Stardate 45027.94

Captain Robert McCabe assumes command of the USS Excalibur, second of the Tiberius Class upgrades of Ambassador Class vessels. The vessel, under the temporary command of Commander William Riker had just returned from the Klingon/Romulan border where it participated in the successful Federation blockade which eventually led to Gowron's victory in the Klingon Civil War.

Leaving Earth orbit, the Excalibur jumps to Warp but something goes awry. Just as the ship was entering warp, a second vessel came out of warp nearby. The resulting overlap of warp fields trapped the Excalibur in the subspace realm and simultaneously created a second Excalibur that was slightly out of phase with the original. As nature abhors such anomalies, the two vessels were slowly approaching the same phase, at which point the two would attempt to occupy the same time and space. This would obviously result in the destruction of both vessels. Chief Engineer Wilkerson, realizing that they would need an incredible subspace distortion to escape the warp field before the 'collision' occurred successfully created a subspace inversion in the warp core (see Engineering Logs for technical details). The inversion removed them from the warp field but crippled the warp drive, disabled several key systems and sending them several hundred parsecs off their planned course.

The Excalibur was able to reach the Federation mining colony of Delta Vega on impulse power but could not contact anyone on the planet's surface. Also, there was a strange pyramid-like structure in the mountains nearest the largest settlement. Investigating, it was discovered that lt.cmdr Gary Mitchel of the USS Enterprise (NCC-1701), listed as killed in the line of duty (stardate 1312.4), was found alive and in possession of awesome mental powers. Proclaiming himself Emperor Mitchel the First, he made clear his intention to take command of the Excalibur and carve out an empire for himself. With the assistance of the alleged spirit of Dr. Elizabeth Dehner (also listed as killed stardate 1312.4) Mitchel was destroyed and the colonists freed from his mental domination. The Excalibur was repaired at the colony.

Captain's Notes: commendations to Chief Engineer Wilkerson and Lieutenant Wolfe for their actions during this crisis.


Stardate 45118.2

While serving as a diplomatic courier near the Klingon border, the Excalibur discovers the message buoy from the Oberth Class USS Lang, listed as missing stardate 9182.8. The Lang had been conducting research on Project: Icarus, also known as Genesis II. Apparently she was attacked and crippled and was forced to make a crash landing on Talos IV (see General Order 7).

Receiving permission from Starfleet Command to approach Talos IV, the Excalibur discovers that the planet has undergone a startling metamorphosis. The planet, listed as barren and barely habitable, is now a lush green jungle world. Beaming down, an away team discovers the descendants of the survivors from the Lang and of Fleet Captain Christopher Pike, who had been residing on the planet since his disappearance in 2270. Project: Icarus, responsible for the rejuvenation of the planet, had also evolved dinosaur-like creatures. The away team fought them off and rescued the last of the survivors, Joseph Pike, 18 year old great-grandson of Christopher Pike. The Talosians requested that Pike go with the away team and leave them to watch over their reborn planet. Pike, having completed an equivalent of Starfleet Academy is to serve his cadet cruise on the Excalibur with an equivalent rank of lieutenant, junior grade.


Stardate 45199.3

The Excalibur discovers the crippled freighter Brazil and her captain, John Fosworth. The Brazil is brought aboard for repairs. Soon afterward a Ferengi vessel approaches looking for a Napoleon Ross and the freighter Cavalier. Captain McCabe sends them on a wild goose chase and then confronts Fosworth, who admits to also being Napoleon Ross and several other aliases as well. Since Fosworth's cargo is not illegal, the Captain has his vessel repaired, but also destroys all of Fosworth's extra transponders so that he cannot pretend to be a different ship and sends him on his way.

Captain's Notes: minor reprimand for Chief Engineer Wilkerson for conduct unbecoming an officer.

Q'teLOG 4 - LADY Q

Stardate 45251.9

While transporting the Okunan ambassador and his party to Pacifica, where negotiations are scheduled to begin on the admittance of the Okunans into the Federation, the vessel is visited by Q'te, a member of the Q continuum who claims to be 'on vacation'. Her presence serves as a distraction but does not interfere with the mission, despite the fears of the command crew.


Stardate 45367.2

Excalibur arrives at Deep Space Station Gagarin to rendezvous with her sister ship USS Tiberius. Tiberius is destroyed by a saboteur who then attempts to destroy the Excalibur as well. After several attempts, the saboteur is finally cornered in the battle bridge. The saboteur is revealed to be a robotic skeleton surrounded by organic tissue, and the skeleton is of Borg origin.

