The Protectors

The Protectors are the first and most prominent super-hero team on the planet. They formed less than a year after the Wave Hit, when the alien Scourge invaded Earth. The four most powerful of the superhumans who gained their powers from the Wave were joined by the alien warrior Praxia to battle the Scourge. After the invaders were defeated and driven off the planet the five decided to stay together to help deal with the slowly growing numbers of superhuman threats appearing around the globe. The Protectors are officially sanctioned by the United Nations to help them deal with governments when needing to operate internationally. Though sanctioned by the UN, the team are privately funded by member Omni-Man and they operate from a headquarters on a private island west of the Azores, not far from where the Scourge mothership had landed.

The members of the Protectors are:


Pulsar is Canadian astronaut and physicist Evan Frasier. Evan was conducting an EVA from the International Space Station when the Wave hit. Pulsar is arguably the most powerful superhuman on the planet, possessing superhuman strength and invulnerability, the power to fly, and the ability to project beams of energy from his eyes.


Billionaire Trevor Brand was solo piloting a prototype solar plane developed by his company OmniTech from London to New York. He was in his plane flying over the Atlantic when the Wave hit, granting Trevor superhuman intelligence. As the Omni-Man he refers to himself as a super-processor, able to absorb and analyze information at superhuman speeds including following multiple trains of thought simultaneously. In addition to using his wealth to fund the Protectors, Trevor has established a number of independent Think-Tank operations across the globe that recruit the best and brightest and task them with investigating how to create the best world in the aftermath of the changes caused by the Wave. Genesys Technologies is one of these Think-Tanks.


KristĂ­n was an Icelandic anti-whaling activist and was out in the Atlantic Ocean when she was struck by the Wave. She has taken the name Nyx, a mythological water spirit, and gained a variety of water-based powers from the Wave. Nyx can breathe underwater and has enhanced strength and resistance that lets her survive at intense depths. She can move through water like it was air, cutting through it like a torpedo no matter how turbulent the waves. Nyx can also control water, shaping and manipulating it.

Greased Lightning

Greased Lightning is Russell Woodard, a former race car driver who was on a boat off Cape Hatteras when he was struck by the Wave. Greased Lightning gained superhuman reflexes and the ability to move at superspeed. His powers also include an increased resilience that protects him from harm when moving at high speeds.


Peter Enoka, aka Inferno, was a Maori who was struck by the Wave when it emerged from its passage through the Earth and crossed part of New Zealand's South Island. Inferno gained power over Earth and Fire. He can manipulate the earth, causing tremors and waves and has the ability to spontaneously generate fire. He can also control the intensity of fire, either existing blazes or those he has generated himself and can also shape it. Inferno is immune to heat and possesses superhuman strength when he is in contact with the ground.


Unlike the other Protectors, Praxia did not gain powers when the Wave struck the Earth. In fact, she is not from Earth at all. Praxia is the last survivor of an alien world that was also struck by the Wave and later invaded by the Scourge. She escaped and followed the path of the Wave, eventually crashing on Mars where she made contact with Earth through the European Space Agency's Praxis Mars rover. She was able to repair her craft and make it to Earth where she attempted to warn the world governments that the Scourge would be coming. She was held in an ESA facility in Germany, but when the Scourge did invade she was released by Omni-Man and helped the Protectors defeat the alien invaders. With her actual name not pronounceable by humans she has adopted the name Praxia, after the ESA probe she encountered on Mars. Praxia is humanoid, tall and muscular with blue skin and purple hair. She possesses superhuman strength, the power of flight, and telepathic powers including the ability to read minds.