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The Demolition Squad were a team of professional wrestlers working for the Ultimate Wrestling Federation when they were kidnapped by agents of the Crime Cartel during a televised event in Empire City. Crime Cartel scientists used an experimental procedure to give each of the four wrestlers super-powers, and also programmed them to be loyal to the Cartel. The four became one of the Cartel's enforcement teams and, still using their wrestling names, began acting out their masters' orders in Empire City. They were soon defeated and captured by the newly-formed hero team called the Guardians, and later battled the Enforcers of Justice. Each time they are captured, the Cartel usually finds a way to free them as they are a crude, but very effective, team.

The Demolition Squad always operates as a team, and are very effective. The Crime Cartel scientists gave all of them superhuman strength and resistance, plus each one has his own unique abilities. Most recently the Demolition Squad were part of an army of super-villains assembled by the villain Carnage. They were captured when the army was defeated and are back in prison, likely only until the Crime Cartel has need of their services again.

The members of the Demolition Squad are:

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