Excalibur heads to Iotia Ceti IX, apparently where the 'robot' replaced the actual member of the Tiberius' crew. After rendezvousing there with the Excelsior Class USS Achilles, Tactical Officer Lt John Smith reveals himself to be one of these cyborgs, disables the Excalibur's defenses and beams over to the Achilles. The Achilles then cripples the Excalibur and orders her command crew down to the planet. There they are taken into a cloaked underground base and learn the true nature of the threat. The parasitic invaders (stardate 41775.5) have taken control of a Borg vessel and are using Borg technology to construct bodies for themselves (the cyborgs). They already have control of the Achilles and now wish to possess the Excalibur as well.

Lt. Cmdr Wilkerson, left on the Excalibur, manages to beam himself and a small security team down to the planet unnoticed and rescues the Captain and command crew. A battle ensues in which the mother parasite is destroyed, freeing the crew of the Achilles. The parasite's base self-destructs but the crew escapes unharmed.

Captain's Notes: Ensign Thairgon promoted to Lieutenant and assigned as Tactical Officer, replacing Lt. John Smith. Chief Engineer Wilkerson awarded Starfleet Medal of Valor because of his actions.


Stardate 45422.3

Three Romulan Warbirds suddenly decloak around the Excalibur. They are revealed to be an illusion created by Q'te, who has come to recruit guinea pigs for Trelaine, the former Squire of Gothos. Several members of the crew are taken, along with a shuttlecraft, the Perseus, to a strange world where they are forced to participate in an experiment.

The crew must find a specific item before any of the other teams, including Romulans, Klingons, Ferengi, and Gorn, do. The crew succeeds and Q'te returns them to the shuttlecraft and places them somewhere in deep space.

Q'te has placed the shuttle in Romulan Space, and the crew are soon captured and taken to Romulus to face charges of espionage. The prosecutor is Fleet Commander Paratus, the defender, sub-commander Selina. Selina informs the crew that Paratus seeks a seat on the military Senate and will use a victory here to get it. She says that he would also use the crew's presence here as an excuse to start a war.

Luckily, before the trial can be ended, the crew are rescued by Ambassador Spock and a band of Unification rebels. The crew escape Romulan Space with the help of a Romulan merchant named Vanderow into the Triangle from where they are able to return to Federation space. Upon returning to the Excalibur, they discover that sensor readings taken of Q'te indicate that, however impossible it may seem, she is pregnant.


Stardate 45478.5

Exploring along the spinward frontier, Excalibur is suddenly attacked by an unknown vessel. The vessel is easily disabled and its crew identify themselves as Osirans. The vessel is the Guardian ship over a fleet of Sleeper ships which contain the entire Osiran race in suspended animation. The Osirans fled their homeworld when it came under attack by the warlike Rebahnians. They attacked Excalibur believing the vessel was a Rebahnian trick. Having learned of the UFP from a Federation long-range warp probe, they set course for here hoping to find asylum.

Then an alarm aboard the Osiran vessel goes off, the Sleeper fleet is under attack by the Rebahnians. Excalibur and the hastily repaired Osiran ship defeat the Rebahnians and rescue the Sleeper ships. The Federation Council agrees to grant asylum to the Osirans.


Stardate 45526.3

The Excalibur is ordered to investigate a mysterious gamma source in unclaimed space between the Federation and the Romulans. As they approach the source, an uncharted star system, a Romulan Warbird decloaks and circles in to attack. Suddenly it is destroyed. The Excalibur realizes that the entire system is made of antimatter. Before they can alter course, the ship collides with a pocket of antihydrogen, severely crippling her.

The Excalibur is slowly drifting toward the Oort Cloud of the system. If they collide with it they will be destroyed. Working frantically, the command crew manage to get the RCS thrusters functional and use them to alter the course of the Excalibur, preventing her from colliding with any more antimatter.


Stardate 45572.8

Receiving a distress call, Excalibur rescues a shuttlecraft piloted by the only survivors of a missing science research vessel. The leader of these survivors turns out to be a mad Vulcan historian named Sehtek. Sehtek and his team kidnap Captain McCabe and steal a warp shuttle. With the Excalibur in pursuit, the shuttle reaches the planet which serves as the home of the Guardian of Forever. Beaming down, an away team is unable to prevent Sehtek and his group from entering the Guardian.

Suddenly, all of the away team, except Andorian lt. Thairgon, find themselves aboard the Excalibur of a different timeline, and they think they belong there. Slowly the members of the away team regain their memories and return to the Guardian. There they find lt. Thairgon, who remained on the planet because he did not exist in this new timeline.

Comparing the history that they know to the current one they discover that Sehtek and his people went back to the late twentieth century and assassinated Colin Blake, the man who would defeat Khan Singh in the Eugenics Wars. Travelling back in time themselves, the away team prevents the assassination and restores time to normal.


