Demons and Monsters

Throughout the Lost Angels campaign the Player Characters battled not just the garden variety threats like Vampires, Werewolves, and Zombies but an assortment of powerful supernatural individuals and the demonic forces they attempted to control. Here are the Quick NPC stats for some of those opponents.

These creature stats reference the Optional Magic and Psychic Rules I used in the Lost Angels game.

Cerne the Hunter

Cerne was a powerful champion of the Shadow Walker ninja clan until he was exiled for an unknown reason and became a demon mercenary. Cerne is skilled in the use of a variety of ancient and modern weapons and possesses superhuman strength as well as a form of invisiblity, though it is not known if this last ability is natural or technology based. Despite his power, Cerne was captured and sacrificed in an attempt to raise an Elder Demon. The Shadow Walker clan attempted to resurrect Cerne using the body of their latest chosen champion, the renegade Jalen, but in the end Jalen's spirit overcame Cerne's and sent the Hunter back to oblivion.

Name: Cerne the Hunter
Motivation: Hunt
Critter Type: Demon
Attributes: Str: 7, Dex: 6, Con: 6, Int: 3, Per: 4, Will: 3
Ability Scores: Muscle: 20, Combat: 16, Brains: 13
Life Points: 81
Drama Points: 10
Essence Points: 30
Special Abilities: Invisibility, Regeneration, Acute Vision
Name Score Damage Notes
Dodge 16 - Defense action
Kick 15 20
Punch 16 18
Sword 16 32

Dr. Maalik

Maalik is the Dr. Frankenstein of the demon world. He is either a demon or half-demon, though what kind is unknown as he generally appears human. Maalik is an accomplished necromancer who performs strange experiments on the dead (both human and demon). In the past he has created patchwork demons out of the parts of dead demons and even grafted an extra pair of demon arms on himself. He also appears very difficult to kill, and may even be undead himself. Recently he summoned a horde of zombies together to try and construct a giant creature called a Leviathan. The attempt was thwarted and the zombies tore Maalik apart, leaving only his head which Jalen threw into a fire. Even this did not kill Maalik, who continues to pursue his inhuman science in Los Angeles both on his own and for a variety of employers.

Name: Dr. Maalik
Motivation: Put things together
Critter Type: Demon
Attributes: Str: 4, Dex: 4, Con: 2, Int: 6, Per: 4, Will: 4
Ability Scores: Muscle: 14, Combat: 12, Brains: 16
Life Points: 46
Drama Points: 5
Essence Points: 24
Special Abilities: Unique Kill, Regeneration, Hard to Kill 4
Name Score Damage Notes
Dodge 12 - Defense action
Grapple 16 - Bonus for extra limbs
Knife 12 10 Slash/stab
Punch 12 10

Patchwork Demons

The Patchwork Demons are the creation of Dr. Maalik. Using a combination of necromantic magics and science Maalik was able to take body parts from a variety of deceased demons and patch them together into Frankenstein-like creations and animate them. These powerful and mindless creatures made excellent slaves and Maalik assembled several for Leland Richter.

Name: Patchwork Demons
Motivation: Serve Dr. Maalik
Critter Type: Demon
Attributes: Str: 8, Dex: 6, Con: 6, Int: 2, Per: 2, Will: 2
Ability Scores: Muscle: 22, Combat: 18, Brains: 10
Life Points: 80
Drama Points: 2
Essence Points: 26
Special Abilities: Armor Value 5, Attractiveness -4, Increased Life Points, Claws
Name Score Damage Notes
Claws 18 26 Slash/stab
Dodge 18 - Defense action
Punch 18 21

Leland Richter

Leland Richter is the President and CEO of Kronos Industries. The group has twice thwarted his attempts to summon the demon Azathoth, which was apparently part of a larger scheme involving a powerful demonic entity called The Devourer. Richter has contracted Wolfram & Hart to help him deal with the group's interference.

Name: Leland Richter
Motivation: Power, Raise Kronos
Critter Type: Human (mostly)
Attributes: Str: 6, Dex: 6, Con: 6, Int: 5, Per: 3, Will: 5
Ability Scores: Muscle: 18, Combat: 14, Brains: 17
Life Points: 73
Drama Points: 10
Essence Points: 31
Special Abilities: Hard to Kill 5, Resources +8, Regeneration
Name Score Damage Notes
Dodge 14 - Defense action
Punch 14 15

The Old Ones

Older than the demons that once infested the Earth are the immensely powerful beings called the Old Ones. These beings once ruled over the myriad of realms, warring with each other in the primeval chaos. Eventually the newer races of demons banded together and imprisoned the Old Ones in a remote dimension, locked behind powerful magic barriers. Even so there are those both demon and human who seek to free the Old Ones and return the multiverse to an age of chaos. These attempts are invariably tied to certain celestial alignments which facilitate traversing the imprisoning magics. The Old Ones are all immeasurably powerful. They are completely other-worldly and when manifest on the Earthly plane only a portion of their true form can be perceived. Few who stand in the presence of an Old One retain their sanity for very long.

