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This page will focus mainly on the people, places, and events of the past, present and future of the DC Comics universe. Here I will try and cover as much of DC Continuity as I can, including timelines, character updates, and generally keeping up-to-date info on the ever-changing DCU.

Features of the page are:

I hope you find this page a useful guide to the DC universe. If you have any comments, questions, or contributions please email them to me at karridian@yahoo.com.

Linear Thinking

The timeline presented here differs slightly from that presented in Zero Hour #0 and includes information presented in the various Secret Files comics. It aims to present the "core" DC timeline and does not take Hypertime into account.

History of the DC Universe

The history is divided roughly into Eras reflecting specific periods in modern DC history. The majority of the events are reflected in newspaper headlines, many based on Daily Planet headlines that have appeared in various comics over the years. The history presents the information as a typical resident of the DC Universe would be aware of them.

To the Warp Zone

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