Deathwish was, and arguably still is, one of the most popular heavy metal bands in the country. They are also thieves who used their concert stops as cover for robberies all over the globe. Their secret was exposed during a concert stop in Empire City, where Deathwish's robberies caught the attention of local hero group, the Guardians. The Guardians exposed Deathwish's criminal activities and arrested the villains. Deathwish have escaped prison on several occasions, most recently battling the Enforcers of Justice and coming into conflict with rival music-themed villain group, the Backbeat. When they are not in prison, Deathwish still record and release their music, now through an underground label. Ironically, it is now their music that is the secret and their criminal activities that are public.

Demolition Man


Real Name: Robert (Bobby) Anderson

A Kansas farm boy destined to live out his days in the same small town, Bobby had his life changed when he went to stay with his aunt in Los Angeles one summer when he was 16. Returning home with a brand new attitude it took less than a year for Bobby to get thrown out of his house by his father. Wandering aimlessly, Bobby eventually fell in with an anarchist group and joined their commune (at the time Booby thought Anarchy meant wild parties and lots of sex).

Bobby began to rethink his views on anarchy when he saw the rigid discipline starting to be enforced. The poor Kansas boy had no idea he'd become part of a militant group intent on overthrowing the U.S. government. But Booby was a curious lad and started poking around where he shouldn't, especially the building near the middle of the compound which had become the center of activity. For days Bobby watched as the group's leaders met with strangers, some with obvious super powers, in the building. Eventually Bobby snook in and found himself in Heaven. The place was some kind of arsenal, full of weapons and armored suits, from medieval plate to futuristic looking battle armor. One item, a vicious full-suit of armor with a massive morningstar attached, caught his attention. Trying it on, Bobby discovered it technologically advanced, but had a computerized menu system that explained its abilities. That night Bobby took the armor and left the commune for good.

Bobby traveled to LA with his new toy and spent his nights robbing banks and playing bass in various bands. He met Psytron in a bar and the two became friends. Eventually they linked up with Sorceress and Necrovore to form Deathwish.

Powers & Abilities:
While a reasonably good guitarist, Bobby's main asset is the Demolition Man armor he took from the anarchist group. Judging by its power level, the armor was likely to be one of the main weapons of the anarchists' attempted coup. The battlesuit itself is now bonded to Bobby, and has been since he first tried it on. While it can not be removed from Bobby, the armor does have the ability to partially shunt itself into another dimension, rendering itself invisible and intangible. The battlesuit is always around, though, ready to rematerialize around its host at a moment's notice. The battlesuit grants its wearer superhuman strength and the armor is strong enough to withstand anything short of an air-to-ground missile strike. The helmet has night vision enhancements and the suit can also travel through solid earth as easily as a person might swim through water. The morningstar has no special abilities, but it made of the same super-strong material as the suit and when wielded with the battlesuit's enhanced strength it is a devastating weapon.



Real Name: Morwena (Amanda Carazone)

Amanda Carazone lived the good life, raised in the lap of luxury thanks to her family's wealth. At age 21, while away at a prestigious girl's college, the good life abandoned her. Actually it was her father, a New England politician, that abandoned her, leaving the country (and Amanda and her mother) with his secretary and all the money. Amanda suddenly found herself on the streets, penniless. Confused and alone, Amanda was found by members of a mystical cult. Unknown to Amanda, she possessed latent mystical abilities. Recognizing the girl's potential, the cult's leaders (who were part of the Black Moon Society) had the girl brought in.

For the next year Amanda learned to harness her magical abilities, becoming a powerful sorceress. Eager to return to the lifestyle she had been accustomed to, Amanda left the cult (amicably) and traveled to Los Angeles. There she got a job as a singer in a night club in a ritzy hotel. She hoped to use her beauty and powers to take advantage of the wealthy men who stayed in the hotel. It was at the hotel that she met Necrovore, who was playing with the Los Angeles Symphony at the time. He recognized her talent as a singer and suggested they work together. Finding herself attracted to him, Amanda agreed and at Necrovore's suggestion she adopted the stage name of Morwena. A short time later the pair met Psytron and Demolition Man, and Deathwish was born.

