The Amalgam RPG was born out of a Marvel Vs. DC game that was run at the Phoenix convention a few years ago. I ran a DC Heroes game using the New Titans (the last team, led by Arsenal) while my friend ran a Marvel Super Heroes game using the X-Men. What we hadn't told anyone was that the games were set to cross-over with each other. We had established a set of rules for converting the characters from one game system to the other. As the game progressed the characters would switch from one game to the other, some Titans players would be using Marvel-based versions of their characters and teaming with members of the X-Men while some X-Men players had DC Heroes versions of their characters and were teamed with the Titans. It all ended in a spectacular battle royale with Darkseid and Apocalypse at the Promethean Wall for the power of a Celestial.

The game was a huge hit with the players and spawned a sort of sequel the following year. With the release of the DC vs. Marvel comic books and the subsequent Amalgam books that year, I decided to run an Amalgam game at the next convention. When it came time to choose a system to run it in I followed the lead of the comic books and, using the conversion rules established for the Titans/X-Men adventure the previous year, created an "amalgamation" game system based on a combination of Mayfair's DC Heroes RPG and TSR's Marvel Super Heroes RPG.

I'll be posting the "official" Amalgam rules here when I get them converted to a postable format. Meanwhile, here's a look at the characters I created for the game.

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