Extreme Works was formed by Michael "Booster" Stark, a time traveler who came to the late twentieth century from the future on a mysterious mission. Rejected by the Judgement League, he sought out other heroes to aid him on his mysterious quest.


Nathaniel Jon Walker was the test subject of a secret US Army attempt to create a new Super-Soldier in the 1960s. Blasted three decades into the future by a nuclear explosion, Walker emerged in the present day with enhanced physical strength and a vast array of energy-based powers.

Taking the code-name Agent Atom, Walker was sent by the US government to spy on the Judgement League but quit after realizing he would be betraying his hero, the original Super Soldier. When Goldstar appeared from the future looking for allies, Atom readily signed up.

Agent Atom is a combination of Captain Atom and U.S.Agent.


Granted super-human strength by the villainous Major Zemo during World War II, Simon Everett's grandfather turned on the villain and sided with the All-Star Winners Squadron as the first Amazing Man.

Simon was at first unsure what to do when he found he had inherited his grandfather's superhuman strength. Since adopting the Amazing Man identity, however, he has grown more confident in his role and has found that his powers are far greater than his grandfather's ever were.

Amazing Man is a combination of Amazing Man (II) and Wonder Man.


A time traveler from the 25th century, Michael "Booster" Stark, presented himself to the Judement League Avengers wearing a suit of futuristic power armor and calling himself Goldstar. He claimed he was on an important mission, but could not disclose the details for fear of having too drastic an effect on the future as he knew it. The J.L.A. refused to believe him, so he set out to find others who would help.

Recruiting several former allies and even enemies of the J.L.A. he has formed and leads the team of Extreme Works.

Goldstar is a combination of Booster Gold and Iron Man.


Given the mysterious Beetle Scarab by her dying mentor Jessica Drew, archaeologist Julia Kord found that it granted her super-human strength and agility, the ability to climb walls, and the ability to project psychokinetic "limbs" that allow her to grapple opponents.

Lady Bug is a combination of Blue Beetle (Ted Kord) and Spider-Woman (Julia Carpenter).


When Queen Maxima of the otherworldly realm of Wundagore was exiled to Earth, she arrived in Eastern Europe. There the peasants mistook her for a witch and tried to kill her. She began a campaign to conquer the Earth but was later convinced by Super-Soldier to stop. While Maxima was infatuated with the Soldier, he did not return her affection. Dejected, she agreed to join Goldstar's new team.

Scarlet Witch is a combination of Maxima and Scarlet Witch.


Shiro was a Japanese student studying in the United States when he joined a group of anti-nuclear protesters staging a rally on the anniversary of the Hiroshima bombing. Some of the more radical protesters chose to make their point by detonating a bomb in a nuclear power plant. Shiro tried to stop the bomb, but was knocked out and left behind as a scapegoat. When the bomb exploded, Shiro was not killed but instead transformed into the atomic-powered Sunstorm.

While occasionally allying himself with the JLX, Sunstorm's arrogant attitude has also put him at odds with them at times. An odd man out, he is a somewhat unwilling member of Extreme Works, his reasons for joining known only to himself.

Sunstorm is a combination of Firestorm (Ronnie Raymond) and Sunfire.