The alien Z'xur was an astronaut and leading scientist on his home planet. Z'xur discovered means to travel faster than light and was developed an experimental spacecraft to test his theories. Rather than risk another person's life on his theory, Z'xur himself decided to take the experimental craft on its maiden voyage. Z'xur flew his craft into space then activated his experimental FTL drive. Initially all appeared to go as planned as the spacecraft accelerated to near-light speed, but when the craft crossed the threshold of the speed of light it began to accelerate even faster, beyond Z'xur's control. Only his race's natural telekinetic and regenerative abilities allowed Z'xur to survive the sudden acceleration and the strange energies that bombarded his craft and himself. Z'xur quickly aborted the flight but by the time his craft returned to normal space it was barely intact. Z'xur entered his escape vehicle and crash-landed on the nearest inhabitable planet, Earth.

Again, Z'xur's natural abilities allowed him to survive his crash, but he soon realized that he was trapped on this new world. His ship was gone and the inhabitants of this strange world were to primitive to be of any help, because Z'xur had crashed in Egypt nearly 5,000 years ago, at the beginning of the First Dynasty. Z'xur's journey passed the speed of light had not left him unchanged, either. To survive the strange energies bombarding it, Z'xur's body had somehow adapted the ability to absorb large amounts of radiation. Z'xur could sustain himself on the radiation, not requiring food, and could also emit powerful blasts of energy. Witnessing Z'xur using his new powers and misinterpreting his name, the ancient Egyptians mistook the alien for one of their gods, Seker.

With all hope of returning to his homeworld lost, Z'xur decided to become a protector of the Egyptian people and began calling himself Seker, as the people did. Over the years Seker fought many menaces that threatened Egypt, including many battles with the immortal sorcerer Kheth-Amon. One time, several years after arriving on Earth, Seker encountered the modern hero Surge, who had been hurtled back through time by the villain Futurion. Surge helped Seker and one of the god Ra's elementals (who had powers like the present hero Metamorpho) thwart Kheth-Amon's plan to steal the power of the Orb of Ra (the source of the power of the elementals). Seker then helped Surge return to the present by letting the hero use his escape craft to accelerate himself though time with the sun's gravity. Surge's own energy absorption powers allowed him to safely make the trip, though the elemental claimed that the sun god Ra had assisted Surge's journey as a reward for the hero's help against Kheth-Amon.

Tired of his constant defeats at Seker's hands, Kheth-Amon set out to remove the interfering alien. The sorcerer managed to capture Seker, and after binding him in the traditional wrappings of a mummy, buried him alive in a special lead sarcophagus. The sarcophagus and the wrappings prevented Seker from absorbing enough energy to escape, but that was not the end of Kheth-Amon's plan. Knowing that even with his natural regenerative powers Seker would not survive long, the sorcerer buried the alien with a magical amulet that fed him just enough radiation to keep him barely alive and blocked the rest, trapped for all eternity beneath the sand's of Egypt.

Seker's sarcophagus was recently found by explorer Peter Arno, who took to Superior City for study. Visiting the museum in his civilian identity while investigating a case, the hero Surge passed by the sarcophagus (at this time, Surge had not yet been sent back in time by Futurion so he had yet to encounter Seker in the past). Even when not using his powers, Surge still emitted small amounts of electromagnetic energy, and this energy gave Seker a small amount of strength, enough to force open the sarcophagus, though he himself was still unable to move. No one noticed that the sarcophagus was open until a group of high school students passed through on a class trip. One of the students say the amulet around Seker's neck and decided she wanted it for herself (since no one had been able to open the sarcophagus the museum had little security around it). With the amulet removed Seker slowly began to heal and soon was able to emerge from the sarcophagus. At this point Seker looked like a mummy come to life, over the year's his body had slowly wasted away. Seker roamed the city causing a great panic which eventually brought him into contact with Surge and his teammates, the Enforcers of Justice. As they battled, Seker began to absorb more energy, especially from Surge and began to heal faster. Eventually the team's telepath, Orchid, was able to make contact with Seker and with Surge providing the necessary energy, he healed himself fully.

Seker has chosen to travel with Peter Arno, exploring the world and seeing how it has changed in the thousands of years since his imprisonment. During their travels, the two have occasionally been drawn into strange adventures, and because of the symbol on his clothing, the press has begun referring to Seker as "The Ankh".


Ankh's race possess natural telekinetic abilities. Seker is particularly adept at using his powers and in addition to being able to move objects weighing several tons, he can also fly and project force fields to protect himself and others. Seker's people also possess regenerative powers that allow them to heal injuries more rapidly than a normal human and can also use these powers to heal the injuries of others. Seker's body is also very resilient, almost a strong as solid stone. His travels faster that light have granted Ankh powers that no other members of his race possess. To survive the strange energies bombarding him, Seker's body gained the ability to absorb vast amounts of radiation. Seker can use this energy for nourishment, forgoing the need for food and sleep, and can also project the energy he has absorbed as a powerful blast. Perhaps due to his race's healing abilities, Ankh's energy blast also has the side effect of disintegrating formerly-living organic tissue it connects with (a useful weapon against Kheth-Amon's undead soldiers). Ankh also has gained the ability to lower his body's density to the point where he can walk through walls and because of the combination of his energy sustenance and natural regenerative powers Ankh apparently does not age.