Stardate 45601.3

The Excalibur recovers a shuttle stolen from Starbase 623, and the thief, John Fosworth. Suddenly, the star Epsilon Ashanti goes nova for no apparent reason. An energy burst enters the viewing lounge, and it is revealed as Q'te and an apparently human child of 3-5 years of age. The child is Q'te's son and the father turns out to be Fosworth. Q'te detonated the star in order to flee from Q, who has been dispatched by the continuum to retrieve the child.

The Captain informs Q that he has given Q'te, Fosworth and the child asylum and will not allow him to take any of them. Q counters with a challenge, a game with the prize being custody of the child. Seeing no other options, Captain McCabe agrees and he, Engineer Wilkerson, Lt. Wolfe, Ensign Atkins, and a few others suddenly find themselves aboard an ancient Viking longship sailing through space without the aid of life support or any visible means of propulsion.

It turns out to be an impossible race against three other ships from different eras in Earth's past, all crewed by simulacra created by Q. After fending off a boarding party of pseudo-pirates, the Captain orders the ship into a dangerous 'space-maelstrom' in order to get them ahead of the other ships. His plan succeeds and their ship wins.

Q keeps his side of the bargain, in his own way. Q'te is stripped of her powers and she, the child, and Fosworth are exiled to an unknown planet.


Stardate 45638.7

The Excalibur is to play host to negotiations between the Orions, Federation, and Klingons for the possession of an Orion world in the Triangle. The Klingon negotiator, Vice-Chancellor Klagg is almost assassinated, apparently be First Officer Jack Briggan. Eventually it is discovered to be a Vendorian, a shapechanger working for the Romulans. The Vendorian is pursued throughout the Excalibur and is finally captured and handed over to the Klingons.


Stardate 45724.9

While patrolling along the coreward rim of the Romulan Neutral Zone, the Excalibur picks up a distress call from a Gorn Colony vessel under attack by Romulans. The vessel is outside of Federation space in an area claimed by both the Romulans and the Gorn.

Captain McCabe orders the Excalibur in and places the ship between the Gorn and the Romulans. After a tense standoff the Romulans back down while the Gorn vessel returns to known Gorn space.

Almost immediately the Romulan government formally protests the involvement of a Federation vessel in what is clearly Romulan business. With the delicate state of negotiations at that time, Captain McCabe is removed from active command and Commander Briggan given command of the USS Excalibur.


Stardate 45725.2

While studying the decay of a star into a white dwarf, the Excalibur detects a sharp increase in tachyon readings. Suddenly a wormhole opens up. The gravitic forces at play annihilate both the wormhole and the white dwarf, and sections of the ship are bombarded with temporal energy. It is soon discovered that there are two Chief Engineer Wilkersons aboard, one apparently from a space-time continuum slightly out-of-phase with the current one. Eventually a means is found to open a temporary gateway to the other continuum and the duplicate engineer is returned to his proper time and space.


Stardate 45824.6

The Excalibur is assigned to escort the Klingon and Romulan delegates to the Pallas XIV Galactic Peace Conference, the largest such conference since Khitomer. Captain McCabe is part of the UFP delegation so Commander Briggan is in command of the Excalibur. The Klingon delegate is Vice-Chancellor Klagg while the Romulan delegate is Fleet Commander Paratus (see USS Excalibur Log 6). Both are safely escorted to the conference.

While at Pallas XIV, a distress call comes in from one of the patrol vessels and the Excalibur goes to offer assistance. Excalibur narrowly defeats a pair of rogue Romulan Warships, and then learns it was a diversion to get the Excalibur away from the planet. The conference was under attack by a consortium of rogue Federation, Klingon, and Romulan vessels who intended to destroy the conference and leave the major powers accusing each other of being responsible.

Being the closest ship, Commander Briggan takes the Excalibur in to attack. Displaying tactical ingenuity, Commander Briggan orders what is now informally known as the Briggan Maneuver. Bringing the Excalibur in at maximum warp, Commander Briggan orders the Saucer section to separate and then pinwheels it so that its photon tube is brought to bear on the Threat vessels. With two photon tubes at his disposal as well as the majority of Excalibur's phaser capability, Commander Briggan is able to destroy two vessels and cripple another two before the Threat vessels are even aware they are under attack. Another two are crippled before reinforcements arrive to assist Excalibur in disabling the remaining Threat forces.

Notes: Captain McCabe is promoted to Commodore. Commander Briggan is promoted to Captain and given command of the USS Excalibur. He is also awarded the Andorian Battlestar and the Starfleet Medal of Valor, which is also awarded to the rest of Excalibur's command crew.