The Screamsheets

Having run many Cyberpunk games over the years, and having access to desktop publishing and other design software and being the creative type, I have produced my fair share of supplementary materials for those games. Here are some of those items that might come in handy to folks who might still be running Cyberpunk 2020 games. This stuff might even be compatible with the new Cyberpunk Red edition of the game, but I haven't had the opportunity to put that to the test yet.

Character Sheet

Here is a PDF of the final version of the character sheet I used for my Cyberpunk 2020 campaigns, but keep in mind they were designed with the alternate game rules I played with in mind. The combat-related sections of the sheet are designed to use the alternate Friday Night Firefight rules I used in my game. Keen-eyed individuals will also not a place under the Role for something called "Sub."; this was to note the character's subordinate class/role, which was a character option detailed in issues 2 and 3 of the first volume of the Interface Cyberpunk RPG fanzine.

FNFF (Done Right) Charts and Tables

With the alternate Wound rules I used, presented on the Friday Night Firefight (Done Right) page, having a one-stop shop of the charts and tables involved became a necessity. Here is a one-page PDF collecting the material, suitable for including in a custom GM screen.

Shattered Crystal

Shattered Crystal was the name of a Cyberpunk 2020 adventure that I ran a couple of times at gaming conventions. For the original adventure pretty much all the material was hand-written, but when I was going to run it a second time I made electronic versions of the material which are available here in PDF format.