Kronos the Devourer

Kronos is the oldest and most powerful of the Old Ones. He is also called the Devourer and the Father of Demons. Demonic creation myths say that Kronos spawned the first race of demons. Fearing a prophecy that said his offspring would destroy him, Kronos devoured the first demons, save for a handful that escaped. These few led the demon uprising that would eventually imprison the Old Ones. Legend says that one day the Devourer would be freed and he would consume all life, wiping the world clean and starting a new age of chaos. Some versions of the legend say that from this new chaos Kronos would spawn a new race of demons and the cycle would start again. Some demonic scholars that this cycle has already repeated several times.

Name: Kronos the Devourer
Motivation: Devour
Critter Type: Father of Demons
Attributes: Str: 30, Dex: 6, Con: 45, Int: 11, Per: 9, Will: 12
Ability Scores: Muscle: 66, Combat: 10, Brains: 22
Life Points: 500
Drama Points: 10
Essence Points: 450
Special Abilities: Armor Value 20, Regeneration (12 pt per Turn), Aura of Corruption, Fear Test (-5)
Name Score Damage Notes
Bite 10 90 Slash/stab
Dodge 10 - Defense action
Grapple 12 -
Sweep (tentacle) 9 30 Knocks target down


The Maerak are a demonic cult who seek to attain great power through the fulfillment of an ancient apocalyptic prophecy. Physically, the Maerak are one of the weaker of the demon races, though still stronger than the average human. In ancient times the Maerak were powerful sorcerers but a curse laid on them millennia ago robbed them of their mouths and thus a great deal of their power. Today the Maerak must rely on ritualistic sorcery performed using voices magically stolen from victims.

Name: Maerak
Motivation: Destroy the world through dark magic
Critter Type: Demon
Attributes: Str: 3, Dex: 3, Con: 2, Int: 2, Per: 2, Will: 4
Ability Scores: Muscle: 12, Combat: 12, Brains: 13
Life Points: 30
Drama Points: 1
Essence Points: 20
Special Abilities: Natural Armor (2 points)
Name Score Damage Notes
Dodge 12 - Defense action
Knife 12 8 Slash/stab
Punch 12 8 Bash


Skelos demons are the mercenaries of the underworld. They are strong, fast, and skilled with many weapons. The swords of the Skelos are available to anyone willing to pay their hefty fee.

Name: Skelos
Motivation: Thug for hire
Critter Type: Demon
Attributes: Str: 6, Dex: 5, Con: 4, Int: 2, Per: 2, Will: 2
Ability Scores: Muscle: 18, Combat: 16, Brains: 10
Life Points: 59
Drama Points: 0-3
Essence Points: 25
Special Abilities: Attractiveness -2, Hard to Kill 3, Natural Armor 5, Natural Weapons (Claws)
Name Score Damage Notes
Claw 16 16 Slash/stab
Dodge 16 - Defense action
Kick 15 18 Bash


The Ruen-Vey are a servitude demon race who are obsessed with knowledge of all kinds. In their quest for information, no matter how trivial, the Ruen-Vey will serve anyone who provides knowledge in exchange for their services. The Ruen-Vey possess a mystical third eye in the center of their foreheads that grants them the ability to control the minds of weak-willed individuals.

Name: Ruen-Vey
Motivation: Learn all that is learnable
Critter Type: Demon
Attributes: Str: 2, Dex: 2, Con: 2, Int: 4, Per: 3, Will: 2
Ability Scores: Muscle: 10, Combat: 12, Brains: 14
Life Points: 26
Drama Points: 2
Essence Points: 15
Special Abilities: Attractiveness -2, Hypnosis 1, Natural Weapon (Teeth), Supernatural Form (Definitely Not Human)
Name Score Damage Notes
Bite 12 6 Slash/stab
Dodge 12 - Defense Action
Grapple 14 - Resisted by Dodge
Hypnosis 14 - Target hesitates

