the base, as well as on the three starships (the USS Griffon, USS Exeter, and USS Sydney) docked at the base. Graves then beamed all personnel onto the nearby planet. He then took control of the starships and had them tractor the starbase to a remote star system from where he could plan his next move. It was then that the DP-7 purged Graves from the system but it had no way of knowing that there was no one else present, or that the computer was still connected to the starships. Captain Briggan is now free to move around the station but has no computer access so he begins to attempt to deactivate Graves' computer overrides.


Stardate 46785.4

As part of a task force under the command of Commodore Caine Allon, the Excalibur captures a major IKS base in the Triangle. They discover proof of Romulan support of the IKS and information that the Romulans are about to attack the UFP.

LOG 31 - BLITZKRIEG (Soft War V)

Stardate 46792.7

The Romulans cross the Neutral Zone in a powerful offensive, overwhelming the UFP defences. The IKS assassinates Gowron, causing the Empire to fracture and ensuring IKS victory in its war with the Klingons. On board the Excalibur, the command crew begins to notice odd behavior on the part of many of the crew and strange patterns in enemy tactics, as well as battle tactics used by the UFP.

The odd occurrences are due to the fact that Captain Briggan has managed to get limited access to the DP-7. He is unable to affect many things directly but has been able to fill up the computer's memory. With insufficient memory to maintain the simulation at the current level of realism, errors begin to enter. Captain Briggan then becomes aware o f a new threat, when the Federation went to war in the simulation the starships still connected to the DP-7 also believed the UFP was at war and set out for the Romulan Neutral Zone. The Captain knew he had to find some way to contact the people in the simulation. He manages to program the simulation to replay his "death" at random intervals. Lt. Cmdr.Wilkerson begins to suspect that the command crew and himself are still on the holodeck.

LOG 32 - FIRESTORM (Soft War VI/Epilogue)

Stardate 46804.0

Lt. Cmdr. Wilkerson begins testing the limits of the simulation, behavior that the rest of the crew perceives as erratic. Wilkerson is removed from duty, but using his knowledge that they are on a holodeck he escapes custody and ends the simulation by killing the participants, including himself. The computer beams them off the holodeck and terminates the program. Now back on the starbase, and reunited with Captain Briggan, the command crew takes the now repaired Excalibur to intercept the computer-controlled ships that are heading for the Neutral Zone. The Excalibur destroys the ships before they can enter Romulan space and ignite a real war. For their actions, the command crew are awarded the Starfleet Medal of Valor and the Prantares Ribbon -1st Class.


Stardate 46851.3

The Excalibur is assigned to transport delegates to Pacifica for the induction of the planet Okuna (cf. USS Excalibur Log 4) into the Federation. The presence of Betazed Ambassador Lwaxana Troi makes the mission an interesting trip.


Stardate 46893.5

Following an anomalous sensor reading the Excalibur discovers a planet surrounded by a ring of anti-matter. The unusual magnetic field of the planet keeps the anti-matter from reacting with it's atmosphere. Using shields the Excalibur is able to penetrate the anti-matter rings and discovers evidence of a deserted civilization on the planet's surface. An away team discovers that the antimatter is causing high levels of radiation to bombard the planet's surface. They discover that the world's inhabitants have moved their civilization underground. The leaders of the planet ask for the crew's help in getting rid of the anti-matter ring. Chief Engineer Wilkerson is able to devise a way to strip the anti-matter away from the planet's magnetic field using the ship's Bussard Collectors (normally they would draw in hydrogen to replenish the ship's deuterium supply but by reversing the polarity they can be used to draw in anti-hydrogen). Meanwhile the crew discovers that before the ring had driven the populace underground, two of the planet's factions were engaged in a brutal war. While the rings were present, both sides had been stockpiling weapons, including atomic ones, so they could resume the conflict when the anti-matter was gone. Captain Briggan gets Chief Engineer Wilkerson to arrange an accidental spillage of some of the anti-matter when it is drained and destroys the stockpiled weapons.


Stardate 46920.9

Investigating a major subspace disruption, the Excalibur comes across a section of space where space-time has been completely ruptured. The crew tracks the disruption to a white hole, the theoretical opposite of a black hole (which throws out matter and energy instead of pulling it in) that is threatening nearby inhabited systems. The ship is then boarded by a mysterious human who identifies himself as Gary Seven (a human agent of mysterious aliens who was encountered by the USS Enterprise NCC-1701 in the twentieth century). Seven, who somehow is familiar with the all of the members of Excalibur's command crew (except Seth) claims that the white hole has been artificially generated to purposely disrupt space-time. He assists the crew in sealing the subspace rupture and then leaves, but not before hinting that would return soon.


Stardate 46945.2

Commander Seth and Lieutenant Murphy are recruited for a top secret mission by Starfleet Intelligence. Meanwhile the Excalibur, joined by Commodore Robert McCabe, is dispatched to Gorn space to investigate reports that the Romulans are testing a new weapon system near there. There is in fact a new weapon being tested and the reports were a Romulan attempt to lure a Federation starship into a trap where they could use the new weapon on it. However, the Romulan weapons engineer who designed the new weapon has contacted Starfleet Intelligence and indicated he wishes to defect. Seth and Murphy join with Starfleet operative Saavik to smuggle the engineer, Rhian, out of the military research outpost he is based on. When they free him, he informs them he will not leave without his sister Kara, who lives on Romulus. The Starfleet operatives have no option but to take the scientist with them to Romulus and get his sister out as well. On Romulus Seth learns that the scientist and his sister are the children of Khellian, the man who spent two decades posing as a Vulcan historian named Sutekh: Seth's father. The group is caught by the Tal Sh'iar but are freed when Khellian turns on the Romulan government and helps Spock and the Underground save them. Khellian gives his blessing to all his children and hopes that Rhian and Kara will accept Seth for who he is, their younger brother. Khellain joins Spock's underground and Seth, Murphy and Saavik return to Federation space with Rhian and Kara in time to give the Excalibur the information it needs to destroy the new Romulan plasma weapon.

LOG 37 - PAST LIVES -Part 1

Stardate 46971.3

The enigmatic Gary Seven returns and reveals the identity of those responsible for the white hole which nearly destroyed several inhabited worlds (cf. USS Excalibur Log 35). A group of alien agents, like Gary Seven, have gone rogue and are planning to disrupt the timestream and eliminate the Federation. The rogue agents have each gone to different time periods to disrupt key events in the Federation's history. Seven cannot follow them, but he does shield the Excalibur from the temporal disruptions. He tells the command crew that they must go into the past and prevent the rogues from altering the timeline. He knows which time period to send them to because he remembers meeting them in the past. He sends each person to a different era and instructs them how to find his past self, except for Seth. After the others have been sent into the timestream Seven tells Seth that he never met him in the past because the last rogue that must be stopped went to ancient Vulcan. Seven can send Seth after him but has no way of bringing him back. Seth accepts the risk and is sent back in time.

...continued in Past Lives - Part 2