Powers & Abilities:
Morwena is an accomplished sorceress and has a variety of spells at her disposal. She has been seen to transform herself into a hawk, render herself intangible, control the weather, hypnotize others, paralyze opponents, generate brilliant flashes of light or massive explosions, and also has some healing spells. Morwena is also a talented singer, dancer, and actress.



Real Name: Frank Birmingham

Unlike his teammates, Frank Birmingham is a normal human, albeit a very gifted one. A genius and Olympic caliber athlete, Frank's true passion has always been music. A brilliant composer, Frank worked with symphonies across the country (though he secret love has always been rock and roll music). Frank was working in LA, hoping to start a career as a rock musician when he met Amanda (The Sorceress). The two paired up and were soon joined by Psytron and Demolition Man, forming the core of Deathwish. Though he more than makes up for his lack of powers with his organizational skills, Frank has another thing that separates him from his teammates; he is more concerned with the group's musical career than their criminal one. He makes a point to donate 25% of his ill-gotten gains to charity.

Powers & Abilities:
Necrovore is what used to be called a renaissance man. He is a talented athlete and possesses a black belt in Judo, can operate any man-made vehicle short of the space shuttle, is an expert marksman with most modern firearms and heavy weapons, and is a certified genius. Necrovore is an expert computer programmer and hacker, has keen observation and detective skills, and is a master thief. Frank is also incredibly gifted artistically, he is a master painter, photographer, writer, composer, and musician.



Real Name: H.I. Jynx (Harold Johnson)

Harry's telepathic abilities first started surfacing when he was 13. His ability to read the thoughts and emotions made him an expert negotiator and he dreamed of becoming a lawyer or diplomat. He had another dream, though, of being a drummer in a rock and roll band. Torn between his two passions, Harry compromised, attending UCLA. This allowed him to study law while being at the heart of the Los Angeles music scene. The idea of being a criminal never entered into Harry's mind until the day he met Bobby Alexander (see Demolition Man). Harry eagerly adopted Bobby's wild lifestyle and neglected his studies. Eventually the pair met up with Morwena and Frank and Deathwish was born. At Necrovore's suggestion, Harry adopted the stage name of H.I. Jynx. Sadly, the years of living the life of a superstar have left Psytron with an addiction to cocaine.

Powers & Abilities:
Psytron is a powerful psionic. He can read another person's thoughts and emotions, hypnotize or take outright control of them, or fire bolts of mental energy straight into a target's mind with potentially lethal force. Psytron can also teleport himself and others, but it is extremely draining and he usually can't manage it more than once a day.



Real Name: Eddie Traynor

Eddie is the classic California teenager, he bleaches his hair, surfs, roller-blades, and has been playing guitar since he was seven years old. When he hit puberty Eddie found he had a few more special talents, namely the power to fly, control the winds, and turn himself invisible. He was having a serious time fighting the urge to use his powers to commit crimes when the opportunity of a lifetime came up: his favorite band, Deathwish, were having open auditions for a new guitarist, the old one having died in a freak spontaneous combustion accident. Eddie tried out and got the job, mostly on talent, though the fact that Psytron had read his mind and learned of his metahuman powers didn't hurt Eddie's chances. For Eddie, being with Deathwish is a dream come true. Not only is he playing with the greatest band in the world, he is also a part of a veteran super-villain team.

Powers & Abilities:
Whirlwind has the mutant ability to control wind, allowing him to fly at supersonic speeds, create powerful gusts of wind, and even generate tornado-like vortices. He can also become invisible, not only to the naked eye but to most mechanical means of detection as well. Whirlwind's physiology is also enhanced to allow him to survive flight at supersonic speed, which has the added advantage of making him pretty much bulletproof.

Forces of Evil