Trinity of Heroes

Three individuals with unique abilities were drawn together by chance (or fate) in Trinity City at the dawn of the Second Wave of heroes when a mystic threat endangered Trinity City. As more supernormal threats appeared the three found themselves rising to the challenge to take on those threats (and getting a kick out of it). As awareness of the presence of these "super-heroes" spread the local media began referring to them as the Trinity of Heroes.

The Trinity of Heroes are:

The trio primarily work, and live, out of the abandoned house the Hooded Sorceress had taken over when she first arrived in Trinity.

The Hooded Sorceress

Jen (don't call her Iphigenia) Blackthorne comes from a family of dark magic users. As a teenager she learned that her family intended to use her as a sacrifice to the entity that grants them all their sor-cerous powers. She went on the run and in a stroke of luck (from her perspective at least) the alien Scourge invaded and started the One Week War shortly after she had fled. Jen took advantage of the chaos of the war and its aftermath to blend in with the refugees fleeing the east coast. She was relocated to Trinity City and gained a new identity by claiming to be a refugee. She took a job at Trinity College, initially working in the library before getting work as a Teaching Assistant with the Anthropology Department.

Jen worked hard to keep a low profile, avoiding using magic or doing anything that might draw her family's attention. This changed then she detected the Black Adept's chaos magic and went to investigate, meeting Londyn and Scott and the three working together to stop the Adept's plot. The trio found themselves teaming up time and again to combat the superhuman threats that had started to emerge in Trinity City, and Jen was dubbed the Hooded Sorceress by the public. Her active use of her powers eventually alerted her family to her presence, though they had decided to leave her alone for now. Jen is facing the double threat of the price using her magic costs her soul and of her family, but has found a surprising ally against both - the heir apparent of the Blackthorne family, her cousin Telemachus, who has decided the family needs to be stopped and is himself also seeking a way to use magic without endangering his soul.


A gifted teenager, Londyn St. Clair graduated high school at a young age and, despite her good Christian family's wishes, opted to go to university in Trinity City rather than somewhere closer to her North Carolina home. Whether Londyn had been "radicalized" before leaving home or after starting university, by her second year at Trinity College she was a highly active left-wing hacktivist. Pulling an all-nighter at the college computer lab, Londyn passed out and awoke feeling strange. At first she feared it was an epileptic seizure, but was shocked to realize that her thoughts were appearing on the computer screen in front of her. Londyn found she could communicate and control computers directly with her mind, and immediately turned her new powers to her hacktivist efforts, becoming a ghost in the machine tormenting the One percenters and megacorporations of modern America.

Londyn met Jen (Hooded Sorceress) and Scott (Adrenaline) when she sensed the disappearance of the cell phone of one of the Black Adept's first victims. She helped the other two stop the Black Adept's scheme and the three wound up working together again and again to stop other superhuman threats emerging in Trinity City. Londyn rarely went into action with the other two, usually hanging back and monitoring or providing support by controlling computer systems, including taking over PA systems or radios to communicate with the public or law enforcement. This led the public to start referring to her as the Technical Witch, later shortened to Twitch. There is debate among the team's fans as to whether Twitch is a real person or some kind of artificial intelligence. To help support her teammates in the field she has built a series of surveillance and armed drones she can control remotely. Londyn is currently in a relationship with Jen's cousin Telemachus.


Bernoulli is Londyn's pet turtle, rescued from one of Apex Pharmaceuticals' black labs. There is no evidence that Bernoulli was genetically modified or otherwise changed by any experiments done on him, but the trio keep an eye out just in case. Bernoulli has his own room in the team's House.

Stoptimus Crime

Stoptimus Crime is the name Londyn gave to the machine learning algorithm she created to monitor the internet, media and law enforcement data feeds to identify unusual activities in and aroundTrinity City and alert the team.


After (barely) graduating high school, Trinity City native Scott Conroy enlisted in the US Army just in time for aliens to invade. Fresh out of basic training Scott was part of the efforts to defend the east coast of the United States from the alien Scourge during the One Week War, participating in the Battle of New York. Following the defeat of the Scourge, Scott was soon deployed to the Middle East and served tours in Iraq and Afghanistan as part of American efforts in the region. On his last tour an APC Scott and his unit were riding in was hit by an IED and everyone was killed except for Scott. Scott's survival was due to what appeared to have been the spontaneous emergence of his powers of super strength and resilience. Fearful of what the Army might do if they learned he had super powers, Scott kept them a secret and once his tour was done he left the Army.

Scott returned home to Trinity City but, suffering from PTSD from his time in conflict zones, he was unable to find work. Scott eventually resorted to dealing drugs, primarily marijuana and prescription drugs and mainly to students at Trinity College. He witnessed the effects of the Black Adept's chaos magic when a dryer at the laundromat he was in attacked and seemed to devour a coed who was there doing her laundry. He met Jen and Londyn who came to investigate the attack and teamed up with them to stop the Black Adept's plot. The trio stayed together and continued to battle new superhuman threats that started to appear in the city. The public started to refer to Scott as Adrenaline, based on a habit he had of trying to dismiss his feats of superhuman strength with a claim of "Would you believe adrenaline?". When Londyn unintentionally got Scott's apartment building condemned he was briefly homeless before moving into the House with Jen. Efforts by Jen and Londyn to help Scott deal with his PTSD have led to a couple of revelations. One, Scott's superhuman strength and resilience have been revealed to be based on telekinesis, with the telekinetic power augmenting Scott's normal strength for lifting and punching and a telekinetic force field providing his resistance to attacks and injury. Secondly, examination of Scott's PTSD-induced nightmares has caused him to realize that something happened to him and several other soldiers during the Battle of New York, something involving the Scourge and of which he has no conscious memory.

The House

The house is an early 20th Century detached Victorian-style brownstone, with a wooden one-car garage located at the back, added sometime in the 1950s. The neighborhood, located in the Old Trinity area near the border with the Rust Belt, was the site of many single family homes during the early and mid-20th Century but went to seed with the economic downturn in the latter half of the century. The house has a narrow front, but is long with a small backyard that abuts the garage. The house had been the property of the bank since the death of the elderly woman who had been the last owner. When Jen (Hooded Sorceress) arrived in Trinity City she found the house while looking for a suitable place to hide. After several days of preparation she performed a powerful magical ritual that effectively erased the house from peoples' awareness. They bank forgot they owned it and anyone passing by simply failed to notice the house there.

When Scott (Adrenaline) became homeless he moved into the house, and later Londyn (Twitch) chose to move in as well to make it easier for the trio to operate. Jen's ritual to hide the house turned out to have a side effect of creating an interdimensional rift in the attic, which the trio named Bruce. When the house was badly damaged the rift expanded, taking over the entire house and temporarily exiling Jen and Scott to another dimension. Jen and Scott were able to find their way back and Jen teamed up with her cousin Telemachus to purge the house of magic before an invasion of malevolent creatures could cross over through the rift. This closed the rift but also did further damage to the house and ended Jen's original spell that had kept it hidden. Twitch has altered the records to show Jen, under an alias, as the legal owner of the house and the trio have started repairing and upgrading the building so they can safely move back in.

The Whiteboard

Once Scott and Londyn had moved into the house it became apparent that there needed to be a set of house rules put in place to help everyone adjust to being roommates. To assist with this Londyn set up a whiteboard in the downstairs hall upon which these rules could be recorded. Some of the more notable rules on the whiteboard include: