Lost Boys - Return to Santa Carla

It has been almost 20 years since the vampires were driven out of Santa Carla, enough time for a new generation of kids to grow up not knowing the horrors that once dwelt in their home town. Now the bloosuckers have returned, can the children of Santa Carla stop them before it is too late?


It has been nearly 20 years since the vampires were driven out of Santa Carla and the city has prospered. Now on the eve of the city's 150th anniversary the disappearances have started up again. Children have been going missing and only one person, comic shop owner and vampire hunter Edgar Frog, realizes what the true cause is, but no one will listen to him. As part of the celebrations, the old resort has been dug up and restored.

Enter the Pattersons, a new family who have just moved to town. Wendy, the eldest Patterson child, is charged with keeping an eye on her younger brothers, John and Michael. They make some new friends in their neighbourhood, Peter Barry and his next-door neighbour Tina Belle.

Lilly, Peter's old girlfriend has taken up with an unsavoury crowd, James and his friends. Lilly only did it to make Peter jealous but Peter has now set his eyes on Wendy. James and his friends are really vampires, and Lilly becomes one too. She then tries to turn Peter.

When the group figures out what is happening, they turn to Edgar, the only vampire expert in town. Edgar helps where he can, and tries to find the identity of the head vampire. An attack on the vamps underground grotto does not reveal the head vamp. The head vamp, David, reveals himself to Edgar, grabbing the hapless Vampire Hunter and taking him away.

The group (and the swiftly transforming Peter) must locate the real vamps HQ (the new resort) and stop him and rescue Edgar.


Main Cast (Player Characters)

Peter Barry (Chad Michael Murray) - Character Sheet (PDF)

Christina (Tina) Belle (Rachel Skarsten) - Character Sheet (PDF)

Wendy Patterson (Christy Romano) - Character Sheet (PDF)

John Patterson (Michael Welch) - Character Sheet (PDF)

Michael Patterson (Kyle Gallner) - Character Sheet (PDF)

Supporting Cast

Edgar Frog (Corey Feldman) - Character Sheet (PDF)

Jane Coleman (Dina Meyer) - Character Sheet (PDF)


David (Kiefer Sutherland) - Character Sheet (PDF)

James (Ben Jelen) - Character Sheet (PDF)

Lilly (Amanda Seyfried)

Little Girl (Jenny) (Sophie Vavasseur)

Marcus (Kyle Downs)

Trent (Michael Cassidy)

C.J. (Garrett Hedlund)

Adventure Notes: The adventure was inspired by, and designed as an erstwhile sequel to, the 1987 vampire film The Lost Boys. Returning characters from the original film were Corey Feldman's vampire hunting Edgar Frog and Kiefer Sutherland's vampire David (despite having been killed in the original film I opted to bring him back as the villain for this adventure as the new head vampire). The Player Characters for the adventure (Peter, Tina Belle, Wendy, John, and Michael) are, kind of obviously, named for the main characters from Peter Pan (as is Peter's ex-girlfriend Lilly, named for the Native princess Tiger Lily from Neverland who desires Peter Pan).

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