Name: Ruen-Vey Demon Leader
Motivation: Learn all that is learnable
Critter Type: Demon
Attributes: Str: 3, Dex: 4, Con: 2, Int: 5, Per: 4, Will: 4
Ability Scores: Muscle: 12, Combat: 14, Brains: 17
Life Points: 30
Drama Points: 2
Essence Points: 22
Special Abilities: Attractiveness -2, Hypnosis 3, Natural Weapon (Teeth), Supernatural Form (Definitely Not Human)
Name Score Damage Notes
Bite 14 9 Slash/stab
Dodge 14 - Defense Action
Grapple 16 - Resisted by Dodge
Hypnosis 1 19 - Target Hesitates
Hypnosis 2 18 - Create Illusion
Hypnosis 3 17 - Control target


The Urobach are a race of fire demons. The generally appear human, though with a slight orange or red tint to the skin, and their eyes often appear as if they have flames dancing in them when they are using their powers. Urobach constantly radiate an aura of heat and even at rest their skin feels warm to the touch. They can increase the strength of their aura at will and powerful Urobach can even generate bursts of flame they can fire at a distance. Darketja is an Urobach demon.


Darketja is an Urobach demon working as a model in Los Angeles. While her stunning appearance keeps her busy with modelling contracts, she also uses her fiery demonic abilities for the occasional side work as a freelance assassin. Darketja often works for Wolfram & Hart in this regard, including a recent failed assassination attempt against Patrick. As Ragnorok approached she and the other fire-based demons in Los Angeles began to lose their powers. This forced Darketja to find work as a stripper in a demon bar, where she again encountered Patrick.

Name: Darketja
Motivation: Kill for fun and profit
Critter Type: Urobach demon
Attributes: Str: 4, Dex: 6, Con: 3, Int: 4, Per: 3, Will: 5
Ability Scores: Muscle: 14, Combat: 20, Brains: 15
Life Points: 38
Drama Points: 4
Essence Points: 25
Special Abilities: Attractiveness +3, Supernatural Attack (Fire)
Name Score Damage Notes
Dodge 20 - Defense Action
Flame Aura 20 50 Touch attack, Fire
Kick 19 15
Punch 20 13
Spin Kick 18 17
Sword 20 25 Slash/stab

Dusk Lords

Dusk Lords are demons related to vampires. Like vampires Dusk Lords must consume blood to survive, but unlike their brethren the Dusk Lords prefer to drink from voluntary subjects and do not hunt their victims. Dusk Lords also do not suffer from the normal vampire weaknesses. They are unaffected by holy water and crosses and while sunlight makes them ill, it does not cause a Dusk Lord to burst into flames. Dusk Lords also cannot be killed by decapitation; even if a Dusk Lord's head is severed it remains in control of its body. Dusk Lords are naturarally telekinetic and regenerate wounds at a rapid pace. A decapitated Dusk Lord will often use its telekinesis to move its head back on its neck where its regenerative ability will quickly seal the wound. Unlike vampires, Dusk Lords are not immortal but they are long-lived. A Dusk Lord can live for centuries but its appearance will grow more inhuman and it will eventually die. When a Dusk Lord dies or is killed its body quickly liquifies. New Dusk Lords are created by immersing a human in the liquified remains of a deceased Dusk Lord. The liquid evaporates fairly quickly so if a Dusk Lord knows it will die it will usually arrange for a human to be chosen to become a new Dusk Lord in its place. Older Dusk Lords usually keep one or two younger Dusk Lords as companions to ensure that its remains are used in the procreation of its species. Barring this an elder Dusk Lord will try to at least have a few loyal retainers to capture its liquified remains in the hopes it can be used before it spoils. Dusk Lords prefer to choose humans with magical or psionic abilities to become new Dusk Lords so many of them are accomplished sorcerors or powerful psychics in addition to their natural powers. According to ancient texts belonging to the St. James family of dark magicians, the Dusk Lords were originally a sect of warlocks that existed millenia ago. These warlocks captured an ancient vampire and used dark magic to steal its power for themselves.


Talan is a centuries old being called a Dusk Lord, a powerful form of blood-drinker but with few of a vampire's traditional weaknesses. Dusk Lord's are not affected by holy water and can survive decapitation (the severed head can still control the body). Talan (and presumably other Dusk Lords) possess regeneration and telekinesis (a handy combination for reattaching severed limbs). Talan is also a powerful warlock skilled in Dark Magicks. Talan was killed by Patrick but his body was later used to awaken an ancient being.

Name: Talan
Motivation: Power
Critter Type: Dusk Lord
Attributes: Str: 5, Dex: 6, Con: 6, Int: 5, Per: 5, Will: 7
Ability Scores: Muscle: 16, Combat: 17, Brains: 17
Life Points: 75
Drama Points: 10
Essence Points: 59
Special Abilities: Sorcery 5, Regeneration (per minute), Hard to Kill 7
Name Score Damage Notes
Kick 17 19
Magic 17 -
Punch 18 17
Telekinesis 12 2xSuccess